Lady Mainframe Gaming News by Leo Lucien-Bay aka Dr. Nemesis

Lady Mainframe Gaming News by Leo Lucien-Bay aka Dr. Nemesis

Gaming News with Lady Mainframe is a periodical news segment, developed by Binary Picture Show, that showcases the latest and greatest news about the gaming and technology world. This week, Gaming News tackles “Tomb Raider: Legend”, “Battlefield 2142”, “The Movies: Stunts and Effects” and more!

This week, Lady Mainframe is back with a new haircut.

Check out the new, sexy Lady Mainframe 2.0!


Q2 Cafe: Help this sexy Quake 2 Lady? (mapping help) by Dr. Nemesis

Dr. Nemesis posted on Jul 20, 2006…

Hey guys. Long time since I’ve been here. Good to see the place is still standin! If any1 remembers me I’m still making films in Q2, although now I produce a gaming news show too.

We’ve been making some improvements to the show, one of them being the news reader. I hope she’ll be Quake 2’s sexiest woman, although these days that really doesn’t mean much.

If you look at her skirt and legs you will see that her rigging is not quite complete yet, and she doesn’t yet have finger joints, but she’s coming along great (yes, I drool while I work).

I was wondering if anyone here still maps enough to maybe offer some mapping help. The idea is that we have a variety of maps to keep the show looking fresh. Also, I’m willing to pay some pennies, but only pennies (about $15(US) per map if it’s great) though really, I know nobody here does it for the money. Experience with Lazarus would be much preffered, but perhaps not necessary.

Mostly I use Quake 2 cause I still find it muchos fun, and I really hope I can still share that with some other Quake 2 fans.

Anyway Hope you find the new news reader model (Her name is Lady Mainframe) sexy, and I hope you’ll check out the new show when it’s done.

Binary Picture Show: Up For Nostalgia*/ Getting to Know Dr. Nemesis

On the Slate: Dr. Nemesis


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