Incredible Tech — Clan [IT] LMCTF Match Screenshots, by Cygor

Clan [IT] is made up of a bunch of guys who love to play Quake and love a good challenge.  We are probably older than most people playing, but we like that.  We have played Q2 and now Q3A. We mostly play Q3A Instagib CTF, but will play other types.  We have a variety of guys here.  We program our own mods, have our own skins, and design our own levels.  We also have our own server.  We are about dedication, having fun, and kicking some major ass.  If you’d like to get your ass kicked by us, or if you think you want to be a part of Clan [IT], e-mail me.”

Clan [IT] — Results

Incredible Tech — Members

Incredible Tech — News, 1999

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