QuakeCon 2007 — Quad Damage 1v1 Tournament Finals: Toxjq vs. Fojji

"Video of the Quake 2 duel between Toxjq and Fojji in the Quad Damage Finals at QuakeCon 2007. This is the second match of five that took place between the two players. The video is presented in High Definition and runs 15 minutes."

Spain’s Campus Party: from Quake Tournaments to a Cultural Phenomenon

Campus Party was founded in 1997 as a gaming and demoscene event, with Quake tournaments. In 1998, Skuda was crowned the Quake champion of Spain. Skuda was awarded a boxed copy of Quake II signed by John Carmack and all the game's creators at ID Software.

LamerKatz Chronicles: Recam by JayZilla

The team at LAMERKATZ has put together their own demo: LamerKatz Chronicles. This demo has to be the funniest demo that I've ever seen. It's not often that you watch a demo of people getting fragged left and right, and the people getting fragged are the demo makers. And it's set to some pretty cool tunes, done up like a couple of rock videos.