Quake II: A New Generation Erupts — DW’s Tactics and Lelow’s Domain

"My philosophy is simple. Hell the very nature of Quake and Quake II demands simplicity. Most deathmatchers have one thing on their mind. ANYTHING MOVES= MUST DIE. Simple huh? Well things start getting complex in the melee of battle, and even more if you want to win. I don't claim to be a Quake god, I'm just trying to help those struggling to get better. All I can say it begins with a simple solution as practice. Keep playing, you'll get better."

Thompp Nation: Interview with Team Rocket leader Pete Thompson

"Pete: I started mapping for q2 initially. I bought death match maker from a local shop and had a play with it and created a few maps . Then I thought about coding... I downloaded the compiler and the source and had a look at the source, which is just C. Initially I started with small chnages, but then experimented with more ambitious ideas. then on to q3..."

PlanetQuake: Quake 2 Mod — Night Hunters, by Alex BatMax Burger and Dug BatCat Rodger

"This place seems familiar but you can't tell. There is no light except for the sky and the glow of ammo, and medi packs dropped from the supply drone ships. You turn on your personal light, it works but it seems to be buzzing, maybe it got damaged in the drop. Looking around, you try to find a safe place... Suddenly, your fellow Marine's light goes out but not before you see his body reduced to steaming giblets. You crouch... it is pitch black... a sound from above... a slight breeze across your face... a glimpse of something moving over head... Welcome to Night Hunters."