Retro Rick Bayless: Hot Sauce Time Machine

My parents were my first restaurant mentors. At the Hickory House, our family's barbeque restaurant in Oklahoma City, they made sure I recognized the importance of freshness. Freshness of the food, of the look of the place, of the staff. They taught me that a restaurant needs to look like it's just opened, while giving the impression that it's been there forever. Constant change, growth and improvement were their freshness secrets, and I've striven to walk in their footsteps: Frontera in 1987, Topolobampo in 1989, a daughter in 1991, Zinfandel Restaurant in 1993, a new book and product line in 1996, and a new, improved, expanded Topolobampo and bar area in 1997. That last one might sound like enough to tackle in one year, but it hasn't been my greatest challenge. My garden has. -Rick Bayless

Musashi’s Quaiku: The Railgun, Ll4m45, Sweet Lava

Musashi's Quaiku: The Railgun, Ll4m45, Sweet Lava Glowing deadly blue Dancing through the rain of gibs I hate you, Quad Whore Hands grip cold metal Gaping mouth spews searing heat Rocket on its way Bouncing pineapple Why must thou follow me so? I am not your friend Where are you, my foe? Here? Or maybe …

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Haikus! you know you want them – from’s CTF Stories

Haikus! you know you want them - from's CTF Stories Haiku? What is Haiku? Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that has become more well known in the past few years. The most used form of Haiku is to write 3 verses with 5 syllables in the first verse, 7 in the second …

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Quaiku: haiku about Quake

Quaiku: haiku about Quake Submit your Quake Haiku HERE!  But PLEASE, read the below instructions first. Click here for each month's best haiku, as determined by me. What is Haiku? Haiku is an ancient Japanese poetry style that was frequently used to bring the beauty of nature into a precise, simple form. Each haiku consists of …

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