Quake 2 Total Conversion — Entron: Freedoms Edge, by Endor Productions

Entron: Freedom’s Edge takes you in to the dark world of Entron, a world where Freedom no longer exists. A world under the rule of a demented dictator, known as the Overseer. You play the role of C’tal, a slave working in the Derantium mines of Entron, who rises up to defeat the Overseer. The fate of your people and your world lies in your hands.

Entron has always been a technological wonder, full of beauty, energy, and charisma. The relationship between the Overseer and its people was peaceful, each serving the other in perfect coexistence. The Overseer was a strong charismatic being, a kind soul. That is, until the day the Amber Crystal was found. Found by a farmer in his fields, to all understanding, it was merely another meteorite. The farmer was intrigued however, something about the Crystal stuck out to him, he knew he had to bring it before the Overseer for reviewing.

Upon presenting it to the Overseer, an immediate change was noticed in the Overseer, an almost sinister cloud followed his very footsteps after receiving the Crystal. Within a week, the downfall of Entron began. The Overseer called out declarations to supreme devotion to him, to offer all personal wealth and belongings unto him, and to work under his strictest orders. Those who resisted or defied his orders, were stripped all rights of what freedom remained, and enslaved to work in the Derantium mines. The Derantium was used to build what served as his palace, and in many of his hideous new weapons he so enjoyed.

Your family was one of the many strong enough to stand up to his torment, but as will all attempts in revolt; they were defeated and enslaved. That is what has caused you to be raised in this horrendous place, these mines that hold us all prisoner. Most of us will spend our whole lives here, from our birth to our death, or die trying to get out. So few even wish to think of revolt anymore. But I foresee one of our souls will rise up, and defeat the Overseer. I believe that soul… Is you, C’tal.

The Scripted Sequences and Interactive NPC’s (Non-Player Characters) will provide a unique interaction between you and your environment. You will gain information and clues to help you in completing your mission to defeat the Overseer. Entron will have a totally new Artificial Intelligence system for both the Monsters and NPC’s. These monsters want you dead and will use everything in their power and their environment to complete that objective. These monsters do not stand around and let you shoot them, their unpredictable behavior will keep you running for your life. To just run in shooting will almost certainly get you killed.

Enhanced Visible Weapons, Visible Armor, and Visible Body Damage: The visible weapons and armor come in handy during deathmatch play to see what hardware your opponent is carrying and to judge which might be the best weapon to use against their armor. The visible body damage is incorporated into monsters AND players which will give gore lovers a few new things to gaze on (including decapitation!) Plus much more…


Screenshots from Entron Freedoms Edge


Entron Freedoms Edge — Team



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