Converted2: The Hanger — AirQuake2 Picture of the Day Archive, by Rudi Muiznieks

September, 1999 — Godag alla barn! Nu sitter jag i skolan och skriver på svenska. Jag skriver på svenska för att jag inte är så bra på engelska. Kul med update ibland :) Try to translate that. (it’s in swedish) Bjoern told me he is going to release the first ‘public’ beta of the new airquake2 in about 11 hours. I can’t wait to se it :)”

“Did you know it’s possible to have nightvision in Airquake2?” — Splatter

“Lots of planes and some really good pics of Alun’s Sand Man level, looking good Mr. Bestor.” — Splatter

“Here’s some pics Scheherazade took of the 2 upcoming models with some temporary skins he made. Alun will most likely make better ones for when they are released.” — Splatter

The Hanger – Aircraft Info

The Hanger – Helicopter Info

The Hanger – Ground Unit Info*/*

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