Deathabilia 2 by Geezer – Deathmatch

Deathabilia 2 by Geezer

Deathabilia by Mancer (taint000) was one of my favorite 1-on-1 maps.
No health, no armor, no ammo… just explosive weapons and someone
else that wants you dead.

I kept things pretty much the same as the Q1 version. 2 rocket
launchers, 1 double barrel shotgun, 1 chaingun & 1 machine gun. I
added a couple of grenades to make things interesting.

As you can see from the screenshots, I did add colored lighting.
Mostly I let the color of the texture light come through, and adjusted
any other lights to blend in with them. I didn’t go overboard IMO (I
don’t care much for a bunch of added color where it really doesn’t
need to be).

Mancer thought it was cool which made me happy. :) Taskmaster gave it
4 out of 5.

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