Destroy All Monsters Arena Style Mod for Quake 2

Destroy All Monsters Arena Style Mod for Quake 2

New from Cor Entertainment… An experience in pure horror and blood pumping action. A tribute to the greatest films of all time! A game unlike any other: Battle amazing creatures over 20 stories high! Fight in truly realistic cities and landscapes! Witness the destruction of mankind!

You will fight various monsters in each level, which are among
the largest and most powerful enemies ever created.  After
defeating the beasts, you will be teleported back to the theatre level.
At the theatre level, you can choose which movie to transport
to and eradicate the monsters who are fighting against Godzilla.
Though Godzilla is not your enemy, you must be careful because
you are his, and he is an unstoppable force to reckon with.

In each level, you will find a weapon, and some ammo that is
used for it.  Some levels may or may not have health, and the
theatre level will have health that you can recharge yourself
on once you return from your mission.

First released is Terror of Mechagodzilla.  Listed below are each
mission, in order of it’s release.

Terror of Mechagodzilla
Godzilla Vs Space Godzilla
Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla II
Godzilla Vs Biollant

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