Quake II Generations, Quake AirFist and Jai Alai, by FluSyndrome.KRT and HiFever


MAN is this COOL or what? I always loved DOOM the best. No matter how many quakes, dukes, bloods or halflifes they come up with, DOOM was my all time favorite, totally immersed by it. Too bad the guy could’nt jump or look up and down, too bad the deathmatch play had to be mainly with your budy over the phone line and people could’nt join in and too bad there was no rocket jump or 3dfx, but none of that mattered at the time, I still had a blast. There were no superdark levels like in quake or quake2, everything was colorful and clearly cartoonish and fun, no pretenses of being a “simulation” game. WELL- This is it, the chance to play DOOM again, and it certainly looks great, no pixelation, very smooth and awsome graphics, and to top it off, you can choose to be DOOMGUY, QUAKEGUY, QUAKE2GUY, or WOLFY!!

Please check out the screenshots and see for yourself, and let’s all give a BIG hand to the people that made this happen. Check out their web site and tell’em thanks for their great effort: http://www.planetquake.com/generations/

First thing as you enter the server, you’re asked to choose the player you’d like to be. Each has their own original weapons and characteristics, and they are all a lot of fun. Choose your guy and the fun begins.



The generations team has done a great job trying to balance out the game with the diferent weapons available for the players. I don’t know if it is a fact, but so far, 90% of the games that I have been in, have been won by the Quake1 guy. And NOOO, it hasn’t been the same player. I would have to say that the Quake1 guy is one of the strongest choices. Even I, and so far I suck, seem to do best with the Quake1 guy, but I rather play with Doomguy or RANDOM. Random means everytime you get killed, you are respawned randomly as one of the four classes below (click on the picture for larger image):

Before we start, a tip to remember. Both Doomguy and Wolfy do NOT open the doors automatically like the Quake and Quake2 guys do, you must bind a key to +doomuse. Also if  you wanna create different bindings for the different players, notice in the generations directory that there are a Gdoom.cfg, Gwolf.cfg, GQ1 and GQ2.cfgs. These come with 0 bytes each (empty), these are called upon automatically when you pick a player, so you can leave empty and use your regular Q2 config, or customize them to fit each player. For example, in Gdoom.cfg, you would add the +doomuse bind to open doors, and bind a key to the rocketlauncher, wich would be the chaingun in Quake2. If you are playing with the doomguy and  make the binding  [bind mouse2 “use chaingun”]  in the gdoom.cfg, it would give you the DOOM rocketlauncher when you press the mouse button. If you are playing with Wolfguy, you may want to bind mouse2 to “use grenade launcher” in the gwolf.cfg file to get the bazooka. The same binding in gdoom.cfg would give you the dammned and noisy chainsaw, so that you don’t kill anyone and at the same time give away your location to the whole generations community :). Get the point with the bindings? They work different with each player, so it is definetly advantegeous to customize them, it could make the difference between getting 5 or 15 frags in a game.


Doomguy:  DO NOT use in levels that have no rocket launcher or BFG, or you get stuck with the chaingun and chainsaw. Use wolfy instead if you feel nostalgic.

Chainsaw- As efficient as the original in DOOM, which means worthless unless you are chasing a newbie. Too bad you pick it up when you run over a grenade launcher.

Pistol– As efficient as the blaster in Quake 2

Shotgun– Damm reload time, but blast someone up close and its large damage.

Chaingun- Probably the best close combat choice, the plasma gun seems weaker in this game.

ROCKETLAUNCHER: My all time favorite, same sound effect and all, it just rocks.

Plasmagun- Kinda underpowered compared to the original DOOM, but still better than the gun or shotgun.

BFG- Big Boys use big guns. Stevie Wonder could win a game with this baby. Hard to come by, but sooo sweet.


Wolfenstain guy: At first I thought he sucked, but as I used him more, you gotta like this guy, A LOT. He has the original gun, machinegun (which is surprisingly quite effective) and chaingun from the game, and as an added strength to match up the others, he has a bazooka, which is as good as any rocketlauncher, a flamethrower, cool as hell and as effective as the plasmagun in DOOM, and when you pick up a BFG or Railgun, you get an akimbo (dual) chaingun which is extremely deadly. Wolfy’s strong point is that you get the bazooka if you pick up  a grenade launcher or a rocketlauncher, while in DOOM if you pick up a grenadelauncher you’d get the crappy chainsaw. The main weakness is that you don’t get no BFG.

Knife- Might as well type “kill” in the console if this is all you’ve got :)

Pistol– Seems a little better than the DOOM gun, although it may be the sound it makes.

Machine Gun- It may look silly, but it’s quite effective with good aiming.

Chaingun- Pretty good.It looks more like the real DOOM chaingun than the generations doom chaingun does.

Chainguns Akimbo- Only one thing you must ask yourself, do you feel lucky?, well, do you, PUNK?

BAZOOKA- The more you use it, the more you’ll like it. Quite responsive.

Flame Thrower- As effective as the plasmagun. Bazooka is my favorite though.

QUAKE1 Guy– Has all the original weapons in the same efficiency as in the original game, you’d swear you’re playing quake and not quake2. Weapons, graphics, maps and skins are identical twins as the original quake.

QUAKE2 Guy– Well, it’s quake2 after all, so you’ll get all the benefits from this guy. I personally never played much quake2 and I SUCK with the stupid railgun from hell, but for some reason ALWAYS get my butt busted by one. If quake2 is your thing, try your luck against the other classes. My bet is to the quake1 guy.
No wolfy levels yet, but soon there will be. I can’t wait for those.


Quake II Generations Mod Screenshots

The following are screenshots to give you an idea of what awaits, HURRY UP DUDE!!
Die DOOMGUY Die. Actually he killed me, while I was taking this shot.

Wolfe vs quake in a DOOM level. CRAZY!!

Yea Yea it’s me dead in the floor, that guy fried me with the plasma rifle.

That dude stole the BFG from under my nose, and then killed me with it :-(

Crap!!! I was using Wolfy, no BFG for me, get a dual chaingun instead, no mass murder from a single shot…snif…..

Plasma fireworks!!!!

Camper Alert!! That quake dude up on top was having a fragblast camping away, I was spectating, he killed like 10 unsuspecting fools.

Nice Shot of the Q2 BFG. Yes, the camper was still up there.

Another great view of map 1.

That Q2 guy has been terminated.

Quakeguy in Doom map1 level.

This is a Doomguy in a great DOOM level, I don’t remember which level it is exactly, but it rocks.

Grab that armor and on to the RL in other side.

And finally, just to prove tha I don’t ALWAYS suck :)

Remember these?. Look a lot better here in 3dfx.



Single play is available, although the levels are only a handful. You’ve gotta try the babel level with the cyberdemon though. Here Kitty kitty, hehhh. BOOOOOOOM!!! In case you’re wondering, the red stains are parts of my stomach, the sun was in my eyes, I had to scratch my nose, errrrr….. he was cheating…..


Jai Alai

This  site  is  dedicated  to  the  promotion  of  Jai  Alai  as  a  sport,  not  a  pari-mutual  attraction.

JAI-ALAI–  A  fascinating  sport  overshadowed  by  myth  and  advertising  aimed  at  attracting  customers  to  attend  frontons  and  bet  on  the  sport.

There  is  no  doubt  that  Jai  Alai  is  a  great  sport  to  watch,  and  an  exhilarating  and  fun  one  to  bet  on.  Typically  you’d  place  a  bet  and  enjoy  watching  athletes  hurl  the  ball  against  a  granite  wall  at  tremendous  speeds  for  15  or  20  minutes,  before  knowing  if  your  bet  was  successful.  Those  are  moments  of  pure  fun  and  excitement  while  you  sort  out  in  the  head  all  the  different  variables  that  need  to  happen  as  the  match  goes  on,  for  your  combination  to  be  a  winner,  while  watching  a  truly  spectacular  sport.  In  my  opinion,  it  is  much  more  fun  than  watching  a  bunch  of  dogs,  or  horses,  run  around  the  track  in  a  minute  or  two.

Just  thinking  and  writing  about  this  makes  me  want  to  get  up  and  go  to  the  fronton,  as  I  did  2-3  times  a  week  many  years  ago  to  enjoy  the  show.  I  used  to  go  with  $6  in  my  pocket,  which  I  used  to  bet  on  a  quiniela  box  on  two  games.  If  I  won  I  kept  betting,  if  I  didn’t,  then  that’s  how  much  it  cost  me  to  watch  the  show,  and  be  amazed  at  the  athletes’  abilities,  coordination  and  reflexes.

One  glorious  day,  I  found  out  that  there  was  an  amateur  place  where  I  could  learn,  and  play  the  sport  too,  but  wait!  those  catchy  words  were  embedded  on  my  brain,  “the  world’s  fastest  sport”,  “hard  rock  men  playing  with  a  hard  rock  ball”,  a  “dangerous”  sport  and  other  catchy  advertising  gimmicks  aimed  at  glorifying  and  mystifying  jai  alai  with  the  purpose  of  luring  potential  bettors  to  the  frontons,  and  all  I  could  think  was  “hard  rock  ball  coming  dangerously  fast  right  at  my  head”,  and  other  negative  thoughts  such  as  “I’ll  never  be  able  to  get  out  of  the  lighting  fast  balls’  way”.

Finally,  curiosity  got  the  best  of  me  and  I  headed  over  to  American  Amateur  Jai  Alai  Inc.,  located  at  North  Miami  Beach  on  1935  NE  150th  st,  just  to  check  it  out.  When  I  got  there  I  was  surprised  to  see  that  there  were  all  kinds  of  folk  playing  jai-alai,  matter  of  fact,  did  not  see  any  “hard  rock  men”  or  extreme  sport  type  of  athletes,  but  regular  folk  like  you  and  me,  many  were  way  more  out  of  shape  than  I  was.  I  also  found  out  that  there  is  a  method  to  the  madness,  you  are  NOT  allowed  to  go  near  the  hard  ball  (same  ball  they  use  at  the  frontons)  until  you  are  fully  qualified  to  do  so.  This  trip  was  well  worth  it  and  in  fact  gave  me  a  lot  of  confidence  and  made  it  a  lot  easier  to  convince  myself  to  give  it  a  try.  At  this  point,  I  would  like  to  strongly  encourage  you  to  try  the  sport,  it  is  very  easy  to  purchase  a  cesta  if  you  live  in  South  Florida,  and  it  is  even  popular  in  Internet  auctions  such  as  ebay,  relatively  cheap  too.  But  read  on,  to  find  out  more  of  the  challenges  that  await  you,  oh  yes!  it  may  seem  easy,  but  it  is  a  very  difficult  to  throw,  even  more  difficult  to  catch  a  ball  with  this  newly  acquired  gadget  called  a  “cesta”,  but  don’t  despair,  it  just  adds  to  the  challenge  and  makes  you  more  determined  to  learn.


Jai Alai Levels of Play

JAI ALAI- LEVELS OF PLAY:  Aspiring amateurplayers can easily learn to play in the beginner level and then move up.

Jai Alai comes in different flavors, you don’t have to, and certainly the fronton won’t let you start out with a hard ball. There are three levels of play and you need to be proficient at one before you advance to the next level, and in fact many people opt not to advance and find one ofthe first levels so much fun they stick with it. All levels have their own advantages, disadvantages and different characteristics, which are incurred due to the behavior of the different balls. The levels are as follows:

Rubber ball- Helmets are not required and is played with a rubber ball similar to the softer rubber balls sold at toy stores to play baseball, it is bouncy and rather soft. This is the “entry level” of jai alai. It is played in a smaller court, which is approximately 75 X 20 feet, and you can safely learn the basics such as throwing, catching, serving and rebote, as well as the rules of the game. In my opinion, you should learn to at least throw and catch by practicing with a tennis ball against any wall, before you attempt to go in the court, it would be much more fun and you don’t get discouraged or timid among other people who already know how. Many players will stay at this level because is safe, you don’t need to buy a helmet,  cestas don’t break with the rubber ball and it is not only fun to play, but also very good exercise.

Plastic ball- it is played on a slightly larger fronton than rubber ball, approximately 70 X20 feet, with a harder ball than the rubber ball. It is made out of plastic, and some of the newer balls are made out of a PVC like material. Helmets are required because even though the ball is not very hard and dense as the hardball, it can cause substantial head injury. Here is where you polish your skills before going to hardball; the ball behaves a lot more like the hardball than the rubber ball does. Most people play this for years before going to the hard ball and even just stay playing plastic ball, which provides a great deal of exercise and lots of fun. There are some advantages to this level of play, most players are already skilled, having learned on the rubber ball court, the volleys last longer than in hardball, the exercise level is greater than in any of the other two levels, the cestas last longer, the fun factor is high especiallywith some of the newer pvc-like balls which even sound almost like a hardball, and the danger level is relatively low. The disadvantage is that…well…. It just ain’t hardball, but if you never played hardball you won’t mind staying at that level of play. In fact, I would say the majority of players would stay at this level, even trying hardball and just coming back to plastic. Definitely better volley and greater exercise than hardball, unless you get good at hardball and play with very good players who can sustain volleys and make the shots.

Hard ball- What a feeling! But be warned- Helmets are definitely required! Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, there is no court available to the amateurs, since the one at North Miami, where I played over 10 years, closed several  years ago, leaving only the plastic and rubber ball courts open, and none of the professional frontons are available for amateurs, but anyways, I will reference my thoughts and experiences on the hardball court. The professional hard ball courts do not have a specific set size, just like baseball fields differ in measurements, but most measure 165-180 feet long, and I’m not sure about the width and height, the amateur court at North Miami was a small one, about 140 feet long and about 30 feet wide. The ball is really hard; roughly three quarters the size of a baseball and a lively bounce, such as a golf ball.

The  advantage  of  hardball  is  the  adrenalyn  rush  and  awesome  fun,  the  cracking  sound  of  the  ball  and  the  speed  are  intoxicating,  and  the  time  in  the  court  is  usually  intense  and  focused,  all  eyes  are  on  the  ball  at  all  times  due  to  the  dangerous  nature  of  the  sport.  The  disadvantages  are  that  volleys  are  not  sustained  as  in  plastic  ball,  if  you  don’t  play  with  good  experienced  players  it  usually  becomes  a  serve  —>  return  —>  ”point  over”  kind  of  play,  the  court  is  big  and  the  less  experienced  players  just  can’t  catch  well  or  make  the  shots,  but  there  are  ways  around  it,  such  as  play  in  leagues  with  good  players,  that’s  when  jai  alai  is  the  most  fun,  the  great  plays  and  long  volleys  become  the  norm.  Another  disadvantage  is  that  the  cestas  need  constant  repair  from  the  abuse  of  the  hardball,  and  that  could  be  rather  costly.


Learning Jai Alai

Instruction/Tutoring:  The  North  Miami  amateur location  is  a good  place  to  learn, actually  it  is the  only  place  I know  you  can  go and  learn.  Surely there  are  players  that are  eager  to help  out,  and  also those  who  will teach  for  a  fee, you  would  need to  call  and  find out  that  information. My  recommendation  is to  get  some  instruction, that  will  save a  lot  of  frustration and  will  get you  playing  a  lot faster  with  the added  advantage  of  learning the  correct form  and  not  develop  bad habits  which are  very  hard  to  get rid  off  later, but  very  easy  to acquire  when  you learn  by  yourself.

What  to  expect  if  you  go:

If  you  are  new,  expect  disappointment  and  discouragement.  Disappointment  that  you  can’t  throw  the  damned  ball  straight,  much  less  catch  it,  and  discouragement  because  for  weeks  you  still  won’t  be  able  to  throw  the  ball  straight,  much  less  catch  it.  This  is  the  stage  where  most  potential  players  will  either  decide  to  continue  on,  or  just  give  up.  Are  you  up  to  the  challenge?  All  I  can  tell  you  to  help  is  that  it  gets  better  with  time  and  practice.  Those  who  see  the  obstacles  as  challenge  will  go  on,  those  who  get  frustrated  easily  will  give  up,  and  will  miss  a  truly  rewarding,  unique, challenging  and  exciting  sport  experience. There  is  usually  lots  of  players  that are  only  too  happy  to  offer  advice and  help  you  get  started.  Most  of us  are fascinated  by  the  sport  and only  want to  see  it  grow  and  have a  healthy community.  I  am  an  avid raquetball  player classified  as  club  “A” level  and have  played  baseball  and  softball, but once  I  learned  jai-alai,  never  looked back,  I  was  captivated  and  fascinated and  still  am.  I  am  currently  playing plastic  ball  again  with  a  new  PVC-like ball  available  that  brings  back  good ol’ memories  from  hardball,  and  had the  hardball court  been  open,  I  would definitely  still be  playing.  Try  it, you  won’t  regret  it.  

My  experience  as  a  newbie:
Most  people,  me  included,  learn  by  trial  and  error  by  themselves,  and  in  jai  alai,  all  newbies  will  probably  have  the  same  problems  starting  out  as  I  had.  Let  me  describe  your  first  attempt  at  jai  alai-  You  will  go  ahead  and  disregard  my  advice  of  practicing  with  a  tennis  wall  against  a  school  or  warehouse  wall  or  something  similar,  and  you  will  try  the  trial  and error  first  before  getting  formal  instruction. You  will  then  go  ahead  and  buy a  used  cesta,  no  helmet  yet  as is  not  required  in  rubber  ball,  where you  will  remain  for  a  sure  long time,  you  will  then  try  your  first throw  with  your  new  cesta  and  find it  extremely  difficult to  keep  the  ball inside  the  cesta without  falling,  then after  finally  managing to  get  your  cesta with  the  ball behind  your  body,  you’ll heroically  hurl the  ball  forward,  only to  find  out that  you  ended  up  throwing it  at your shoes,  or  maybe  90  degrees sideways, or basically  any  way  EXCEPT forwards  to the wall.  You  think  it   is  discouraging?, nahhh,  try  catching  the ball,  it  will jump  out  every  single time.  Well,  welcome to  jai  alai,  I told  you  to  seek instruction  first  and you  didn’t  listen, but  it  is  just part  of  the  fun and  challenge,  in fact,  it’s  what kept  me  going. I  kept  going  to  see the  professionals and  the  good  amateurs and  concluded  that if  they  could  do it,  I  could  too, and  I  wasn’t going  to  stop  until at  least  I  could throw  and  catch the  ball.  Needless  to say  if  you get  to  that  stage,  there is  just no  stopping,  it  took  me a lot  longer (3  months  or  so)  than it  would’ve taken  me  had  I  sought instruction,  but I  made  it  and  I have  had  a great  time  all  these years. If  anyone ever  asks  what  my favorite sport  is, no  hesitation,  it’s jai-alai, see  you there!


My Experience as an Amateur Jai Alai Player

Smaller  court  such  as  the  amateur  hardball  one  at  North  Miami  means   faster,  since  the  ball  has  to  travel  less  to  hit  the  wall  and  less  to  get   back  at  you,  and  fast  it  went  indeed,  what  a  rush!  I remember  the  first  day   I  stepped  in  the  court,  it  looked  soooo  long  and  the  sound  of  the  ball!! Awsome!.  I  had  gotten  very  good  at  plastic  ball  after  about  three  years  of   play,  and  I  was  very  proficient  at  all  the  backcourt duties,  but  guess   what,   that   don’t  mean   fresh   fertilizer   in   the   big  court,   the   tremendous   speed   of   the   ball   and   the  humongous  court  size is  totally  disorienting.  The  ball  has  a   much  livelier  bounce  than  the  plastic  ball,  many  shots  I  could  easily  reach   on  a  bounce  were  now  bouncing well  over  my  head.  Rebotes  off the  back wall  were  totally  different  and  to  top it  off,  the  ball  does  not  really have  a  true  bounce,  meaning  someone  may throw a  ball  the  exact  same  way  twice  and  the  ball  bounces  different  each  time,  depending  I  would  assume,  on  the  way  the  prominent  stitching  of  the  goat  hyde  hits  the  floor.  All  these  factors  coupled  with  the“respect”  for  the  ball,  made  m e go  back  in  the  ranks  to   silly  newbie,  but  that  didn’t  matter,  I  was  determined  to  learn  and  it  actually   made   my  drive  stronger  to conquer  the  beast.

It  took  me   a  good  four  or  five  months  of  practice  and  practice and  then  more  practice  to  be  a “decent” player.  As  in  plastic  or rubber  ball, I  had  no  teacher  or  couching, so  I  learned  it  the  hard  way  all by  myself.  Only  after  years  of  playing did  I  start  to  develop  form,  since the  most  natural   way  to  throw  a forehand  shot to  someone  who  has  not being  correctly  taught,  is  a  mixture of  a  baseball/football  throw,  and  that not  only   looks  odd,  but   it   adversely compromises  the  speed,  accuracy  and  effectiveness of  the  shots.  From  watching  the  pros, and  actually  playing  with  some  of  them who  went  to   practice  to  the  amateur court  sometimes,  and  feedback  from  good players,  I  finally  got  the  hint  that as  with  golf,  sometimes  what  may  initially seem   awkward,  is  actually  the  correct way  of  executing  a  shot.  The  correct way   to  throw  the  ball  is  with the  arm  straight,  and  most  of  the work  done  by   hips  and  shoulder,  It took  me  a  long  time  to  get  used to  not  bending  that   elbow.

Was  it  all  worth  it?  Absolutely!,  I  played  over  14  years  and  not once  did  I  see  anyone  get  hit  on the  head,  or  call  the  rescue  for any  type  of  injury,  and  I  wasn’t a  casual  player,  I  was  there  2-3 times  a  week  and  played  in  countless leagues.  After  looking  back,  I  got  hurt much  more  playing  baseball  and  softball with  a  dislocated  finger  from  a  slide, a  few  pulled  tendons,  frequent  burns from  slides  and  quite  a  few  “hit by  pitch”  with  fastballs,  than  I ever  did  in  jai-alai.  In  all  fairness I  did  see  some  near  misses,  including myself,  where  a  quick  reaction  saved my  face  from  a  certain  disfigurement and  some  of  the  most  daring  front courters  stupidly  going  for  dangerous  shots, but  still,  no  one  ever  got  seriously hurt.  So  don’t  let  the  exotic  advertising keep  you  from  the  joy  of  playing one  of  the  most  fascinating  sports  ever, which  is  also  a  very  good  exercise to  keep  you  fit.


Jai Alai Equipment You Will Need for Amateur Play

Cesta- If you are starting out, buy the cheapest one you can find ($15-30) until you decide you will go on playing the sport and set your preference on the court, since backcourter cestas are substantially longer than frontcourt cestas. They range in price from a good used one ($70-120) to a new one ($150-200), and you can find them in the amateur court or even in e-bay. All cestas are hand made and thus different, some are faster (less curve on the frame) others are slower, and my recommendation is that unless you are new to the sport, you try a cesta before you buy. If you are new  it doesn’t really matter, because you need to learn before you decide which type of cesta is good for your particular style.

Helmets are needed if you plan on playing plastic or hardball, not on the rubber ball court. Most recommended are the hockey helmets, which cost from $30-60, but baseball helmets should be OK as well as the old type jai-alai helmets, if you can find one. My recommendation is to wait till you learn in the rubber ball court, then get a helmet if you decide to move on.

Ball  is  usually  provided  by  the  fronton,  and  must  be  returned  at  end  of  play. You  do  not  need  to  buy  the  balls.

Shorts and T-shirts are just fine, shoes are really important though, because smooth cement floors are more slippery than tennis or raquetball courts; good tennis shoes is definitely a must. Once you learn and are playing competitively you will probably want to buy some elbow pads, when the heat is on and your adrenalyn pumping, you’ll want to do those floor dives and scoop those rebotes off the floor, and your elbows bang on the floor rather furiously.


Jai Alai Multimedia

Couple  points  of  1990  Annual  Jai Alai  tournament at North  Miami  Beach amateur  fronton.  Some  views  of  scoreboard   area  seen. Some  points  of  singles  match  held  at end  of  the  tournament  to  determine 1st  place  among  backcourters  since the  two  ended  up  tied  for  points.  Some  views  of  old  lobby  area. West  Palm  Beach  Amateur  tournament in 1990 (or 91? ) . Points  played  by Miami  team  (Tom  at  front   and  Jesus backcouter). About  6  minutes  total. OH  GOD  PLEAZE  lemme  catch  it! This  is  the  part  where  I  closed  my eyes  :-)


HiFever’s Quake AirFist Page

Gotta love that airfist. I call it the “Equalizer”. It balances the game greatly, so that rockets are no longer overpowering. Unlike DOOM, where rockets took a fair amount of time to get to target, giving you time to dodge, Quake Rockets travel very fast, and if someone came at you with a rocket launcher, and you only had the supernailgun, you can kiss yer rear goodbye. In Painkeep, the airfist balances that, you can come with a quaded RL and Ill blow it up yer butt with the airfist. Not a smart thing to fire rockets at airfisted person. That is the great beauty of painkeep, a duel with some other player, you have to blow and listen to which weapon the other guy is using, if he fires rocket you blow, anything else, you quick rocket a couple ‘o rounds and blow again, with the only problem being that he’ll do the same trick to you, its just painkeep at its best when two good smart players duel. (Secret: I kinda suck at duels, too inpatient).

Rules of the airfist:

Quad Blowing get you many kills and hides weapons all over the place. If you Quad Blow, usually means you really SUCK and are getting a few cheap frags. Quad blowing is overpowering and usually frowned  upon by the best players, cause it makes for really boring play.

Strategies of players with honor :-)   use the quad blow sparringly, like one good blow to push someone back and give you time to get that chainlighting gun, rocketlauncher or exploding shell shutgon out and complete the kill. When you are low in life, use it to push people out of the way and make your way fast to find lifepacks or beans, then repeat above seps. The coolest strategy is to quad airjump, look down and quad rocket the poor imbecils struggling under you, its tricky but lots of fun (see below).

Airfist jump- Damm, the best thing ever invented. Get airborn high, look down and shoot rocket at players, arguably the most fun in  painkeep- Those of you that have done it especially in pk16, know what I’m saying. Another use of airfist jumping is to aid in coming out of shallow lava pools.

Weapons that penetrate airfist- Exploding shells, lighting and chainlighting gun. If you don’t have any of those, I suggest you dont engage in a duel with anybody until you are better equiped, the regular shotgun shells penetrate airfist, but you have to shoot someone like 1000 times to get a kill. Airfist repells rockets and nails.

One more trick with the airfist- Fire fist once, quickly switch to GRENADE Launcher and fire one grenade, see how far and fast that sucker goes.


Painkeep Arena Levels


Knights of the Round Table Clan

The  following  is  a  little  background  and  history  of  our  clan.  –   By  FLUSYNDROME

Back   in  the  good  ol’  days  of  Quake1  Painkeep,  Sinbad,  Quadkiller, Revirus  and  me  were  members  of  a  very  active  clan  called  CMF.  I  had  no  idea  what  cmf  stood  for,  but  all  I  know  is  that  it  was  a  great  place  to  go  kill  time  and  talk  crap  in  the  forums,  such   as  how   to  beat  clan  “N”  (later  known  as  OXO),  and  I  really  felt  that  I  kinda  knew  these  guys.  We  all  had   a  great  time,  back  then  Clans  were  very  popular,  I  had  been  in   a   couple  of  them,  but  THIS  one  was  the   greatest.

After  a  while  I  did  learn  what  CMF  stood  for,  our   fearless  leader,  the  great  TOECUTTER.CMF  told  me  once,  it  meant  CHEATING  MOTHER  F@$%ER$  :-)  Now  I  understand  why  so  many  of  us  just  camped  by  the  lava  like  on  top,  by  the  teleporter  in  pk10  and  just  blew  players  to  the  lava  hehhhh.

It  was  great  for  a  long  time,  but  then  things  started  to  slow  down  all over  as  other  games  such  as  blood,  SoF, etc.   came  out   and   Toe  decided  to  sell  his  domain  name  (CMF),  so  the  clan  basically  dissolved,  and   a  couple  of  guys,  The CROW  (aka  Subora),  Sinbad,   and  Jamstar  among  others,  decided  to  start  another  clan  named  UNO.  I  went  over  after  a  while,  but  it  was  mainly  a  clan  active  in  Unreal  Tournament  and  I  really  really  SUCKED at  UT,  plus  my  main  interest  was  Q3  and  the  “newly”  released  pkarena.

It  wasn’t  long  before  some  decided  to  go  form  another  clan  mainly  for  Q3  Pkarena,  Sinbad   started  the  idea  and  decided  to  name  it  KRT,  he  really  likes  Knights  stuff  and  came  up  pwith   the  idea  of  KRT  (Knights  of  the  Round  Table).   We  had  no   web  page  so  I  decided  to  make  a   provisional  one  until  future  plans  were  made.  Unfortunately  clans  in  Q3  Pkarena  just  didn’t  seem  to  pick  up,   it  was just  us  and  TA,   and   REAL   LIFE  seem  to  have  caught   up  with  some  of  us,  so  caln   activity  really  has  been  non-existant  until  at  least  today  (10/2003),  but  we  still  remain  close.


FluSyndrome Profile

Favorite Sports:

Jai Alai: Playing Jai Alai in tournament at West Palm Beach Fronton

Racquetball: Playing racquetball at LA Fitness at Miami

Softball: Playing softball at Tropical Park

Favorite Spectator Sports: Baseball  (GO MARLINS!),  Jai Alai .

Favorite  TV  Shows:  Star  Trek, Ghost Whisperer,  David  Letterman.

Favorite  Past-time:  Video Games  (Quake III Pkarena mod )

Favorite  Food:  Burritos,  Pasta,  Prok-n-Beans :-), Stake, Oh  hell  anything  without  onions.

Family:  Wife  Christy , a dog (named Linda)  :-) and  three  daughters:  Christine,  Jenny  and  Melannie.

Nationality: Cuban- Born in Cienfuegos and lived in Punta Gorda till 1974. Visit  my   Cienfuegos Page.


Doom Ballpark Wads

This site is dedicated to DOOM’ers all over the world who appreciate kicking ass from East to West… Umm.. and baseball. You might enjoy drinking a cold beer with popcorn while playing this baseball wad!  The purpose of this site is to provide you with some creative wads that I made myself. I made them just for deathmatch play with my brother, and we had so much fun that I decided to share them. I wanted to make a multisport stadium, but it turned out too big and full of bugs, so I left the baseball part and I went through heck to eliminate the bugs familiar to wads with wide open spaces.

This wad was tested through many hours of deathmatch play with my brother, Robert, who graciously provides most of the narrative throughout the DOOM page :) (http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Corridor/4375/ a little plug there.)

 TITLE: Ballpark

FILE NAME: Ballpark.wad

 AUTHOR: Jesus R. Olivera

E-MAIL ADDRESS: Oliveraj@medianone.net

DESCRIPTION: Just when you thought it was safe to go to a damn baseball game.. Think again you bastards! The umpire is hungry and he’s gonna bite your butt for fresh meat. If you feel in the romantic mood and want to go BEHIND the stands with your girlfriend, take a couple of bazookas with you.. The Dominator is gonna ask for the first dance. All weapons available. All enemies are present and accounted for. It is a rough ride, so fasten your god darned seat belts. However, it CAN be finished without cheating! This wad is designed to blow up your system in case you type IDDQD or IDKFA.. in fact, any darned word that begins with ID!.

Additional credits to Robert Olivera ( be sure to check out the following site (http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Corridor/4375/) Darn, the free plugs never end.


Episode and Level No: E1M1

Single Player: Yes

Cooperative Play: I guess

Deathmatch: Yes! (Excellent)

Difficulty Setting: Yes

New Sounds: No

New Graphics: No

New Music(s): No.

Demos Replaced: None

Construction: At the very least 120 hours.

Base: New Level From Scratch

Editors Used: Waded (registered version–The best there is!)

Known Bugs: None noticed through countless hours of Deathmatch

Copyright / Permissions: Authors may use this level as a base to build additional levels. You may distrubute this wad provided you include this file with no modifications. You may distrubute this file in any electronic format as long as you include it intact.

DOOM 1/DOOM2 is a registered trademark of ID. Software. In no way, shape, or form is this site affiliated with ID Software. It is not done for a monetary profit.



The Parking Lot


The Locker Room


The Dugout


PainKeep Newbie Guide by HiFever

Soooo, you think you are the best quake player in the world and you could just come to painkeep and be bored killing us little people, OR you think you can’t get the hang of it and everybody kicks your BUTT. Well, NOOO you cant just come here and beat our little peoples’ butt unless you learn to manage the airfist, and YESSSS you can kick butt too if you learn the basics of quake and painkeep.

I’ll assume that you have played quake before, and you should understand the following rules:

  • If you are a keyboard player, YOU SUCK (with very few exceptions, like my friend Woof and Quo among others)- Learn to play with the damned three button mouse for turning, attacks and weapons change, and the keyboard for movement. If you are not willing to make the sacrifice, you might as well go back to play Super Mario Bros.
  • If you don’t know how to straffe- YOU SUCK– the keys adjacent to the forward and backwards keys should be to straffe left and right, if you use them to TURN left and right, you should be getting fragged within seconds of respawn, or your friends SUCK too.
  • If you are playing with a joystick (and you are not revirus.cmf)- YOU “MOST LIKELY” SUCK– Some of the newer joysticks are almost acceptable, but the rate of turning and the responsiveness of the mouse, usually give you an edge. If you play with the joystick, you might as well stick to flight simulators, PACMAN  and Barbie games :) .
  • If you are  new to painkeep and do not know the maps- YOU WILL SUCK for a while.
  • You are not using “mouse look” to look up and down- YOU SUCK. Another reason to NOT be a keyboarder.
  • If you don’t have any special config, with aliases to perform functions such as rocket jump, weapon change, use inventory and others- YOU DEFINITELY SUCK and are wasting other players time.

Luckily, ALL of the bullet points above can be fixed, so that you, who really SUCK right now, can be a good player in a couple of weeks, and excell in a couple of months. Let us examine:

First, buy yourself a GOOD THREE BUTTON mouse, my preference is the Logitech Trackman, I use the trackball to turn, and that way you dont have to be lifting the mouse to turn, its really distracting to run out of pad, and it’s extra movements for your hand too. Trackball should be the way to go.

Second, don’t use the joystick, you may become a good player, but guaranteed if you were using keyboard and mouse, you’d be much better.

Third, LEARN how to straffe, it should take you a couple of days to master it.

Fourth, always use MOUSE LOOK, you cant survive against a really good player if you dont master this, should take you less than a week to master it. NO PAIN NO GAIN- Sacrifice now and you’ll see the rewards sooner.

Fifth and last– Make a config file and practice, or just use the config files on this page. I’ll explain below:

An ALIAS, is a set of functions assigned so that your player  performs  specific tasks  in Quake. It is easily written in any word processor and must be saved in your quake\id1 directory, with a .cfg extension, such as painkeep.cfg.  A simple alias for example is one to switch to the axe weapon and attack once, then change weapons back to the shotgun, it is used to open doors that you have to shoot, except the axe does not make a sound and does not give away your position. It is really simple: alias quickopen “impulse 1; wait; +attack; wait; -attack; wait; impulse 2”, now that your alias is ready, you would need to BIND to a key, an example would be:  bind “E” quickopen    – This would bind the key “E” to the alias, and everytime you press the E key it would switch to the axe, attack once, then go back to shotgun.

The easiest way to use an alias is to call them through the Autoexec.cfg file in the id1 directory of quake, ill provide you with a simple pkalias.cfg file, with aliases prepared for painkeep, and bindings.cfg, which is a suggestion based on my style of play, you can change the keys bound to the aliases to suit your style. In your autoexec.file, you could just add:
exec pkalias.cfg
exec bindings.cfg
and off you go, always make the LAST line of your .cfg files  be //EOF, the // characters tells the program is not a function,  just a remark and EOF means End Of File. Trust me, just do it.

Just download the files below ( PKalias.cfg and the next one bindings.cfg) and place them in the quake/id1 directory. Then you can either add the lines:    exec painkeep.cfg    and  exec bindings.cfg to the autoexec.cfg file in the id1 directory, as explained above, or bring down the console during the game and type exec painkeep.cfg  and then  exec bindings.cfg.     Notice that the file for downloading is at the end of the page so that YOU read the following technical crap, IT’s IMPORTANT.

//Painkeep aliases file
// BUTT KILLER aliases to make me happy :)
//alias to use the “can of beans”, which gives you 100 points of life, but makes you fart, then switch to best weapon.
alias fart “impulse 36; wait; +attack; wait; -attack; bestweapon”
//alias to drop a bear trap
alias dropbear “impulse 34; wait; +attack; wait; -attack; bestweapon”
//alias to drop autosentry, used to guard areas, and alert when someone is around.
alias dropsentry  “impulse 35; wait; +attack; wait; -attack; bestweapon”
//Gravity well is best bound to a key without +attack, so you can pick it and carry to the best strategic spot.

//weapons aliases
//best weapon aliases serves to get the best NONEXPLOSIVE weapon that you have, you may alter the order
//any way you see fit. Impulse 32, for those new to painkeep, is the mighty chain lighting gun.
alias bestweapon “impulse 2; wait; impulse 3; wait; impulse 4; wait; impulse 5; wait; impulse 8; wait; impulse 32”
//alias to make the right (third) mouse button fire the rocket launcher once everytime pressed. Well you need
//to bind to mouse2- see bindings.cfg
alias quickrocket “impulse 7; wait; +attack; wait; -attack”
//alias to fire grapple hook- If you dont master the hook- YOU’LL SUCK
alias hook “impulse 22; wait; +attack; wait; -attack”
//alias rocketjump
alias wpnsrj “impulse 7”
alias quicklookdown “cl_pitchspeed 20000; +lookdown; wait; -lookdown; cl_pitchspeed 150”
alias +rocktjmp “wpnsrj; quicklookdown; +attack; +jump”
alias -rocktjmp “wait; -jump; wait; -attack; force_centerview”
//alias airjump to use airfist to jump high- TIP- Keep the button pressed so airfist fires twice or three times
//to jump even higher.
alias wpnsafs “impulse 30”
alias quicklookdown “cl_pitchspeed 20000; +lookdown; wait; -lookdown; cl_pitchspeed 150”
alias +bigjump “wpnsafs; quicklookdown; +attack; +jump”
alias -bigjump “wait; -jump; wait; -attack; force_centerview”

The above aliases will make you a very good player if you can master them. Now to bind them to keys, I play with the arrow keys and the keys around them. I use up and down arrows as forwards and backwards movements, and left and right arrows for left and right STRAFFING.

Below is the bindings.cfg file
//this will bind keys to the pkaliases, and other key movements.
//bind Number pad 0 to rocketjump
bind “INS”  +rocktjmp
//bind ENTER key to airjump
bind “ENTER” +bigjump
//bind the third mouse button to rocketlauncher
bind  “mouse2” quickrocket
//bind the middle button to bestweapon
bind “mouse3” bestweapon
//bind Hook to #1 on numberpad
bind “END” hook
//bind the glorious rocketrepelling airfist to “\” key
bind “\” “impulse 30”
//bind grenade launcher attack to key “/”
bind “/” “impulse 6; wait; +attack; wait; -attack”

//bind the OP[] keys to inventory
//bind O to can of beans
bind “O” fart
//bind P  key to Gravity well- Need to press attack (mouse 1) later to throw the well- and get the hell outa the way
bind “P” “impulse 33”
// bind [ to beartraps
bind “[” dropbear
//bind ] to drop sentries
bind “]” dropsentry

//alternatively you may bind these through the normal options in the quake game
bind “shift” +jump
//straffing keys
bind “leftarrow” “+moveleft”
bind “rightarrow” “+moveright”


//ping tweaks
//set pushlatency to the minus of your average ping, mine is in the mid 100s so I use -150.
pushlatency -150
//rate- over 3000 for cable, ISDN, T1 users, 2000-3000 for modem users. The higher the rate, the higher
//the frames per second, the smoother the play, but your modem may not handle all the information.
//I use 4300 (cable modem). Ill use 3000 here to be safe- DO NOT go over 5000.
rate 3000
//to show your frames per second in a little window to the right of your screen. If <20, you probably experience
//choppy, crappy play.
//NOW YOU SHOULD BE 100% BETTER, or you really suck.


Tip of the Day



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