Panther XL: Mods by Viper and Devistator

Panther XL: Deathmatch Controller Mods by Viper and Devistator


Designed from scratch to be the ultimate deathmatch controller for 3D games, EVER. Tired of becoming a statistic over and over again? The Panther XL’s precise digital control is the result of intense design evolution. The Panther XL will put you on the top of the frag foodchain. Seriously. Users around the world have asked for a complete dynamic gaming controller, we’ve produced it. What makes the Panther XL so sweet you ask? Let’s get into the hardcore game winning details…

 The Design Basics
The unit consists of two main components, the Flight Stick and the Control Ball. These two pieces work together to give you control of four axis of motion simultaneously and independently. The stick will make the character walk forward/backward and strafe left/right. The Control Ball manipulates the eye movement of the character (Free-Look).

360 Degrees Of Game Thumping Control
With instant digital repsonse we get you into the game right away. You have full control in any direction you move and look. Need a quick 180 to dust someone attacking from behind? No problem, just a quick finger roll on the trackball and you’ll have him in your sites without skipping a beat.

Killer Independant Movement And Aiming
Total free look while your running, fragging or even (gah! wuss) camping. Catch any angle of movement, track your enemy with precision.

17 Fully Programmable Frag Inducing Buttons
You want binds? How about 9 buttons and 2 4-way hat switches! These programmable buttons keep you focused on the game and not the keyboard. Can be used as primary keybinds for weapons and actions or ever design secondary keybinds for complete control of your games. You won’t lose concentration trying to punch the keyboard again!

Superior Digital Aiming Control
It’s Digital. Need we say more.

Hardcore Contruction Casing
It’s heavy contruction will mean the controller isn’t going to fly anywhere off your desk during those intense moments where it’s you against the world. Built tough to withstand thousands and thousands of frags. We know your going to be snapping, twisting, hammering to get your action and frags, the Panther XL is going to keep you in control.

Precise Reactive Triggers
Instant response, instant targeting, instant firing, instant bind actions, shall we go on? You get the idea…

Smooth Contact Illuminated Trackball
You won’t have your targeting sights hopping or jittering around. 360 degress of pure visual alignment. Smooth scrolling even when your spinning the crap out of the trackball, you won’t be jumping pixels here. Nail the guys hiding around corners with just a bit of their heads poking out for a look.

Romero’s PantherXL Moves

Dug these up from our Picture Vault! John Romero busting out some PXL moves. (er…don’t know if the bots schooled him or not. heh)



El Cajon, CA, October 31, 1997

The eagerly-awaited PANTHER XL has been sprung from its cage and Fragmasters are in a frenzy…as MAD CATZ introduces the industry’s first-ever PC controller combining state-of-the-art 3D control ball technology and a high performance joystick all into one lethal gaming weapon.

This latest industry breakthrough comes on the heels of MAD CATZ’s recent acquisition of the ASSASSIN 3D technology from FP GAMING…and the introduction of the ultimate precision deathmatch controller — the PANTHER. With its ultra-fast 3D control ball sampling, maximum button control, precise analog-to-digital conversion and high-speed digital communication…the hottest 3D games such as QUAKE, DUKE NUKEM and UNREAL get even hotter. And with its easy learning curve, plus the ability to plug into any joystick for a total of 17 specific controls, PANTHER gives every gameplayer the competitive edge.

According to industry observers, the PANTHER XL, with widespread developer support, will be the best way to play every great game; one peripheral pundit was heard to exclaim: “DOOM is doomed!” And PANTHER drew its own accolades from American McGee, co-creator of QUAKE for id Software, who said you could now “play QUAKE the way it was designed to be played!”

About Mad Catz Founded in 1989, Mad Catz designs, develops, manufactures and markets a full range of video game accessories for video game console and PC gaming systems. Privately held Mad Catz has grown to become a key player in the electronic entertainment industry. The company has offices in the U.S., Europe and Australia, with headquarters in Santee, California.

Devistator’s “Klamath Laser PantherXL Mod”


Devistator’s Flash Logo with Green Skull:  [Note from DondeQ2: Please click here to see it because I don’t know how to save a Flash file #thestruggleisreal.]

The Viper DX / Optical Conversion


Ok here is all the pics I have saved of the conversion.
My new stick absolutely blows this one to shreds.
This stick conversion is like 10 times better than a regular XL stick though.
The new stick has 17 switches on the stick, and is TOTALLY killing everything in site in Tribes 2. 

Well there it is for now , I will update more soon

Bonus Material: Spirits of Valhalla Horde Laws

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