Roll the Bones by Geezer – Thunderwalker 2 / Capture mods

Roll the Bones by Geezer

This is a fairly straight forward map, completely symetrical. There
are 3 ways out of the base, but 2 of them merge together, which in
turn merges with the other in a rather tight choke area. It will be
very difficult to maintain control of the middle area though.

This map seems to play well with as few as 6 on up. The more people
the more ultra violence. If you shoot any of the ‘Dteam’ textures
you’ll hear some fine sounds.

This level was originally done for ThunderWalker 2. Unfortunately that
mod just didn’t take off as expected so I decided to give this map a
new life. I originally spent well over a month on this level and it
has been very well tested.

This version is slightly different from the ThunderWalker version. Of
course there is now a DM arena, but I also got rid of the stairs
connected the upper route to the lower one. I think this should make
the map play even better, but it won’t be quite as easy to catch flag
runners downstairs.

Make sure you shoot the logos in the bases….

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