Cape Gamers Insta-LAN 1998

Cape Gamers Insta-LAN 1998

Pictures from Marble’s house on 1-23-98, 5 CG members made it with only a 5 minute notice that we were having a LAN party!

Welp.. Here is how it all started, hanging in #QuakeCTF on the Undernet.. hence the TIME. In under 5 MINUTES we were all packing our shit.

[19:16] MarbleS> ey
[19:16]* Syclopse 8Ž SPooooooOOOOooooooOOOON!
[19:16] Syclopse> oy
[19:16] Syclopse> IM BORED
[19:16] Syclopse> lan party?
[19:16] `Crook`> set it up
[19:16] `Crook`> im there
[19:16] Syclopse> ill go
[19:16] MarbleS> here
[19:16] MarbleS> sure
[19:16] MarbleS> lets go
[19:16] MarbleS> set up in livin room and kitchen/dining
[19:17] Syclopse> DOH
[19:17] MarbleS> hahahah
[19:17] * Syclopse looks over at the wife with a sad puppy look
[19:17] MarbleS> lisa just said we can take that end of the house
[19:17] MarbleS> HAHAHHAH
[19:17] *** G00bErZ ( has joined #capegamers
[19:17] G00bErZ> ok you guys could take over my kitchen hahahahhaha
[19:18] G00bErZ> ok i’m out of here :oP~
[19:18] G00bErZ> bye
[19:18] `Crook`> hey Lisa
[19:18] `Crook`> bye
[19:18] G00bErZ> hey jimbo
[19:18] G00bErZ> hahaha
[19:18] G00bErZ> bye
[19:18] *** G00bErZ ( has left #capegamers
[19:19] Syclopse> chip u in
[19:19] P2-300mhz> what time
[19:20] Syclopse> umm
[19:20] Syclopse> 8pm I guess
[19:20] MarbleS> whenever
[19:20] P2-300mhz> got to have some fuuuuud be right back
[19:20] Syclopse> heh
[19:20] Syclopse> ill bring the quake server

So there you have it.. 4 minutes.. and an INSTANT LAN PARTY.. here are the PICS…

Cape Gamers, Cape Cod, MA. Find us in #QuakeCTF IRC Channel on the UnderNet IRC Network.*/*

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