Strogg Sewage Treatment Plant by Geezer – Deathmatch

Strogg Sewage Treatment Plant by Geezer

Some of the more popular DM maps that my buddies and I play have open
areas for a nice, chaotic blastfest. These maps include d2m07_q2,
q2e1m7, and cir.

I was trying to achieve the same sort of intense action with my latest
map. It contains two main areas — outside and inside. On the inside
area, there are 2 smaller rooms within it. One being the pump room
(which contains the quad) and the other is the computer room (which
contains the hyperblaster).

This map contains plenty of ammo, and a few goodies. Weapons include:
super shotgun, machine gun, chain gun, grenade launcher, rocket
launcher, hyperblaster, railgun and of course the…….BFG

The BFG is located in a lava pit, which can be activated to fill up!
Makes life fun.

In addition to the weapons, there is plenty of ammo to support them. I
did not add any additional cells though as it was just too insane with
the BFG.

On the item side, there should be enough to keep most happy. One mega
health, a few regular health packs and some stimpacks tossed for good
measure. One combat armor, one body armor and some shards thrown in as
well. You’ll also find a backpack, bandolier, silencer, adrenaline and
of course the quad.

We’ve played this map quite a bit at work – with as few as 3 and as
many as 11 at one point. The following are notthe only way to do well
with this map, but they work.

Since there isn’t any extra cells for the BFG, there is one way you
can get 150 to start out. If you spawn inside, head to the computer
room and get the Hyperblaster. Jump into the water just outside the
computer room door and hit the teleporter. Go for a nice water ride
(might want to switch to Railgun after you pick it up to save cells)
to the pool at the end. If you are lucky there will be a backpack at
the bottom of the pool. From there, jump out and dash to the BFG. Jump
into the pit from the side (ladder on your right), to prevent yourself
from landing in lava. Quickly jump to the ladder and while you are
climbing out switch to BFG. Hopefully there will be some victims
running about — if not head back inside to blast ’em.

Talon gave the map 92 out of 100 and Taskmaster 4 out of 5.

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