Springfield Frag Fest: Quake 2 Stroggfield — Stupid Strogg Jokes, by S. Mcgrew

"Where have all the campers gone? Lag time passing. Where have all the campers gone — Long time ago? Where have all the campers gone? Blown to fragments, every one! When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?"

LamerKatz Chronicles: Recam by JayZilla

The team at LAMERKATZ has put together their own demo: LamerKatz Chronicles. This demo has to be the funniest demo that I've ever seen. It's not often that you watch a demo of people getting fragged left and right, and the people getting fragged are the demo makers. And it's set to some pretty cool tunes, done up like a couple of rock videos.

Psychosis Deathmatch Quake II Models and Skins

Basically, PSYCHOSIS DeathMatch is a site dedicated to making graphics/3D modeling-based modifications for first person shooters (right now we're pretty much focusing on id engine games). For now, the site will house new player models and graphics packs (interface overhauls, skin packs, etc.) and will hopefully grow to include new maps and other mods.