Chaos Quake 2 Mod — Dragon Slayers Lair: Quake 2 maps, by Rimshot

18 October 2000: New design for the mapping page ( hope planet quake likes it ). Linked to it from the index page from the Dragon clan to try to separate the two… It was becoming too much to update everything at one shot and will be easier to manage this way. This is the place to go for updates and maps created by myself from now on.

chaosdm_baden by Rimshot{DRGN}

chaosdm_hdlberg by Rimshot{DRGN}

chaosdm_tower by Rimshot{DRGN}

chaosdm_oilrig by Rimshot{DRGN}

chaosdm_disney by Rimshot{DRGN}

chaosdm_utah by Rimshot{DRGN}

chaosdm_rimmer1 by Rimshot{DRGN}

Quake 3 Chaos Arena Maps by Rimshot{DRGN}

About Rimshot{DRGN}

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