The Search for Quake Women Legacy The Search for Quake Women Legacy

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How it Started. . .

>>>Take me to the Found List!<<<

It began in July 2002 when I decided that there had to be another way to find these old female Quake gamers. I have received numerous emails through out the years of other gamers wanting to re-unite with their old game buds. For some reason they felt CaliGirl would have some type of connection. When I had only heard of the nick names but didn’t know them, I felt often that I needed to do something.

This led me to believe these women are out there somewhere. Maybe they changed their name or maybe they just changed their emails and didn’t think to notify all of their gamer buddies the new contact info. Nevertheless, I knew many female gamers had a real life and just didn’t play games anymore from me knowing many of them on a personal level. With all of these things in mind I tried to contact over 250 old Quake female gamers to have them featured in a ‘where are they now‘ type of article. I decided to create a flash back article on any of the Female Gamers that used to play Quake 1 and Quake 2. Those two games were strictly focused on not only trying to find the roots of Quake’s history but to also have a continuation article for any Quake III Arena female gamers in the future.

On this journey of searching for these female gamers I first checked every search engine on the net for many of them that I had a list of. Tried every archive website as well. Once I had no other resources for the onces I still couldn’t find on this hunt, I had to force my way out into the gaming community for help. To my surprise a flock of interest all over the net wanted the same thing. We all wanted to find these old female gamers who we used to play Quake 1 and Quake 2 with.

Then by August, I felt why should I have it featured at when I can create a brand new site dedicated to Strategy and Action games. was open for grabs so my buddy Aristotle and I started the planning of the site.

There are still over 200 girls listed on the Lost List that I am looking for and well, I think they will pop up out of the blue sooner or later. If you know of any of them, feel free to send the link to the Submission Form.

>>Take me to the Found List!<<<

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Quake Women
Quake is basically becoming old now that things are going towards Doom, CounterStrike, Unreal series, Soldiers of Fortune, Wolfenstein and other Action fortified games. The roots of First Person Shooter (FPS) game divas had the Quake Women’s Forum (QWF) to look to in order to find others of our gender back in beginning of FPS time. After years have passed by, many Quake Female Gamers have lost touch with each other. QWF is still a great information site to this day, and holds a taste of what us old quakettes had to keep us in unity. Below you will find bios and stories of these wonderful women. Enjoy!

“Quake widened our circle of friends .” – Breezin

” …All of the matches played, all the time spent on IRC with my clanmates, all the wonderful friendships started (and sometimes ended) all because of a video game.” – Devon
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Lost List:

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