Quake II: A New Generation Erupts — DW’s Tactics and Lelow’s Domain

Those Stroggs thought they could keep Quake II away from us… they thought wrong…

A New Generation Erupts

“Quake has arrived… leaving gibbage in its wake! The god of all first person shooters certainly delivers. Bringing the same white knuckled thrill in deathmatch combat, Quake 2 certainly claims its title as ‘Quake-Killer.’ With the advent of great Total Conversions on the way, it is apparent that Quake will never die. Only those foolish enough to try to rival its throne.”

DW’s Quake 2 Tactics

My Philosophy…

…is simple. Hell the very nature of Quake and Quake II demands simplicity. Most deathmatchers have one thing on their mind. ANYTHING MOVES= MUST DIE. Simple huh? Well things start getting complex in the melee of battle, and even more if you want to win. I don’t claim to be a Quake god, I’m just trying to help those struggling to get better. All I can say it begins with a simple solution as practice. Keep playing, you’ll get better. We all get discouraged sometimes. Face it, the chances are there is always going to be someone out there who is better than you. Blame it on ping, blame it on computer, there WILL be a match for you. Just make sure it’s a tough match. :) In closing, I’d just like to say that I view fighting as a thinking game. Much like chess. You must think, if you want to win…’sides physical strength doesn’t really matter in Quake 2. All we have to rely on is quick reflexes and an intellect capable of playing Magic the Gathering. :)

Methods of Control

Face it, most of the pro’s out there use the mouse. It allows much faster movement and better aiming. I recommend you take the time to learn how to use the mouse. Get accustomed to it and its sensitivity. Pretty soon you’ll get used to seeing your name at the top of the charts. Keyboard is recommended for newbies as first person shooters. My setup is to keep the left and right arrows as strafe, up and down as forward and backward movement, right-click on mouse as jump, left-click as fire, mouse as aim, and shift as duck. The rest is at user’s discretion.


Most of these tactics are battle proven, heck why else would I be writing this page? But bear in mind these tactics aren’t for everyone. Some of them require that you to put aside your dignity, or demand a certain type of cojones. So go forth and kick serious butt, marines!

Weapons Use


The weapon we all have come to hate. Id’s serious flaw was not making this a direct hit weapon. Instead it’s projectile. However, there is an advantage to this. You can strafe and fire, allowing time for the beam to travel its merry way. Allowing you to expose yourself very little. You can strafe, fire, and duck behind cover as the beam is still traveling and hit the opponent without you ever being exposed. A direct fire weapon would require BOTH of you to be within hitting parameters. Some desire this, especially me. :) The beam’s slow speed also allows you to lead targets that are mad strafers. You can fool them into running into your shots.


It’s slow rate of fire and low damage capacity make this an even MORE undesirable weapon than the blaster. Do NOT use this weapon if you have better options. However, if you must, shove it down your victim’s throat and pull the trigger to get the best effect. In other words, move as close as possible before firing.

Super Shotgun

Though it’s ALOT slower than the shotgun, it’s significant punch makes this a bitchin’ weapon. Again, if you have the balls, go for the close in shot, you should take your opponent apart in a few hits, maybe even one.

Machine Gun

Fairly good at delivering damage. A maintained stream of fire can bring down an opponent within a few seconds. If weapon kickback is enabled on the server, always keep it readied at a lower angle than eye level. That way when you fire, you spend less time re-adjusting your aim. This weapon doesn’t eat up much ammo so fire until he/she stops moving. Aim for their legs for best hit accuracy. Aiming high tends to miss alot for some odd reason.

Chain Gun

Perhaps the noisiest weapon of the game, the chain gun is also one of the deadlier ones. Drains ammo from you like diarrhea does water. So be careful. However, it is great for shredding down a whole group of people in the middle of a melee. Start firing as soon as you see an enemy so you don’t waste precious spin up time. That way the chain gun can start spewing death at its maximum rate of fire.

Grenade Launcher

The trusty weapon returns, but with a few klunkers… It’s rate of fire is way to slow, and getting a direct hit is very hard. The only good this weapon serves is for clearing threats, or hitting someone dumb enough to run at you head on without strafing. Still good though for delivering an unpleasant package for those in the next room, its blast is very damaging.

Rocket Launcher

Though slowed down to maintain weapon equality, the RL is still just as powerful. Remember your old tactics, aim low and predict where they’ll run. Lead your targets and try to hit them with the explosion. Don’t go for direct hits. Trust me, leading and trusting your rockets blast power, will guarantee a kill.


The blaster’s big brother is one the most wicked weapons of the game. When firing, hold down the trigger until everyone’s dead or you run out of ammo. Firing sporadically will cause precious pauses of fire when the barrel must stop and start spinning again. So just keep firing and sweep this baby left and right to make sure your opponent doesn’t escape without a few hits taken.


A sniper’s best friend, this one shot wonder has become one of my favorites. It literally guarantees a kill in combat. And can kill for across the map. Track your opponent when sniping and see if he/she stops, then let him/her have it. This weapon becomes tricky in close quarters. You’ll be forced to lead alot and take time to compensate for the weapons VERY slow rate of fire. You’ll get better as you practice with it though. Learn how your ping behaves and you’ll be able to master this weapon at close range.


This is an idiots weapon. Just point and shoot, bang, big explosion, lots of gibbage. But there is some tactics with it. When fighting someone close by, shoot the ground. Let the plasma blast do the rest. Don’t let plasma ball fly away and waste 50 cells, make sure it detonates and kills. Shooting up or where it can travel a long way will also reveal campers if you suspect any. The beams will try to shoot them and you can take a bead on where those spots are. This tactic is for those willing to waste 50 rounds or don’t care about ammo.

Stealth and Environment


Sometimes, the greatest kills happen when your opponent doesn’t even know WTH happened. The perp is obviously a master of stealth. Creeping your way around the level is a great way to go unnoticed, especially in CTF situations. However, you are exposed yourself because you will be less aware of your surroundings and more focusing on being quiet. One great way of sneaking is to crawl. Crawling doesn’t cause any footstep noise and you can make it to a nice snipe spot without being noticed.


Being sloppy on the battlefield is inevitable. Carelessly leads to easily being revealed. Simple things as footsteps or a door creaking open can give you or your enemy away. Always keep your ears tuned for clues, and make sure you’ve got stereo and you know how to use it to your advantage. Being able to tell the direction of your foe, can prove the difference between his life, or yours.

Need vs Necessity

You know, you may see some ammo and go, “Aw phat, I could use that.” Think practically. Sometimes picking up things makes a noise, alerting a camper or sniper of a target in his kill zone. You will become dead marine. If you necessitate a greater weapon though, the risk is tolerable. Keep this in mind.



In my opinion snipers and campers are the ones with least skill. They can’t fight one on one so they must resort to cheap means. But if you must stoop low enough to these tactics so be it. Snipers and Campers usually pick an elevated position from which to attack. The direction least checked. However, if you snipe or camp, don’t get too cozy with your spot. People will get smarter and learn to expect you there, so don’t stay in one place, shuffle your spots, and people will constantly be thrown around in confusion.


The melee is where it usually happens. If possible, put yourself at a fairly good distance if you have a distance weapon. If you have the cojones, go in for the close kill. This will deplete your health and eventually you will be taken down however. As always, strafe as much as possible and jump over rockets to avoid the total force of the blast. Watch out for walls behind you, a missed rocket shot can still kill you from behind. However, experienced players will go for the ground, keep that in mind.

One on One

One on one is NOT my forte, but there are some tactics. Usually all the stealth and environment tactics apply here. A simple mistake will lead to immediate death, so watch yourself here.

Search and Destroy

This is what a call a roving patrol. After playing levels multiple times, you start carving out a path you usually follow. Usually passing good weapons and HIGH traffic areas. Stick to this path and you’ll definitely run into the melees. High traffic areas are good places to plug a rocket or BFG shot into. So come fully loaded. Do NOT start a roving patrol with anything less than a rapid fire weapon, unless you plan into getting into a nasty fight with a weapon that is slow as hell and can’t give the significant punch power you need.


Biting Back

Usually being caught on the defensive is a lose lose situation. But, you can sometimes bite back. Try this. Fool your opponent into thinking you have a weak weapon. Imitate King Arthur….RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!! Ready your bitchin weapon and let him have it! Biting back can also mean an overhead grenade lob while still running, making the grenade bounce into your pursuers face, or doing a 180 and standing your ground, like a cornered animal.

Run Away

Running away is not always shameful. It is in fact, a good way to save your pathetic life. You can also “Bite Back” if you have to. But always keep in mind that running is an option.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

This category includes grenades, rockets, and the all might BFG. When encountering a foe with these equipped, your best bet is to attack only if you are equally equipped, or you trust your skill with your current weapon. The BFG is a losing bet at any point unless your opponent just fired. Run away from a BFG unless you like being blasted apart by a plasma blast.


Respecting the Carrier

When I say this I mean do your job to protect him. Follow the carrier back and make sure you take the hit when he’s at risk. Don’t worry about dying, it’s a team effort, so sacrifice at the cost of winning is always worth it. Don’t ignore the carrier, do your job and protect him!

Doing your Job

Some of you may ask, “well what is my job?” Well that depends, if you’re butt is being kicked, there is probably less defense, so start defending, even if you are alone. One man can make a difference. If you are at a stalemate, commit your skills to capturing that flag and breaking the enemy. Adjust your duty to the battle situation.

Weapons Sharing

If you are defending, and you have a good weapon you aren’t using, toss it to a teammate. You won’t use it, and spreading firepower is a great way to help the team. Or if you plan to assault, give a good weapon to your teammates. Either way, spreading your firepower is always in your favor.

The Gopher

If you are jobless, there is one thing you can do. And that is being the gopher. The gopher has a tough job. That is, he must run around the level and collect all kinds of ammo and weapons, and make it to base alive. The objective of the gopher is to restock the base defenders’ firepower. With a good and diligent gopher, wearing down a defended base will be a difficult task indeed.



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