Musashi’s Quaiku: The Railgun, Ll4m45, Sweet Lava

Musashi’s Quaiku: The Railgun, Ll4m45, Sweet Lava


Glowing deadly blue
Dancing through the rain of gibs
I hate you, Quad Whore

Hands grip cold metal
Gaping mouth spews searing heat
Rocket on its way

Bouncing pineapple
Why must thou follow me so?
I am not your friend

Where are you, my foe?
Here? Or maybe over there?
I can hear…. oh, shit!

Red flower blossoms
With pain inside your stomach
Before you explode

The blood stops dripping
But the fingers are twitching
Waiting for respawn

Bright white light flashes
And then it all goes quiet
Enemy explodes

The Railgun

He leaps off The Edge
Uranium death screams out
Feel the rain of gibs

Blue-white spiral light
Death’s crimson flower erupts
Screaming into black

Its quiet humming
Belies the discordant storm
That will rend your flesh

I fire – I miss. Damn!
Reloading eternity
He has a chaingun

Unseen by my foe
Railgun raised with deadly aim
…CLICK! Out of ammo

I see you respawn
One hundred health, no armour
Time to die again

Thy flesh disappears
Bloody mist drifts on the breeze
Quadded railgun bliss

A slick, quick flick trick
And the chaser is no more.
Praise be the Rail-Gun


You helpless newbie
I own you with my blaster
Try strafing sometime

Foe hides in darkness
Set vid_gamma 0.2
Ha! I see you now

My first rocket jump
I aim down, fire and leap – DOH!
I cocked that one up

Jump – circle strafe – fire
A whirling dance of |_337 5|<1|_|_z
“I own j00, beyatch!!!”

Hey! Keyboard llama
Try using the mouse, OK?
Or go play UT

I need a new card
My frame rate is ninety-two
Must be why I lose

You have no morals
No soul, no life, nor even skill
Respawn campers – DIE!

After-kill taunting
Waving, cheering, crotch-grabbing…
Oh, how I hate you

Kill me, why don’t you?
Call that a good shot? Sh’yeah
I am sooooo impressed


Sweet Lava

I leap, fingers stretched
Grasping only empty air
Lava pit below

How I love the reds
The yellows and the blackness
That follow my screams

Screen shot 2017-09-19 at 2.12.11 AM 

What is a Haiku?
A haiku is a form of Japanese poetry with a defined three-line verse structure. Each line must contain a set number of syllables, thus giving the haiku a certain flow. There are several variations, but the most common structure is a five-syllable first line, a seven-syllable second line and a five-syllable third line. Traditionally, haiku are poems about nature, stressing the ideas of minimalism and immediacy.

Inspired by a PlanetQuake Haiku competition, I began writing a few for my own enjoyment. These were “Quaiku” – haiku with the specific theme of Quake. I sent the first couple to a good friend of mine, Dionius, who responded with a bagful of his own. From there, we just got carried away…the results are now up on this site :) Haiku that I wrote are in the left hand column, those by Dionius are in the right hand one.

If you have a haiku you’ve written and want to share, by all means send it in and I’ll stick it in the relevant section.

These haiku about Quake are split into further subsections, each concerned with a particluar aspect of the game – the railgun, llamas, lava, and so on. They’re mostly tongue-in-cheek…after all, it’s Quake, baby!

For an excellent Quaiku site, visit Quake, the Universe and Everything.

Other Game-Related Haiku
Why stop at Quake? There’s a whole ton of classic games out there for inspiration, especially from the good ol’ days when we had 8-bit machines that ran at a whopping 1MHz.
And of course, Science Fiction lends itself admirably to haiku themes. These haiku are mostly about the great SF films and books that have influenced us, mostly.

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