Insight into MEN and QUAKE…

Insight into MEN and QUAKE…

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Ping size DOES matter!
No matter what your man says…Ping size does matter!!! If your man says a clan with 2plus LPB’s playing against an all HPB clan is an even match…He’s just plain lying!

TOP EIGHT REASONS the clan lost the match…
8. The level was too controllable
7. The mod doesn’t work right
6. line noise
5. slow internet provider
4. server overload
3. too many LPB’s in the opposing clan
2. ghost code didn’t work
1. lag!
(Notice women…none of the reasons state the obvious: He just can’t aim. His fingers are slow. He can’t last as long as he used too. The other clan was better!)

What do a good clan and a bunch of LPB’s have in common?
Absolutely nothing!!!!!

How many times do we have to tell you men?!!
beFOREPLAY is very important!

Practice before that clan match!

Team Fortress is for Wimps!
Getting frags doesn’t take much skill when the player constantly respawns with his top weapon and ammunition! No level memorizing or consistent aim needed… Wimps!!!

Levels with big open spaces are not fair.
Unless you’re a LPB of course!

Not all servers are the same!

What causes a man to have the word FUCK in his player name?
Sexual Frustration

Crossdressing isn’t as cool as some CTF players think…

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