Chaos Quake 2 Mod — Chaotic Dreams: Screenshots of Chaos Deathmatch

"So... how is ChaosDM really looking like? Still can't imagine how a broadsword can scare you in a game like Quake 2? Or how really bad a player can be with a full-sized Buzzsaw in his hands? Ok, check out this eyecandy!"

Chaos Quake 2 Mod — Dragon Slayers Lair: Quake 2 maps, by Rimshot

"18 October 2000: New design for the mapping page ( hope planet quake likes it ). Linked to it from the index page from the Dragon clan to try to separate the two... It was becoming too much to update everything at one shot and will be easier to manage this way. This is the place to go for updates and maps created by myself from now on. -Rimshot"

Quake 2 Chaos mod — PlanetQuake: PeeWee Interviews TrixieMoo about Chaos

"Trixie has been involved in the Moo clan for about a decade. Chaotic Dreams member R. Flagg invited Trixie to help take charge of the newly revived Chaotic Dreams website a couple of years ago; a team that Trixie is thrilled to be a part of. With her at the helm of the official site and the MOO town server she started advertising games at and caught the eye of Planet Quake."