CaliGirl.Net: Lingo – Gaming and IRL

CaliGirl.Net: Lingo – Gaming and IRL

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:) Basic smile (most popular)

:] Big Grin

=) Anime Smile

;) Winking

:/  Argh, that’s terrible

:} Goofy crooked Smile

:> Bird (bird beak)

:D  Huge smile with teeth or laughter

:I Hmmm… or umm… or doh

:( Frown. Sad.

:[ Really sad

:{ Whimpering

:O Gasping

:C weird bug

:)~~ drool (most used)

:Q drool

:~( Crying

:* Kiss

:x Another version of a kiss

X-(  Blackout

~~:-( Flaming or angry

(: A tease, or someone who likes to goof off with their smileys

(= Anime tease, or someone who is being funny.

:E Showing teeth, bucktooth

8) Big eyes, looking out, eager or really happy

sticking out tongue

:P Sticking out tongue (most used)… or dog who is thirsty

:b  Another crooked tongue


AC: Asheron’s Call

afaik: as far as I know

afk: Away from keyboard. Some people joke around saying it stands for ‘away from komputer.’

AI: Artificial intelligence, which is normally computer controlled characters.

AO: Anarchy Online

AOE:  1) Age of Empires game by Ensemble Studios

AOK:  1) Age of Kings II game by Ensemble Studios   2) Everything is A Okay

atm: At them moment. Most people would get confused and think you’re talking about the bank teller.


b/f: boyfriend

b4: before

Baba: A special someone. Sweety or Honey term that originated from the South African gamers but its part of my online lingo now after 4 years of using it with my IRC friends. 

Babyshoes: Usually only said to the female gender. Another word that originated from SA.

Barrel Jump: A Quake 2 move, where you stand on top of a barrel, shoot it and jump at the same time.

bbiab: be back in a bit

bbl: be back later

bbs:  1) bulletin board  2) be back soon

BFG: Big Freaken Gun (PG version)

Blast Radius: (See Splash Damage)

Bootlegger: A defensive move which involves turning a corner while being chased, hugging the inside, waiting until your hunter turns the corner, and scooting off the way you came. It is said to work well.

Bots: (also can be known as AI): Computer controlled opponents.

Boomstick: shotgun

Bounding Box: The area of each model that you can actually hit that is invisible. A good way to think of this is the area of damage.

brb: be right back

btw: By the way


C&C: Command and Conquer strategy game by Westwood Studios.

Cable: Cable modem. A fast enough net access, giving you pings of less than 100.

Camper: Many people call other gamers who are camping this name, which normally is a put down in general. It’s a person who stays in one spot with a high damage weapon while waiting for people to come by.  

Camping: To camp is to find a hiding place or to spot a particular item on the map that is important; such as armor, a weapon or some type of power-up. It’s also called camping if you find a respawning zone and constantly shoot anyone that respawns from it.  (See also Whore)

Cap: Normally used in Capture the flag games. This means as soon as you capture the flag, you must get to your base to cap the flag to earn your points.  

Cesspool: A term used frequently with many Quake I old school gamers. This is a massive gib fest in a small quarter area. A way to describe it in a FFA game is crazy amounts of chaos, which was usually caused when everyone got in the same area with someone having Quad.

As for team matches, it starts being general chaos usually due to bad players in pick-up games. So if you ended up on a team server with 7 other people running around like maniacs, you’d be prone to say “this is cess or a cess pool”.

cfg: (see config)

Cheap Kill: Much like camping, this is normally something you are where you aren’t playing fair with. A cheap kill can be anything from killing your own team mate or simply doing what campers do.

Cherry Picking: (see Cheap kill or Camping)

Circle Strafe: Running a circle around your opponent while keeping your gun pointed at him.

Circle Jump: A quake 2 physics exploit which involves the gradual movement of your mouse while strafe jumping, to get some insane airtime.

config: A gamer’s configuration file

CS: A modification of Half-Life that became one of the most popular mods out there. So much that they made it into a retail game.

CTF: Capture the Flag. This is a type of mode of a game much like Deathmatch. Only there are two teams where the object of the game is to capture the flag.  

CCTF: Classic Capture the Flag mod.

Clan: A regular team of players who come together to play against opposing teams. 

cul8r: see you later

cya: See ya or See you later


DAOC: Dark Age of Camelot

Deathmatch: Most games that are action normally will consist of deathmatch. This is another game mode normally done in multiplayer. In some cases you can play 1 vs. 1, player against one other player.

DM: Deathmatch


EQ: EverQuest game (MMORPG)

eye-candy: The graphics when they’re on with all the bells and whistles… like lightmap lighting, dynamic lights, hi-res textures and so forth. All eye-candy is usually turned off when playing something like Quake 3 competitively. Again for maximum fps or so see things better.


ffs: for fudge sakes. (PG-rated)

FOV: Field Of Vision, in degrees. Some players make their FOV larger, so they can see more things that are going on around them.

FPS: 1) Frames per second.  2) First Person Shooter

Frag: A kill. One Frag normally equals to one kill. This can be another player through multiplayer mode or a bot/AI opponent. Frag was actually a military term before the 3D gaming world borrowed it.

ffa: free for all

Flick Rail: When a player performs a very fast “flick” of the mouse and accurately hits another player with the railgun.


g/f: girlfriend

g2g: 1) got to go   2) good to go (in game)

gg: good game

Gib: To shoot someone so much that they explode into something that looks like dog food.

gl:  1) Good Luck.   2) short term for OpenGL

gr8: great

gs: good shot!


h4x: hacks

hf: have fun

HPB: High Ping Bastard


ic: I see

Ice skating:  If you are playing any game over the internet (multiplayer) and your connection ping keeps going up and over 300, you will be experiencing hand on ice skating. Also see lag. The typical feeling of this all is that you’ll feel like your running forward in the game but you aren’t moving at the same speed as everyone else, you’re either frozen or just looking stupid to other gamers on the game server. 

IMO: In my opinion.

IMHO: In my humble opinion


kak: An South African word meaning ‘shit’. Often used on game servers to express disbelief at a shot or something when one is killed.

Keyboarder: A player who doesn’t use the mouse for any PC games.



1) to say how someone/something is elite as in *really* good.

2) to describe l33t-speak which is the substitution of certain letters of the alphabet with numbers usually. As in h4x0r for hacker and so on.

Lag: This is when the server and your machine can’t communicate as well as you’d like it to. It results in a higher ping. Also known as HPB.

LAN: Local Area Network. This is where you connect computers together for a VERY fast, very smooth PC game. Whereas on the net with a modem you get about 200-400 ping, on a LAN you get 0-40, depending on the game’s netcode.

LG: Lighting Gun

Llama: Quake equivalent to idiot, stems from the terms “lame” “lemur” and “Llama”, the latter two being curiously strange mammals. Normally this consists of a loser in general.

LMK: Let me know

lo: short for hello, another word stolen from South Africa gamers.

loe: low on endurance (EQ/DAOC terminology)

lol: laughing out loud

lom: low on mana (EQ/DAOC terminology) 

lop: low on power (EQ/DAOC terminology)

LPB: Low Ping Bastard. Normally this person gets accused by HPB (high Pingers) that they are either cheating but in reality they just have a better/faster connection to the server.

ltns: long time no see

Lumberjack: One who uses a rocket launcher, BFG, or any other mass splash damage weapon to knock campers out of their places of hiding!


MA:  This is a term is often used in Tribes 2 to describe a Mid-Air shot, which is usually difficult to achieve.


1) A modification to quake, due to the available source code and open license agreement, many individuals and teams of individuals modify areas of the Quake code and graphics (Textures and Skins) to create a different feel to the game or even a completely new game type. Some people can get this confused with Models, listed below.

2) Sometimes used for the term as moderator of a forum (ie. xtremeprejudice clan forum or forum).

MMORPG:  Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game


n1: Nice one, in some cases meaning great shot.

n2b: not too bad

Newb: see Newbie

Newbie: Also known as rookie, this is someone who is new to a game.

nj: nice job

n00B: see Newbie

ns: nice shot!

n/m or nm: nevermind


o/c:  overclock. As in your processor/video card and so forth to get maximum fps as Quake players like to do.

omg: oh my gawd

oom: out of mana (EQ/DAOC terminology)

oop: out of power (EQ/DAOC terminology)

ooe: out of endurance (EQ/DAOC terminology)

Owned: When you are beaten by so much that your opponent “owns” you


Ping: The time in milliseconds between when you do something in the game and it actually happens. The lower the ping you have, the better. When you fire a gun on a net server, you click the mouse and the gun fires a short time later. This is lag in action, baby!

Peeps:  A term that spread wild fire from my buddy Pookie. This means people, friends or simply crowd in general.

pineapples: grenades… usually fired by a pineapple launcher. ;-)

ppl: people


Q3F: Quake 3 Fortress, a popular modification for Quake III Arena.

Q3W:, id Software’s official fansite for Quake III Arena.

qt: cutie

qw: (see Quakeworld)

Quad: Quad Damage. A power-up in every Quake game that normally multiplies your weapon’s damage by four.

Quakeworld: This is a version of the original Quake game, with some tweaks to make the game run better through multiplayer.

RA: 1) Red Armor   2) Rocket Arena, a popular modification for Quake III.   3) Red Alert (strategy game) by Westwood Studios.

Rail: RailGun

Rape: In the real world this sounds really bad. In the gaming world, this just means you got owned at a match or game. 

rdy: ready

Respawn: This bring your player in the game back from the dead after you have been killed.  FACT – The first time repining became a major part of the game was in Doom’s nightmare mode, where the monsters respawned about a minute after they were killed, and came back at you.

RJ: rocket jump

RL: Rocket Launcher

RTS:  Real-Time Strategy game

Rune: 1) A power-up in some games  2) There’s also a game called Rune.  


ss: screenshot

Shaft: Lightning Gun

Skins: A texture that is wrapped around a 3D model, commonly refers to the texture around the actual character model, hence the term “Skin”.

Sniping: This normally is like the movies, you find a safe area to snipe other players while they are walking or running by. In some cases, you can be called a camper if you only stay in one place to not defend your headquarters but to camp weapons or other items on a map.


1) Normally stated when you receive lots of junk mail through email.

2) Gamers use this context when continuously firing a weapon (usually plasma gun or machine gun for finishing off) at an area an opponent might stick his head out of, in the hope of getting a few ‘free’ hits.

Spawn: (see respawn)

Splash Damage: In many different games, there’s certain areas in a map that can cause a type of blast radius, where if you are standing near a wall, the ground or other type of areas, a rocket launcher or other types of blasting type of weapons, you’ll be hit with damage.

Strafe Jump: A technical jump which involves Strafing while jumping and turning to attain greater heights. This can also be a type of jump to very hard places such as a ledge or other angled areas on a map. 

Strogg: The enemy race in Quake II

Stroggos: Home planet of the Strogg


T2UL: talk to you later

T2YS: Talk to you soon


1) Team Arena, expansion for Quake III Arena

2) Thanks Alot 

TC: Total Conversion (see Mod)

TDM: Team Death Match

tele: (see Teleporter) , an item in Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament games.

Telefrag: If more than one player dies at the same time they are sometimes re-spawned in the same area, this causing in some cases both players being killed again. This is also caused when somebody teleports into the space where you are, they will burst out of your body, killing you instantly. To counter this, don’t stop to look around. As soon as you appear, hotfoot it out of there.

Teleporter: An item in Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament games.

tg: thank god

stfu: Shut the Funk Up (PG version)


w2g: way to go

wb: Welcome Back

Whore: Whore is used in a lot of id Software games. When you camp something like Quad or any other power-ups, most terms that are used are Quad-Whore, Mega-Whore and so forth. (see also camping) 

w00t!: Excitement. Terms used by XP-Torak: “W00T HE DEFUSED!”, or “w00t he killed them all!”, or “w00t she’s naked!”

Wtf: What the fudge (PG version)

Wth: What the hell (PG-13 version)

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