Japanese Castles — Quake 3 Arena Map, by Mike G1zm0 Burbidge


L-Fire CTF: Quake 2 mod — Samurai Castles, Beta Version

LMCTF: Quake 2 mod — SMAP01 – Samurai Castles, by g1zm0

Samurai Castles, Played with a Variety of Quake 2 Models, by Donde

LvL – Q3A Database — Japanese Castles, by G1zm0

g1zm0 brings years of level design experience to his first Q3A release level – and blows everything to date out of his way. What we have here are two levels (a CTF and DM) in one .pk3 that are just superbly designed and textured in a traditional Japanese style. One very small problem I had was a thin white fog at the bottom of some stairs seemed a little out of place.”


LinuxDude: Team Arena — Japanese Gardens TA, by Mike Burbidge (g1zm0)


Steam Community: Quake Live — Japanese Castles redux, by Scorch’s Workshop


DOOM League: q3ctf.wad — Japanese Castles for DOOM 2, by Rude

“Greetings friend :) I have been working on this wad for some time now, and it is finally complete (not really at all), so Im using my day off to post about it :psyboom Inside you will find 6 of the most famous Quake3/Qlive CTF maps transcribed to DOOM 2 :) This work was accomplished using gtkRadiant alongside doombuilder 2. Map dimensions are IDENTICAL- barring some minor modding and changing of heights to fit the doom experience. Textures used from wdl2016.wad and Chaos Core CTF, thanks!”

“Map size — medium/big. Themes — far east, hail mary jump pad.”


Clan Master Control Program — Members


ESREALITY: Quake Live Forum — Japanese Signs in Japanese Castles, by mouse*

“…Something occurred to me. Does anyone know what the Japanese signs in Japanese Castles (q3wcp1) actually say?


A Special “Thank You” to Eri Takase Artworks — by Mike g1zm0 Burbidge


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