Springfield Frag Fest: Quake 2 Stroggfield — Stupid Strogg Jokes, by S. Mcgrew

"Where have all the campers gone? Lag time passing. Where have all the campers gone — Long time ago? Where have all the campers gone? Blown to fragments, every one! When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?"

Modscape.Telefragged.com: Quake2Max, by psychospaz — Pictures of the Moment, 2002

"August 19, 2002 — Quake2Max Site, by psychospaz. Well, I redid website stuff, and now I should probably go and set up Some sort of news script for this front page. I converted all pics on this subsite to png (execpt for jpg screenshots of course), and I'll be releasing a new version of Quake2maX in the very near future."