QuakeCon BYOC 2019: Quake II Duel Tournament

QuakeCon 2019: Quake II duel tournament final results, and featuring two matches that I filmed inside the QuakeCon 2019 BYOC: Flame versus Vea, and Dead Beat versus Rix, with highlights, and a blast from the past with the Brothers of Tru Fragging.

Behind the Machinima: The Quake Movies of Dr. Nemesis

Today we are going inside the Quake movie director's studio to re-visit the films of Leo Lucien-Bay, aka Dr. Nemesis, one of the first prominent black machinima directors. Join us, thru the time traveling power of the Internet Archive, as we revisit the lost Quake movies of Dr. Nemesis.

LamerKatz Chronicles: Recam by JayZilla

The team at LAMERKATZ has put together their own demo: LamerKatz Chronicles. This demo has to be the funniest demo that I've ever seen. It's not often that you watch a demo of people getting fragged left and right, and the people getting fragged are the demo makers. And it's set to some pretty cool tunes, done up like a couple of rock videos.