CGN GamesMania: Profile of Thresh — Some of Threshs Favorite Movies, 1998

"Some of the favorite movies of Dennis Thresh Fong... Quake 2 champion - some would say the best player ever... and evidently, one of the world's biggest Nick Cage fans."

CaliGirl.Net: Lingo – Gaming and IRL

CaliGirl.Net: Lingo - Gaming and IRL :) Basic smile (most popular) :] Big Grin =) Anime Smile ;) Winking :/  Argh, that's terrible :} Goofy crooked Smile :> Bird (bird beak) :D  Huge smile with teeth or laughter :I Hmmm... or umm... or doh :( Frown. Sad. :[ Really sad :{ Whimpering :O Gasping :C …

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CaliGirl's Quakecon 2003 Journey Quakecon 2003 Journey - IRL Impressions This is not to exclude any of you peeps who I finally had the chance to meet in person. Many of you are already listed in the article if you aren't listed in here. This page was created since I didn't have anywhere to really …

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