The Dalek, by Ryan Dobson — Custom Quake 2 Player Model, Skins and Dalek-y Sounds

“The Dalek — A plug-in player model based on the BBC series ‘Doctor Who’ which aired from 1963 to the late 80’s. This version of the dalek PPM has repaired the mashed up animations for the crouch and pain frames. I’m buggered if I know how they got there in the first place…?? This version also includes 7 skins: Regular silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Green, CTF red and CTF blue.

The daleks were the ubiquitous enemy – ruthless, militaristic, emotionless and just plain nasty. This dalek model has an advantage over the ones in the TV series, because it can travel up and down stairs… This zip includes various sounds that are dalek-y. If you don’t like them, just delete them. The Dalek models and skins are used by my Syndicate when we play online and in LAN battles.”

-Ryan Dobson

The Dalek

A dreaded foe from Quake 1 – the dalek has been resurrected for Quake 2. This version has 13 skins (including 2 CTF) and full custom sounds. The skins are heavily optimised to a small 256 by 128 size – so with a low polycount and low skin size you can have loads of these little pricks running around your DM levels. There is a version of this model on Polycount, and it is let down by a shit skinset, so that has been fixed, and as the screenshots below show, this little guy is now a tidy looking unit.

Dowload and EXTERMINATE! —

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