CaliGirl’s Quakecon 2003 Journey

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CaliGirl’s Quakecon 2003 Journey


Quakecon 2003 Journey – IRL Impressions

This is not to exclude any of you peeps who I finally had the chance to meet in person. Many of you are already listed in the article if you aren’t listed in here. This page was created since I didn’t have anywhere to really fit some talk about people briefly in the main article. It was also created since it was my first time at Quakecon, and meeting many of you face to face for the first time, excluding all id Software peeps since I already have all of them before.

Great Times | Not So Great Times

Great Times: 

Ash – I bumped into Ash one morning while walking through to get to BYOC area. He requested to see my badge so I showed him it and he said, “Oh you’re CaliGirl!”  I was hesitant since I didn’t know why this good looking guy knew me. He told me where he was from, PlanetQuake and I told him I felt I knew him from somewhere else. He said he also did some mod development so that rang a bell. It was great seeing him.

Bedman – I met Bedman while waiting for Cyric and Jube the first day near the escalator. He was a very cool guy to talk to. He mainly hung out in the NOC area, with an occasional work in front of the BYOC area, making sure everyone had their badges.

Beta – This girl is like the sweetest person but if you walk on her the wrong way, beware. All of her flaming hair turns into fire! All kidding aside, I think Beta is such a sweetheart, she is a loving mom and I hope to be able to hang out with her more often now that I found out she lives 15 minutes away from where I live.

BuGGLeS – I met Buggles briefly but was able to be around her more so near the finals of the tournament. She took over and made sure the crowd or nearby people in the Nvidia booth were quiet so the girls could concentrate to play their matches. At one point, when she asked everyone around to be quiet, some guy that was sweden or french started yelling back at her in a very rude manner. Thankfully most of the guys in the crowd watching the tournament with Succubus and Ms.x told the guy to stop it. At one point the Geekwearz guy found out she was pregnant and started making some hilarious remarks on how was he to know when a girl wears black and other funny statements.

Bunneh – She’s probably going to hate me for saying this but she really acts like a bunny! Really, she’s sort of quiet, almost shy, but that doesn’t mean she’s crazy when it comes to play Q3. Although she does hop around a lot in the games. ;)  Bunneh ended up not making it to a round that ended up forcing her to forfeit her match against Ms.X. All girls that were left in the tournament needed to be in the BYOC area near the NOC booth at 9ish am.

CC-Nate – He was a sweety the whole time I was there, even when he was drunk he was a gentleman. Although he did talk to the Mystery Guy and coax me into talking to that guy more. I wonder if he really is that sweet… *hrmph!*  Other than that, I think Nate has the cutest dimples I saw at Quakecon, with Fred Nillson in second place! ;)

Cyric – For driving 25 hours, I understood why he was moody the first day but I thought by the second day he wouldn’t have his arms crossed with such a serious look on face. Little did I know he gets shy meeting girls the first time. Poor guy! I yelled at him one of the days by saying Anticonscience acted more like a close friend than he was. I have talked Cyric practically every day since since back when I brought him to work at Quake3world with me. One thing I also noticed with Cyric is how he mumbles things under his breath. So if I heard some words, I’d make up an entire sentence and say, “WHAT?! YOU said bleh bleh bleh… that always got him to talk louder. Little did he know I had my strategy to get him to talk. ;)

Doc Wilco – I met Doc briefly in front of the NOC area, but didn’t really spend too much time around him. He was one busy man.

Dovey  – Dovey and I clicked very well during our time helping with Ms. Quakecon. We kept running into the same issues of trying to hunt down these girls through out the BYOC area after NOC called them up and they were no shows. We both pretty much wore each other out from not knowing what some of the girls looked like. I was able to get to know her along with her other gamer friends like CocaCola! She hung out with very cool guys.

Gen-0 – This guy was a lifesaver during first day with Ms. Quakecon tournament. If it wasn’t for him, I know that tournament would have been buried and a lot more issues would have came up. He told me about his background with gaming and that this was his 2nd LAN he has attended. With the look of things, I thought he ran many tournaments in the past. Although vix and I were puzzled on his format of adding scores to the bracket sheet. ;P  Gen-0 is in the Flat Line Crew clan so it was a pleasure of being able to meet another member in person.

Hepcat – I heard someone call my name near the KYA area in BYOC. He said is that you CaliGirl? I looked over to see Hepcat standing with a group of other Flat Line Crew clanmates. I walked up and shook his hand. We talked for a bit about the interview I am releasing for focus of the month here at LadyGamers. Our clan focus of the month is Flat Line Crew for the month of August.

IceStorm – I met Icestorm for the first time in the Press Room on Thursday. He asked me if I heard of him but it was all a blur. The name did sound a little familiar though. He gave Jube and I a tour around BYOC, and showed us the various case mods. He was a very funny guy with his flirty remarks to us girls while we spent some time with him. Jube had him hug the Big Bawls bottle at one point. Although her word wasn’t hug, it was hump. Icestorm did as she requested though!

JCal – He was a bit different than I had expected in person. I always thought JCal was 18 back when he worked It was great hanging out with him during the tournament. He has always been that type of guy online where I could trust his game reviews and previews could be all about the truth. He won’t hype up a game unless there’s a reason to. JCal is a very funny guy, he kept cracking jokes during the award ceremony for the on Saturday night.

Jube [Dirty Canadian] –  Jube was my roommate during the event. I was grateful to share the same room. She didn’t keep me up late, or call me at later hours after I was extremely tired  (*cough* Cyr & Anti *cough*). Jube was given the name of Dirty Canadian since she would get a little crazy off and on when she’d have a few beers. It was a cute nick name nevertheless.

I think the funniest thing I noticed about Jubey was how she had about 7 different lotions! Yeah, some were same brand, different scents, others were various brands, big sizes and little sizes. I don’t think I have met a woman with so many various types when they leave town on a trip. She also was a little neat freak. I would rush out in the morning to get downstairs to meet people, come back in the afternoon to notice my bracelet, makeup, brush, lipstick, you name it, if it was out of the box, it was lined up all neat and straight in the bathroom when I got back.

Kata Jade –  About a week prior to Quakecon, Kata was my heroin when there was a live X-cast audio interview and I couldn’t get my microphone to work no matter how many times I changed the settings. Finally she recalled I was using WinXP and told me exactly what I needed to do to get it working. I kept seeing Kata all morning on Friday during Quakecon but had no idea I knew her online. I finally introduced myself to someone that was standing next to her that afternoon so when she found out I was CaliGirl she was so sweet. Saying, “OH! it’s you!”, giving me a hug.  It was great hanging out with Kata during Missy’s matches, and during the finals for Ms. Quakecon tournament.

Krystal – I didn’t get any time to spend with Krystal since she was eliminated early on during the tournament. Although we did wave hi when we did happen to see each other.

L4mby – She was the first girl I saw there in person that I knew right off.  A lot of things came up for the tournament, and since she was the main coordinator, the problems that she encountered weren’t the easiest thing to conquer at first, especially since it involved patience. I am glad that I was able to see her in person since she has always been a giggly box online. Although since times were tough, she wasn’t giggly at all in my presence! Hopefully things will look up in the next coming weeks!

Lekdevil – Met him when Jube and I found him in the tourney area. Lek is the type of guy you can talk to for quite a long time. He’s very gentleman like yet seems like he does have a wild side to him.

Milez – I met Milez the same time I met Silence at the registration booth. Milez said hey! I was supposed to play you Enemy Territory! We both talked about what classes we play and whoever didn’t know about the game, we told them about it. I saw Milez through out the event, waved off and on. He was a really sweet guy. :)

p24t – Everyone had to notice this guy because he had the bright green hair. I asked L4mby at one point when we had admin pictures taken to have someone take pictures for me. She gave the camera to P24t. I was grateful he did this for me or I wouldn’t have those pictures.  I saw him off and on the rest of the days, even saw him in front of Kentucky Friend Chicken when I had lunch with Marcus Hopkins on Saturday.

Paul Jaquays & Girlfriend – Paul got my attention during semi-finals of the Ms. Quakecon Tournament. I was supposed to meet up with him and some other people to have dinner with them but since the finals were delayed so late on Saturday I couldn’t leave. He looked as sweet as he has always been. He was so happy! He has a new girlfriend that is wonderful and has lost some weight. I was excited to finally meet his girlfriend since he has spoken so fondly of her the past month or so.

Precious Death – I was very excited when I met PD. She has such a glow about her that makes you desire to hang out longer with her. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hang out with her through out the event as I desired. She was very busy working with the tournament. I was able to chit chat on Sunday for a while sitting on the popular couch out near the escalators on the 2nd floor.

Redwood – Once again, it’s always easy to spot Redwood out in a crowd. I saw him on Thursday, then saw him once again on Sunday. We hung out for a bit mainly on Sunday. I told him my latest job issues and as normal he had an open ear for what I had to say. :)

Sanctuary – Out of all of the girls, besides Ms.X bright constant smile, I think Sanctuary had to be the most bubbly of all the girls. She was a very huggy girl as well. She got along with just about most of the girls and seemed to life the spirits of everyone she hung around.

Silence – I met this guy when I walked up to the registration booth Thursday afternoon. I hung out to stay still, hoping Jube would happen to pass by since the press room was closed. Doc Wilco, L4mby and Byskwik were there at the time but I didn’t know the other people. Silence happened to be there talking to them and asked me my nick name. I told him I was CaliGirl and he introduced himself. He showed me his shirt that said Cock & Biteme. He old me what it meant, then also said it was a Halo game term. hehe. :)  He was a very outgoing friendly guy.

Skygoddess – To me, Sky was this very pretty girl with blonde curls. She had this georgia accent going on for her. At one point she mentioned that the Ms. Quakecon t-shirts weren’t stylish and hoped next year it would fit the girls better. I wasn’t able to get to know her very well but her idea for a Ms. Quakecon Calendar was very cute!

Succubus – Cary was the female gamer I had only heard of so it was an honor to get to see her live in action playing in Ms. Qcon tournament. Although I did feel she would have played better with her first match with Missy since that was the level she beat Kornelia on. I had this feeling that she doesn’t play OSP at all and wasn’t aware of such modifications in the maps compared to retail. Items like armor, mega health and even weapons were sometimes in different places. With her 2nd match with Missy, I really had the feeling for sure she just didn’t know the OSP mod. She did great right in the beginning of that match.

Taisin_Viper – Met him on Saturday morning in front of BYOC area. Both Taiser and Bedman were harassing me and Jube to see our badges before entering there. I have seen Taiser’s name a couple of times in the quakecon irc channel so it was great meeting him in person.

Thricky – When I found out about a week prior that Beta was in a clan called Flat Line Crew, I checked out the clan site since it was based in Houston. Of course since Beta said there were some pictures up on there, I checked around since I am a photo addict. Out of all of the guys, Thricky stood out because he has some nice long hair. On Sunday, I saw him walking down the hall and as he passed me sitting on the couch. I asked him if he was in the FLC clan. He agreed so I introduced myself. I felt I had known him for years since he reminded me of my friend Evil Twin. Although, the thing that did stand out was his sexy accent. I am normally a fan of Australian and Irish accents, but I have no idea what accent he had. I don’t like french accents and other accents never seem that attractive. But his accent seemed mixed with American as if he was trying to hide it . I noticed he would stumbled on a few words that ended up making him slightly have an accent.

Todd Hollenshead [aka Hoarse Whisperer] – I felt bad when I heard Todd’s voice Saturday morning. He mentioned why he felt it was going out on him. At least I was able to chit chat with him quite a few times during the event. He’s one guy you really can talk to for hours and always have a lot of great topics come up during time. On Saturday night when he went on stage for the award ceremony, I saw how frustrated he was, he really wanted to get things going but his voice wouldn’t allow it. Broke my heart hearing his voice crackle so bad. :/

Vix – I didn’t get a chance to hang out with Vix that much but she was very cool. Come to think of it, I don’t know where she kept going. She would admin a few matches then I wouldn’t see her for a while. Her boyfriend, albiorix was very friendly as well. L4mby, Vix, albiorix, Beta and I had lunch at around 3pm during Friday, the day that Ms. Quakecon started.

Unsure Who This Guy Was: Well, I named him unsure guy because I don’t know his nick name. If you know who I was, and you can send me your nick name, please do! This guy helped me when I was waiting for Ms.X. He said he lived in Camp Pendleton when I told him I was from San Diego.  I should have written down his name but just wanted to thank him for helping me with my search for Ms.X for her first round against Krystal early on in the tournament.


Not So Great Times:

Xian – If there is someone I missed at Quakecon, it was Christian Antkow. I haven’t seen him in ages and I have enjoyed hanging out with him in the past.

Pappy R – I was really upset I couldn’t make it to last year’s Quakecon since I live 4 hours away from Dallas now. So since Pappy didnt go this year, I regret I didn’t go last year. I would have enjoyed meeting his wife Gizmo as well! Maybe next year. :)

Wendigo – I shook his hand briefly when passing by him on the elevator one of the days. I told him who I was but he had this expression of as if he wasn’t acknowledging it. I used to talk to him very frequently through email during the Quake 1 days. I always enjoyed looking at his Quakecon pictures because it was an event I desired to go to. Overall, he was my inspiration of creating a photo album for all of my gamer friends.

Foto – She is the only girl that intimidated me at the event. Before the event started I had heard about her, and even talked to her briefly in the Quakecon channel quite a few times. I really wanted to meet her in person. But during the event the various times I saw her she wasn’t too happy looking when I would smile at her. So I automatically felt if I did introduce myself she’d deck me. :/  Believe me, I have walked up to some scary looking guys in the past without having any fear.  I found out later the reason why, she’s a lot like me in some ways. Wish I would have taken the chance for the black eye because it was all nothing to be too worried about. hee.

Oblique – I kept asking around during the event if she was there but no one knew except Tapper. He mentioned she had a family emergency. I was really looking forward to seeing her in person! :(

MsHep – This lady was just as busy and Dovey and I. We both hardly had a chance to hang out since we were spread through out the BYOC area during the tournaments. I wish I had more time to spend with her but I don’t recall seeing her much on Saturday.

Roger from There were various people saying they saw him and some talked to him but I never did get a chance to meet him in person. No fair! Roger has always been a cool guy, even back when I ran

XCast|Red_Barchetta: I almost walked over to the booth during the award ceremony but foto (bless her heart) was there and I chickened out from going over there to say hi. hrmph!

Nutmo: I saw nutmo very briefly before she went to the match she was playing. She said who she was but walked away as she said it. I talked to her previously through emails and hoped I would have had a second chance to talk to her later but never again saw her after then.

dirt – I was upset I wasn’t able to get to know Dirt more. She was so cute with the bandana on her head. Maybe next year.

Other Mentions – The ladies I saw but didn’t get to know were: Aleckand, Amathyst, Munchkin, Lystrata, Kitty Kat, Vudoo Fairy and Pea.  Sorry gals, wish I had a chance to get to know all of you better! :(


Note: Most of you girls who were in the Ms. Quakecon tournament who I happened to be a spectator for will have your own matches page with a brief overview on the page. This can be found on Friday under Ms Quakecon Exposure. So if you don’t see your name listed, please check out that page.

Screen shot 2017-09-19 at 3.26.27 AMScreen shot 2017-09-19 at 3.26.43 AMScreen shot 2017-09-19 at 3.26.53 AMtourney-q3winnersrtcw-crowdwinners2zero-awardmsqcon-finals1msq-finals-succubus-msx3msqcon-semifinals2msqcon-admins+idScreen shot 2017-09-19 at 3.23.09 AMScreen shot 2017-09-19 at 3.22.54 AMScreen shot 2017-09-19 at 3.17.49 AMScreen shot 2017-09-19 at 3.18.14 AM

Since I love being organized and making things fun, I have created a directory listing for an overview of happenings at the event. Remember this is a journey like article I am known to write. For those of you who enjoy various things, this directory should help keep you from getting bored from my ramblings.

Event By Day ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Thursday – August 14, 2003
Meeting Anticonscience
The Four Hour Drive
Line Galore
Where’s Registration!??
Oops! That Was Byskwik
Waiting Forever for Jube & Cyric
Getting Press Passes
Cruising Exhibits
Tapper Escorts
Seeing Hellchick & Doug Avery
Press Cocktail Party

Friday – August 15, 2003
Ms Quakecon Exposure
Coach Sitting
Tarot in the Cards
Mysterious Guy (yeah, that’s right! I said GUY, not MAN!)

Saturday – August 16, 2003
Breakfast with Suga!
Getting Semi Finals Organized
The Lovely id Mom (Donna Jackson)
id Mom Is Mistreated :(
Lunch With Marcus Hopkins
MsQcon Semi Finals & Loser’s Bracket
MsQcon Finals Prep
MsQcon Tournament Finals
Awards Ceremony for Q3/RtCW
JCal and Duffy

Sunday – August 17, 2003
Fire Alarm, Banging Doors, Phone Calls
Terrible Tournament Nightmares
Seeing A Few People Before I Left
Apology to… ?
Final Thoughts

Hands on Previews ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Doom 3
Call of Duty (coming soon)

Other Mentions  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Quakecon Picture Gallery
Miss Quakecon
Tournament Award Ceremony
Quakecon Exhibits
Random People & More
Case Mods

IRL Impression
Great Times (meeting them in person, shoutout page)
Not So Great Times (Missing people or not being able to see them)

Beaner Matches
Beaner vs. Alecskandhara

Missy’s Matches
Missy vs. Munchkin
Succubus vs. Missy
Missy’s First Round Screens

Krissy’s Matches (coming soon)
Ms.X vs. Krissy

Trixi3’s Matches
Suga vs. Trixi3

Ms.X’ Matches
Ms.X Good Luck Charm
Ms.X vs. Krystal
Semi-finals: Ms.X vs. Suga
Prep and Practice In Between Matches
Finals: Succubus vs. Ms.X

Dubird’s Matches
Dubird vs. Suga

Spicey’s Matches
Spicey vs. Bunneh

Pre-Coverage at LadyGamers ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Before I attended Quakecon, I had the chance to get to know some of the participants along with the ladies who created the all female tournament, along with having a profile page with a links collection of exposure for Ms. Quakecon.

Ms. Quakecon Pre-Event & After Interviews
Brief interviews with L4mby, Byskwik, Precious Death, vix,
Amerz, beta, Bunneh, Dubird, Kata Jade, Krystal, Ms.X, Missy,
NutmO, Spicey, Suga, Dovey, Ms.Hep and Trixie

Ms. Quakecon Event Profile
Details about tournament, News Coverage, Related Links,
Picture Collection and Download links.

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    1. It’s from 2003 and it’s an archive from CaliGirl’s QuakeCon journal (as indicated in title of post!) so you would have to ask her, not the archivist! IMO French is cool, FWIW.


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