Web Comics and Quake: The Origins of Nerdcore

The first web comic strips reflected the office cubicles and Quake deathmatches of the late 90’s. These comic strips moved gaming culture from society’s fringe into the mainstream, and made it cool to be a nerd.

“Scott Adams interview on Dilbert (1999)”, Manufacturing Intellect, 2016
“DILBERT. (Presentation – 1999) por Scott Adams. RANCIA ESTIRPE.”, THE SIMPSONS by RANCIA ESTIRPE., 2018
“UserFriendly.org Episode 1”, mind_combatant, 2012
“Interview with J.D. Frazer”, Screen Savers, 2001
“Quake 3 Arena Easteregg: Dust Puppy” TriBro Creations, 2012
“Scott Kurtz and PvP on CW33”, Luke Wallace, 2008
“Scott Kurtz on Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, Ken Kopin, 2008
“Penny Arcade Ep. 1 – No Game No Weiner”, PAOutLoud, 2010
“Penny Arcade Interviewed at the 2009 New York Comic Con”, KidsComicConTV, 2009
“The Magic Hour – Trailer”, pennyarcadeTV, 2018
“What Is PAX?”, G4TV.com, 2008
“MC Frontalot – Penny Arcade Theme (4-18-07)”, MC Tanuki, 2007
“Tycho & Gabe Deconstruct the Front”, Vaguely Qualified Productions, 2008
“Quicktime movie of DP singing ‘Quake Song’ compiled by Richard Parker”, userfriendly.org UFiles & Fan Art, 1998

Thank you to Scott Adams (Dilbert), J.D. Frazer (User Friendly), Scott Kurtz (PvP), Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik (Penny Arcade) for keeping up extensive, amazing, FREE, online archives of their comics.

For way more Quake comics please check out http://dondeq2.com.

Thank you Patrons! To support the Quake history videos project please visit http://patreon.com/dondeq2

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