lions, tigers, and female quakers, ohmi! – 07/05/98

lions, tigers, and female quakers, ohmi! – 07/05/98

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welcome, im going to have to say before i start this, to the first edition of the papercut. now before you all get down on me with emails about the stuff that i write here, id like for you to go and read the disclaimer that i wrote out all nice and neat for you to read. okay, what the hell is the big deal about female quake players? before you get all agitated, it’s not them i have a problem with; it’s the reaction to them that gets under my skin. sure, the majority of quake players are male, and that’s hardly surprising. must be the testosterone or genetics or something. and sure, this means that any minority that is involved will be noticed… WHEN IT FIRST APPEARS.

but why is it that because women are a different gender than the majority that we have to point them out? sure, there some very good female players out there, and they should be highlighted; but what i dont understand is average or below female players getting highlighted because they have tits? and what happens when female players become more than half of the quake players? do the males then get highlighted and the females get pushed back to the brink of anonymity? and has anyone bothered to ask how many transvestites play quake? how about homosexuals? and transvestites? or are they not ‘approved’ minorities? or what? we’ve got Clan PMS; why not Clan XXY or Clan XX->XY or something? and boy, calling ’em ‘crossdressers’ in CTF would sure piss the lot of em off, wouldn’t you say? either way, it’d sure be fun to hang out at LAN parties.

while women quakers play among the men just as normally as any other joe shmoe, it has been my experience that they will be lifted to a higher pedistal because of their chromosome combination, while all the time they have the same frag count and efficiency as our average everyday friend, joe shmoe. what happened to equal rights? interesting that all the sports are divided between men and women because of their physical differences (golf, for instance), yet on the computer — where, assumedly, everything is equal — they’re STILL being divided. and if you don’t think they are, i ask you: when has Kornelia or KillCreek or one of those crazy quake chics played Thresh or B2 or Unholy or Reptile in a tourney? could it be because they’re not *gasp* GOOD ENOUGH? or could it be that no one’s got the guts to find out?

but thus, i digress. if i knew any better i would say that this problem has been outdated, to be no longer dealt with, but i am wrong. to this day, after women have been playing quake since it was released, just as the same as the rest of the men, but i still see harassment from men towards women, and sexual infatuation therein. after seeing things like a ign network banner that was of some quakegirl news site or other and it showed some women (i assume webmasters) in sadist leather dealies and had the first frame of them and the second of their breasts. (*ahem*) pardon? who’s idea was that? this just proves my point. what i would enjoy seeing is some respect for women out there, and not the sight of them as objects. i guess i should leave you with that, and the personal hope that ive sparked something in you, good or bad. feel free to write me about it.

of course, this is just my opinion, i could be wrong.


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