Quake-Au — Everglide Mousepad Review, by k-wayne

"This review was meant to come a long time ago. It was interrupted by the biggest game of the year being released (HalfLife), practicing for Australia's biggest lan event (Impulse 98) and various other real life constraints. I'd like to thank the Everglide ppl for sending me the attack pad and for being (somewhat) patient while I try and write up an objective review for quake-au."

Panther XL: Mods by Viper and Devistator

Panther XL: Deathmatch Controller Mods by Viper and Devistator Designed from scratch to be the ultimate deathmatch controller for 3D games, EVER. Tired of becoming a statistic over and over again? The Panther XL's precise digital control is the result of intense design evolution. The Panther XL will put you on the top of the frag …

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