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Thu, Jul 10,1997 21:44:28

Well, hi hi hi my little droogies… Great show! Anna “NabeO” creator / producer of the All Female Quake Tournament had much info about the first tournament of it’s kind and was briefly mentioned on MSNBC’s show “The Site” last night. (see the show here in RealVideo. ISDN 28.8) <===soon…gimme a few days. We welcomed back the irrepressible Mace Royer. His Special guest was Jihad creator/producer of the first official All Male Quake Tournament (hey we give equal time) Next up was ELM (Evil Little Men) spokes-person…”Somberfire”. They bring us “Cenotaph of the Magi” Death Match Level pack #1. It consists of 6 new breathtaking Levels designed strictly for Death Match. These are a must see. They are so popular that our next guest… Andy “I’m Marvin The Paranoid Android” Bay used his teams brand spanking new utility… VISpatch to make all the water in these awesome levels transparent. VISpatch is an easier way of converting all the water in your maps into transparent GL water. –‘Since the release of BSP2PRT, anyone with a lot of spare time can take a BSP and re-VIS it to support transparent water. The problem is that it takes a very, very long time to VIS maps. Time most people don’t want to spend. We took the most popular levels and did the VISsing for you. Wouldn’t you rather spend twenty minutes downloading and installing than several weeks doing full (-level 4) VIS on all these levels? We thought so…’ Having said that be sure and check their site for the latest patches for your favorite levels! QuakeCon 97 “Daddy” Polish had many announcements about the Con and told us of all the fabulous prizes they have secured for this years QuakeCon. Registration is now open and it’s first come first serve… and the spots are almost gone. Better hurry! Also “The Fray” page was updated with the location: the Sheraton Meadowlands in East Rutherford New Jersey. There are a few more details up there and registration should begin very soon. Go there!

Thu, Jul 3,1997 21:45:29

Wacked show. Everyone except GIRLBOMB and I (JUDGECAL) was out for the July 4th holiday. Needless to say… the show was fairly content light. We did announce the Top 8 winners of the Find the Secret Shrak Level contest though. (They are posted on The Embrionic Files over on Quantem Access’s site.

Thu, Jun 26,1997 21:44:38

Listen to Thresh give the blow by blow description of winning John Carmack’s Ferrari in the “Red Annihilation” Tourney finals. We also had John Cash famed “CodeSmith” from id Software join us on QuakeCast to whet our tastebuds with bits of info about Quake II. Finally, Rumble the self appointed “Don King” of Quake brought us up to date on X-MEN Quake and Quego.

Thu, Jun 12,1997 21:44:34

Continuing with the one by one interview of the id Software staff… we had Paul Steed on to discuss all the happinings over at our favorite Game company. We also had Jeff Ross on to announce the new .pak his team created called “S.W.A.T. Team”. On a sort of good news bad news note…Mace Royer did not join us tonight as it was his first ever episode of “Mace Royer’s Quake Phenomonon” prior to QuakeCast. Alas…We did have the every lovely GIRLBOMB on board chat jockeying. And Yoost “Slipgate Central ” Schuur is becoming a regular regular on the show!

Thu, Jun 5,1997 21:47:22

Wow! That about sums this show up. The one and only “Tokay” (a.k.a. American McGee) from id Software was gracious enough to take time out of the hectic schedule of creating the reason for living that most of us get up in the morning for… i.e. Quake and Quake II to answer a few questions from us mere mortals. He got the go ahead from the powers that be to give QuakeCast a sort of “scoop” about what heretofor precious little was leaked outside the walls of id Software . Namely Quake 2. Also he gave us his views on TC’s, PC”s, sound effects, commercial and non commercial Quake editors, not to mention naming conventions for dogs! Tons more action packed stuff from his mouth to your speakers! It doesn’t get any better than this…well… not usually anyhow. Alaska, author of QFig an absolutely cool 2 thumbs up application for editing those pesky config.cfg files supplied us with mind shattering questions about ermmm… uhhh… “Crisco Twister©” (eeewwwwwww) and all things you could want to know about QFig. Finally, Chris Bolin of The Evolve Team creators of PainKeep, joined us to announce the release of PainKeep and explain a bit about it. It is the coolest new level pack… More levels more weapons etc. All during the show I rave about it! Go get it now! We were joined by the in studio guests Mute and Ikkarus from the Cyberweb Cafe M3 brains extrodanaire! (these are the guys whom made M3 possible!) Joost “Slipgate Central” Schuur the irrepressable Mace Royer and the ever lovely GIRLBOMB.

Thu, May 29,1997 21:47:51

M3 wrap up. “Loonyboi” from QuakeLab Multimedia was here in the studio as was Fargo (of Fargo’s Frontpage fame) and Joost “Slipgate Central” Schuur, Blue was absent. We all pretty much rambled about the spectacle known as “M3”. Not too much in the way of “Quake centric” info…but amusing nonetheless.

Mon, May 26,1997 01:51:31

Pleeeeese……kill me now. It is 8:34 pm NYC time on Monday evening and I am having audio halucinations of grenades bouncing behind me and seeing “periferal bogey’s” (you know…those little things that fly around in your periferal vision…some times they are birds then squirrels both are phantoms from sleep depravation) My fine motor functions are permanently damaged I fear. The last cords have been pulled from their temporary moorings and I have a small collections of orphaned power strips. I am alone. Any how… If you don’t listen to this 3 hour QuakeCast I will have Wanker from Quake Cafe telnet to your VCR and make it blink 12:00 permanently!!! (like he did to mine) Actually, I met so many fucking cool! people, here and wanted to say:
even you Wanker
YOU MUST HEAR THIS SHOW. I cant see straight anymore… so I will be back to finish this after I have finished passing out.

2:56 am 5/27 I have finally awoke. I am still very dizzy and my pniky on my mouse hand is numb and tingley. I see everyone is putting pix and demos up from M3. Blue has most the links off his page at BluesNews. We are trying to figure out an acronym for the “Labor Day LAN” party QuakeCast wants to do next. “L3”. Some contenders are “Labor Day LAN launch” “Loose Labor Day LAN”…the running favorite is “LLAMA LLAMA LLAMA” whatever we deside on “L3” will prove to be the “M3” times 10! Suggestions for naming this event?…. Email us! quakecast@pseudo.com We are looking at doubling the amount of workstations and people we can accomodate. Also Sponsorships are welcome.

I am too baked to type all this so I will help myself to Blues page…He will understand… (I hope)

…’As for the aftermath, I haven’t seen Fargo’s final report yet, but here’s his (drunken) Friday night account (aided by Joost and Ikkarus’ camera), and his Saturday update. Anyone with demos they recorded at m3 should check the KeyGrip Page for info on where to mail them. Wendigo (who proved over the weekend that he, along with Avatar, would play any head-to-head PC game ever made) posted a whole load of great m3 pictures here. Wired online had a feature story on M3 (thanks Prophet). Speaking of Prophet, check out the great preview of m3 he wrote in Gamesmania. How cool is that? There is also a great review of the event by Manu “Spuds” Smith on AllGames.

Fri, May 23,1997 22:26:59

This is a straight forward celeb-a-thon show on Friday night. It was before half a keg beer was even finished so it seems tame compared to the 3 hour show.

Thu, May 8,1997 21:48:47

…..oh….urrrm….uh…. sorry I was eating lunch. Just kidding. If you tune into this QuakeCast you will hear a few guest caught off guard and not prepared for the onslaught of inquiry from the ruthless in studio guests, Joost “Slipgate Central” Schuur, and Vic Long Senior Editor of Computer Gaming World Magazine. Kyle “Don King” Rumble” Bousquet the self appointed defender of “Theme TC development teams” joined us and discussed his effort to give council and advice to would be Quake design entrepreneurs. He also is a driving force behind LEGO3D Quake. Yup you guessed it, when you get fragged you fall into little bloodless blocks. Next was Jamis, he is part of the Head Hunter Quake development team. This mod is too much fun! The object is to frag the foe and then go collect their head and bring it to your alter for points. The best part is that if you were the fragee you can bite the carrier for damage while he scurries back to his alter. The man with the plan Mark “Bastard” Surface” was kinda thrust into coming on and confirming alot of the plans we have for.

THE MANHATTAN MEMORIAL MARATHON. It will be “THE” Quake event for some time to come. Sign ups start Monday May 12. Be sure and get in first cause the space though vast will fill up quickly. 1/2 the brains behind QuakeFinger Dwomer was on explaining the groovy new toy to keep tabs on all your favorite Quake celebs. Mace Royer was on the streets of Manhattan searching for the long lost clan promoter Eddie Jones, and the effervescent GIRLBOMBirc.pseudo.com chatters who were crawling to Penumbra.

Thu, May 1,1997 21:50:25

Whew. What a difference. Joost “Slipgate Central” Schuur is in town for a few months and will be live here at QuakeCast as often as we can get him. He joined us last night. You MUST go and play ThunderWalker!! It is an amazing modification of Zoid’s Capture the Flag. I am hooked. Anyhow, Robert Hayden from Valley of the ThunderWalkers gave us a the cool details about this fantastic mod. We successfully reached John Cook of Team Fortress down under in Australia. It was a strange interview cause of the delay on the phone connection. Very informative none the less. Gary Griggs of QTeam made it back from being cut short a few weeks ago and told us about the new games they are working on, like “Hot Potato CTF”, Scavenger hunt maps, and their ca$h prize level design contest. Another of the the Andy “Exalted Weenie” Giesler Weenie trivia questions. And finally… we wrapped it up with Monty “FRAGaLOT” Gonzales informing us about his Quake Server Browser News site. He also professes his (brotherly) love for the one and only Mace Royer. Chat “Goddess” GIRLBOMB (star of the Live QuakeCam) did her usual fabulous chat thing.

Thu, Apr 24,1997 21:51:28

Ever have “one of those days”? Well, this was “one of those shows”. BLUE was out sick I JUDGECAL was in sick and we had technical difficulties from hell. Fortunately, we managed to get Dave “Bounty Hunter” Metz from Xenocide Flag Academy on the show. (sort of) See last weeks show description for details on the Academy. We also had John Cook of Team Fortress slated for the show. Unfortunately we were trying to call Australia to no avail. We will get him on next weeks show. The irrepressible Mace Royer interviewed Spam69 and GIRLBOMB waded through the endless succession of text in the irc.pseudo.com chat room. Yikes… this show reminds me of the old days of “QuakeCast”. (and if you listen to the “old days” shows you’ll know what I mean).

Thu, Apr 17,1997 21:50:42

Amy “Siren” Brown owner/operator of The Burn Zone visited QuakeCast. She told us about her voluminous project of collecting pictures of Death Match players and Clan members and posting them all on her site. Ever wondered if their was a face attached to the player who just smoked your bacon? Well, The Burn Zone is where you can go see it. Go there and post your mug shot for the world to see. (If you dare) Gentle Nova of Xenocide Flag Academy was another excellent guest. This site is a must see. It is devoted to higher learning of the craft of Capture the Flag. It is a sprawling campus with a comradeship that cannot be equaled. He also sadly informed us that he will be “passing the Flag” to Dakota and stepping down from the trinity. You have read about it on BLUE’S NEWS now hear about it on QuakeCast. About what you say? Why X-MEN Quake of course. Jonny Gorden has started what prommises to be one of the most popular TC projects to date. He is also looking for a few good modelers, map makers, Quake C coders, etc… If you have what it takes to help with X-MEN Quake have a listen to the show and get a hold of Jonny.

Thu, Apr 10,1997 21:51:25

GIRLBOMB made it back to QuakeCast. (yay!) The “Exalted Weenie” himself Andy Giesler from The Weenie Game Guides graced us with his eminence. We loved The Weenie Game Guides sight soooo much, we used one of the Quake C Trivia questions on the show! LuvvY reared his/her ugly head in the Mace Royer, Quake Phenomenon portion of the show. Finally… Dave “Zoid” Kirsch proprietor of Threewave CTF, took time out of his hectic coding schedule and taunted us with news about CTF 4.0 and announced his new Quake client and server ports have been released. Zach “phearsOme” Karpinski and Gary Griggs of QTeam have done it again with QTeam 2.0!! This is one of the most extensive Quake addons. It has “Paintball”, “Capture the Shambler”, and “King of the Hill” to name a few. Check it out. Unfortunately we ran short on time and had to cut the QTeam guys short. Sorry fellas. :(

Thu, Apr 3,1997 21:50:50

Great show! First off, we had “Watcher” and Sean from the Dimensionality development team on QuakeCast fielding questions about the upcoming release of thier DeathMatch Pack. (I got a chance to play the beta before the show. Be sure and check this one out when it hits the Internet! Way cool.) Mace Royer was filling as Chat Mistress again as GIRLBOMB was missed. 1/3rd of Team QSpy known as Jack “Morbid” Mathews had tons of info on the new release of the “Shareware” QSpy as well as time tables for the 5.2 version of QSpy which will have an IRC chat client built in. Adam Bosnian from Spacetec IMC makers of the fabulous “SpaceOrb 360” (‘It’s a fine product’– Eddie Jones) had an anouncement pertaining to “Women in Quake” and recently aquired team members. (BTW- He called from an airplain over Canada) Last but certainly not least… the Rougue Entertainment Boys, Steve “Gateway” Tietze and Jim Molinets had a chat with us about the success of Dissolution of Eternity and what the future holds for Rogue.

Thu, Mar 27,1997 21:49:24

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Big news! Huge news! (remember, you did not hear about on first!) QuakeCast got the scoop. (Of course it doesn’t hurt having “the” source of 99.9% of all Quake news as your co-host.) Anyhow, BLUE made a planet shaking announcement you must hear to belive! (pun intended…hahaha) And the winner is…? We had DR Zith (a.k.a. “Doctor Zith”) here in the Pseudo Studios to announce the winners of the “Bleat to your llama” contest. Be sure and go check out the best entries pix and all. Jerry “Polish” Wolski was on to fill us in on QuakeCon97. QuakeCon97 is going to be the LAN party to end all LAN parties! Bastard from PlanetQuake was on to verify BLUE’s claims….not really. He and his new server Guru Greg While were very excited and can’t wait to unviel the big announcement. Also we had so many call-ins we could not get to all of them. I am really sorry about that….We are discussing having a call-in segment during the show. Keep calling in and if we have time, we will try to get you on QuakeCast. We had a stumper of a trivia question that Chat Mistress “GIRLBOMB” threw out to the teaming masses of IRC.PSEUDO.COM chatters. As well as Mace Royer and his shocking and silly guest “Luvvy” whom sound suspiciously like our own boss…but we won’t get into that.

Thu, Mar 20,1997 21:47:20

Well, I (JUDGECAL a.k.a. 23SKIDOO) made it through the show. Tonight Kevin “Fragmaster” Bowen Editor-In-Chief from The New Vore Times was on and gave us the scoop on his site. Those kooky “WIRED” pin-up girls Clan P.M.S. took time out of their busy autograph signing schedual to come on QuakeCast and bask in their new found fame…(well…sort of) Anna brought us up to date on the Clans trials and tribulations. Dave Lister of Clan Lagitus called in and shot the shit. Frank “Ignatu” Cabanski from ClanRing gave us a bunch of new info on the E3 id Software / ClanRing event.

Thu, Mar 13,1997 21:48:14

Yikes! What a barrel-o-fun tonights QuakeCast was. Non stop excitement. Ya never know who will be on…or who won’t be on for that matter. The two principal developers of VQuake, Walt Donovan and Stefan Podell from Rendition (makers of the Vérité (ver-i-tay) chipset “The only 3D Chipset with a native Quake port”) were on discussing current and future projects over at Rendition. Last weeks trivia question winner “Loonyboi” from QuakeLab Multimedia was here in the studio and informed us that there is a tutorial on Quake movie making among other things over at QuakeLab. Stomped.com‘s Webmaster Brian “Process” Sutton came on to make a few anouncements regarding position shake ups and the general goings on over Stomped way. We had this great announcement that Fargo (of Fargo’s Frontpage) and a partner in crime Bastard from PlanetQuake were going to make cept you have to wait till next week….hahaha as well as hearing all the E3 id Software / CLANRING TOURNEY SPECIAL! news from “Ignatu”. Mace Royer chats with members of “The Monk Clan” (they needed some coffee I think). Last but certainly not least Chat Mistress GIRLBOMB waded through the quagmire of IRC.PSEUDO.COM sillyness to gleen the pearls of wisdom that the chatters bequeathed upon BLUE and myself.

Thu, Mar 6,1997 21:48:02

Full show tonight on QuakeCast. A whole gang of guys from Hipnotic Interactive joined us to talk about the recent release of the first fully authorized “Mission Pack” The Scourge of Armagon and what is in store for the leet design team, as did KillCreek, to discuss her newly found fame that comes with manbeating John “ION STORM” Romero. (milk anyone?) Hap the programmer from Future vs. Fantasy Quake attempts to encapsulate the growing phenomenon that is F vs F, and Anthony “DaKiller” Alphier from frag.com to tell us about Quake Rally and the forthcoming release. We are happy to say that GIRLBOMB defeated ol’ Mr. Death once again and took her rightful place as “Chat Mistress” and Mace Royer goes nutz as usual.

Thu, Feb 27,1997 21:47:32

The great Barrett “BEAR” Alexander (Tech support guru at id Software) visited QuakeCast with reports on everything from the new mission packs to the Farrari give away. Plus what ever info we could squeeze outta him about “Quake II”. BEAR remained fairly tight lipped about the new production but did give us a few tidbits. Donald “CoolHandLuke” Wasylyna from ClanNet joined us with anouncements that stomped.com has joined ClanNet. ClanNet is an IRC network that is presently catering to Quake playing Clans and has future plans to incorporate other multi-player network game enthusiasts into the ever growing Internet chat scene. Chris “autolycus” Bokitch of Worldcraft University explains who and what WCU is all about. The next WCU class will be Sunday March 2nd on ClanNet. Al Dzurka was here at the studio video taping QuakeCast for “Quake Net TV”.
The ever lovely GIRLBOMB was sorely missed…she was out sick :( so in her stead we has the notorious Mace Royer filling in as “Chat Misstress”. (somehow the skirt just didn’t fit the same on him).

Thu, Feb 20,1997 21:49:13

Ooops! Almost forgot to write this info packed tome. Well… Mr.BLUE, GIRLBOMB, Mace Royer, and Myself were quite pleasently surprized with this show. Jack Mathews from Team QSPY dropped by the QuakeCast and has informed us that QSPY 5.0 was released today. Yay! Get a full detailed report on all the new features, bug fixes etc… Tritian (pronounced trit-e-an) came on and disscussed all the excellent projects he has been working on. And the irrepressable Mace Royer interviews some funny Quakers. All in all…it was a mello QuakeCast.

Thu, Feb 13,1997 21:49:47

Finally…. the end of a long bout of “so much to do, so little time”… Anyhow, the show started off without BLUE whom has had his own life changing and career changing insanity. Not to fear, he made it…We had Al Dzurka and “crazy” Chris Mac from “Quake Net TV” in the studio filming the QuakeCast for viewing on “Quake-Net TV” via a plug-in from “Vivo”.

Heath “ColdSun” Brown from the Rangers Clan joined us and gave us every detail of the making of all those “leet” movies, as well as sneek peeks into the plans for the new Rangers epic! We finally wrangled Ben Morris on to the show! As if you didn’t know…. he is the creator of “Worldcraft” which is by far the most advanced and user friendly editing tool for Quake. He is also made it big time and has a very nice review from Marc Laidlaw in “Wired” magazine this month. Steve Fukuda from “QuakeLab” allowed us to grill him about the ins and outs of one of the best all around Quake Editing help web sites. He also filled us in on the much anticipated “Apocalypse” level pack. I noticed that Steve says he didn’t communicate as much as he would have liked to on QuakeCast, no problem Steve… we will get you back on soon! Coordinator / Webmaster of terraForm Quake Level Design Team Ryan Freebern (who are generously housed by Telefragged.com) talks about the groups projects, how and why they were formed etc… also about the “Campers Challenge” contest! (I really don’t think any explanation is required) So go there and nominate your favorite camper today! Well…that wraps up another show. We had a great time bringing it to you. The usual thanx to all of YOU for listening and especially to GIRLBOMB Chat Mistress extrordanare!

Thu, Feb 6,1997 21:50:19

Great show…… Tonight, once again we welcomed Fargo from Fargo’s Frontpage in the studio with us. First guest of the night was Steve “Gateway” Tietze from Rogue Entertainment about “da Party” down Texas way last weekend as well as release dates of their much anticipated Expansion Pack. We also got to speak with (not to his answering machine) Christopher Bolin member of the Evolve conversion Team and key creator of the “Airfist” and the way cool “Book of Skinz”. We fielded a few call-in from around the globe…mostly anouncements about weapons mods, new servers and which servers are running them. Also came the anouncement about some contests that QuakeCast/Pseudo Programs Inc. will be hosting in the very near future… like “QUAKE QUARANTINE” (the end all be all Quake marathon) and a few different ones to be announced!! As well as the Urban American Princess herself… GIRLBOMB, IRC chat Misstressing for all the op warring chatters. Oh yeah….we can’t forget extend the offer to id Software for QuakeCast / Pseudo Programs Inc. to host the final play-offs of the (hows this for a buy line?)… “John Carmack’s Free Ferarri Frag Fest.” ©

I know… I know… Frag rolls off your tongue better than Gib… sorry. Hopefully they will seriously consider us as a host… this is a serious offer.

Thu, Jan 30,1997 21:50:15

Tonight on QuakeCast… GIRLBOMB, BLUE, and yours truly… JUDGECAL (a.k.a. 23SKIDOO), had the illustrious pleasure and dowright good fortune of procuring an interview with the BIG cheese over at id software…(drumroll please) Todd Hollenshead the one and only CEO of id Software. Find out some insider information about Quake 2 developement, whom he really was rooting for during the John Cash-Tokay DeathMatch, and if indeed he plays Quake. We would have loved to have had Chris Bolin on to ask the numerous questions everyone had about his creation called “AirFist”, but much to our shagrin…we got his answering machine…alas. (let’s hope it’s nothing serious) Anyhow, “AirFist” is one of the coolest new modifications since the grappling hook! (there, I said it) We will try to get hinm back on the show. Go to the “AirFist” page and check it out. We had a very informitive encounter with Steve “sCary” Gibson from the ever popular… . We also had a surprize call in from Al Dzurka who is one of the hosts of “Quake Net TV” featuring “Opperation Bay Shield” the newest block buster moivie from ‘666th Century Goats’ Studios (a.k.a. that nutty crew called the Undead Clan) Another must see! That old bastard Mr. Time reared his head and we really did not get into as much as we would have liked to with Levelord whom has been appointed “Guru” at the Worldcraft “Ask the Guru” section of their site… not to mention one of the creative genius’s of the Hipnotic Team. We will have him on again soon.

Join us in our lamentations about not going to the only place to be this weekend….. (besides at the movie theater watching “Star Wars”) Dallas, Texas and Rogue world head quarters release party :( Well i do belive there will be plenty of ribletts and llama steaks for all…. hope they have fun…. and DON’T FORGET TO GET GOOD PICTURES!!!!! damnit. Oh yeah….. it seems we here at QuakeCast have a sort of fan club / tribute page…. it’s called “The QuakeCast Tribute Page” (I don’t know if I should be happy or scared).

Thu, Jan 23,1997 21:48:18

Great QuakeCast this week… We welcome back Sascha Dikiciyan of Cyber Age Studios creators of the Quake audio CD Methods of Distruction (way cool), Bastard from PlanetQuake stops by for a low down on the all engulfing empire known as Planet Quake (and he is not Bill Gates…whew!). Along with an “old school” Webmaster Redwood talking about the heady days of Qtest and Aftershock. We also had Fargo from Fargo’s Frontpage in the studio for some Clan news. (somebody give him a valium…quick!) Last but certainly not least She_Livith gets raked over the coals by Girlbomb trying to find out what it is like exactly to be a Woman of Quake, and what its like to gib us simpering guys (boo-hoo)…plus where to get cool gif animations of She_Livith in a bikini!!! (hubba hubba) As well as the usual crew of QuakeCast misfits…(sorry bout the call-in Jim! Whom has a TC I might add) :) Don’t forget the trivia contest and prizes galore… woo hoo!!

Thu, Jan 16,1997 21:48:09

QuakeCast for January 16, 1997 chock full of stars in the Quake Community including Christian “Disruptor” Antkow from RevCo, he will be bringing us up to date on QuakeWorld development… (not to mention the secret life of -Hecktor- the QuakeWorld playing Iguana). Steve Tietze and Jim Molinets of Rogue Entertainment, one of the officially id endorsed Total Conversions for Quake. “DEViOUS” from the Kings of Capture and his buddy from Clan Bong, T-bone, also the king of kings Zoid creator of ThreeWave Capture the Flag. Last but not least, Sascha Dikiciyan of Cyber Age Studios, producers of the Quake music CD Methods of Destruction. We ran out of time on Sascha this week…so we have invited him back next week. Cyber Age Studios has graciously given QuakeCast a bunch of CD’s for the trivia question givaway… So be sure and play the trivia game live on the show!!!

Thu, Jan 9,1997 22:29:45

Return special guests Blue (do I really need to tell you where he is from?) and Joost (that goes double for this guy :) ) help JUDGECAL (a.k.a. 23SKIDOO) and GIRLBOMB welcome Dank and Scud team (author Michael Houston and webmaster Andrew) for a candid delv into the sexuality of the coolest Quake Comic characters…..among other things. Fargo (of Fargo’s Frontpage), sat in on the fun and possibly will become Clan news authority. (look out Blue) Mace Royer & co. talk to Devious from Kings of Capture about the next huge Tourney sponsored by Intergraph and all the bitchen CASH and EQUIPTMENT prizes that could be yours! You have to sign up for this one. Curemode of Clan of the Caveman gets annointed by Eddie Jones, with the customary exchange of gifts and op wars on irc!!! You don’t want to miss this one!

Thu, Jan 2,1997 22:13:48

Listen to the very special in-house guests Joost Schuur (from ) and Blue (from “Blue’s News”) give the lowdown on the Quake scene!!!! We also get a sneak peak interview with the “Hipnotic” Total Conversion team. And a vacation update from the world of MC GONZO. This show is a must hear!

Thu, Dec 19,1996 22:04:57

Wow! That was a fun show. We had lots of Quake World news, Lindril from Clanring, Tony Manero from Qsoccer, HrrFy representing NA Pots Champs Clan Deimos, Space Orb interview. Phone the neighbors….wake the kids. We will be back next year! Special thanx to: MC GONZO and SheLivith… Be sure and listen to an archived show on Dec 26th…. it’s just like the real thing only pre-recorded.

Thu, Dec 12,1996 22:05:11

CLANRING TOURNEY SPECIAL! With guests from Ruthless Bastards (NA OPEN CHAMPS!), Clan Deimos (NA POTS CHAMPS!), NightBreed, Order of Death, and Clan Shrike, plus Ignatu and Duckfin who helped out the whole thing together (we love ’em). Mace Royer brings you CTF clans, and the debut of a special new segment by MC GONZO — don’t miss his interview with Clan Crackwhore! (ohmigod… they are girls!)

Thu, Dec 5,1996 22:49:26

December 5, 1996 the Re-formated QuakeCast had a very special guest, Joost (pronounced yost like toast) Schuur from SLIPGATE CENTRAL is ‘The Definitive Quake Web Site Listing’ with over 600 listings! Also featured, two of the three Qspy gods. Joe Powell & Co. creators’ of Qspy. (They were kinda shy…so we will get them back on the show when they are not quite as modest!) Erebus member of Quake C Headquarters caught us up on the latest from QCHQ. Predator from Quake Internet Set Ups will give you the help you need. ATTENTION!!! The world famous MC GONZO from has come onboard QUAKECAST! YAY!

Fri, Nov 22,1996 16:52:41

Tonight on QuakeCast, JUDGECAL, Girlbomb, FrogStomper, and Mace Royer interview DOA, who is organizing the Texas Tourney (www.tards.com/tourney), Michael Houston, one of the creators of Dank & Scud (www.webframes.com/quakecomics), Pete Levine, creator of the Quake Funny List, and more. Eddie Jones breaks out of the hospital to promote the battle between FreeFrag and Girlbomb — find out who’s the worst Quake player around!

Thu, Nov 14,1996 22:01:25

Girlbomb discloses she likes to go solo, and is not a strong advocate of clans. MC Gonzo, member of the Muppet Clan http://www.mc.edu/~bullock/muppet. MC Gonzo is the voice of Clan Ring. Quake Phenomenon brings us 18 year old EEKER http://www.greatbasin.net/~vidkid, he’s got some incredible opinions that may stoke your Quake fire. Free Frag of http://www.hotmail.com says he is the worst Quake player ever (it’s true, he’s bad). We also visit The Almighty High Exhalted TOp of the Line High End Frickin’ A Absolutely Preferred Eddie Jones Clan Promoter in his hospital bed. More mayhem surrounds Eddie.

Thu, Nov 7,1996 21:56:14

Quake Cast Big Foot from the Stomping Grounds. 7 Niklata from Quake Technical Resources.

Thu, Oct 31,1996 22:14:42

Girlbomb is converted! She plays and loves it (even if she is trying to cop a free trip to California for the “Judgement Day II” Tournie. FrogStomper tries to caution her against counting her chickens, but she will not be swayed! Mike Wilson of idsoftware and Frank Cabanski of Clan Ring- http://www.gamesdomain.com/clanring -start the show with a hot scoop on Judgement Day II. Quake Phenomenon includes Quick Quake Tips from http://www.stomped.com, Changing Your Skin with http://www.eaglequest.com/~terrex, and Kids in Quake features “Unix” 11 year old Quake C Programmer from Kentucky. 11 years old and smart and slammin!!! The Majestic Hi End Top Shelf Top of the Line Exhalted Absolutely Preferred Eddie Jones Clan Promoter and trusted Court Advisor Marco announce Eddie as official promoter of Judegement Day II. Judgecal is a no show and sorely missed. Music by Deep Forest and Greg Osby.

Thu, Oct 24,1996 22:31:41

Capture the flag………….. Mike Teich promotes Pseudo Chat with a blast of heart felt chat oriented energy and Will Bryant, creator of “Clanring”: http://www.gamesdomain.com/clanring; over 500 clans. Hot Quake server patches called “Capture the Flag”: http://quake.threewave.com. Zoid has it, and breaks the game down. Mace Royer with “Clans the size of Texas” and a walk down memory lane with Al Dzurka from “Quake-net Radio”: http://www.rockwesthq.com/quake. “Wiz of Gib”, 14 from LA, expresses his kindred joy of “QuakeCast on Pseudo”, as Trusted Court Advisor Marco gives The Almighty Hi End Top OF The Line Top Shelf Exhalted Most Hailed Preffered Absolutely A-1 Frickin’ A Eddie Jones Clan Promoter- a new prodigy. Music by Frente, Tito Puente, and 80’s Heavy Metal compilation.

Thu, Oct 24,1996 14:22:30

Wired Magazine’s Mark Laidlaw lays down the law on the “Egos at id”, the post-mortem on the article that shook the digital world. Computer Gaming World’s Vic Long visits the show and “The Women of Quake” features Kill Creek from the clan, Impulse 9. The chat room is jammin’, and The Majestic Almighty High End Top of the Line Exhalted Top Shelf Eddie Jones Clan Promoter, along with Marco, his trusted court advisor, respond to the angry e-mail responses. Check next week with “Capture the Flag”, Mike Teich discusses the chat application, and we feature the creator of “Clan Ring”.

Thu, Oct 17,1996 22:29:45

Have a listen to this QuakeCast.

Thu, Oct 10,1996 23:02:24

Girlbomb is back!~ Frogstomper enjoys her company from the top. CureMode gets annointed at the end of the show- by The Majestic Almighty More Most High Exhalted High End Top of the Line Frickin’ A-1 Mighty Absolutely Preferred Eddie Jones Clan Promoter. The “Tech Up Front” features: Pseudo House Quake Leader, Judgecal(tremble) and Jim Carlton of Creative Labs talk 3dblaster. Mace Royer’s “Quick QuakeCast Tips” are right outta Black Acid- clan- The Brotherhood of Chaos. Dr. Sleep and Kornelia from Clan 311 discuss ‘Grandaddy Clans’, “QuakeCast Media Interview” with Scohop- designer of http://www.quaaaaake.com – world’s best source of info for Quake users- It’s Quaaaaake, PMS Clan with PMS Anna and the Girlbomb connect on “QuakeCast Gender Issues”, and………………… the anointment. (Sub level rides NIN and requests).

Thu, Oct 3,1996 22:16:24

Guests on tonight’s broadcast include: idSoftware’s Mike Wilson; Cure Mode from Clan of the Caveman; Lila from Clan Dominion Q; Chris Sevenson, Assistant Editor and Webmaster for Next Generation Online. Ena Brown brings on the new release info, Mace Royer has some Quick Quake Tips, Whizz Corbitt riffs new Quake haikus, and Guy Linski asks all the right questions. In a historic moment, the most high and majestic Clan Promoter Eddie Jones annoints his first clan- The Revolting Cocks, led by Bone Displacer. What a ceremony! The QuakeCast closes with music from the game scored by Nine Inch Nails.

Thu, Sep 26,1996 22:07:12

QuakeCast on Pseudo opens with hosts Girlbomb and FrogStomper battling the value of playing Quake. First guest is Jamie Church VP of NTR.NET and our crew talks about the future of QuakeWorld. In the Quake Phenomenon Section we explore “Quake Widow Syndrome” with Kill9 from the “Unholy Alliance”; Desdinova from “Clan 311”; and Blue from “The Brothers Gib”. PC Magazine’s Michael Ryan gives his take on the game and The Almighty Exhalted Most High Majestic Clan Promoter Eddy Jones accepts working with: Adrock from “The Circle of Defiance” and Bone Displacer of “The Revolting Cocks”. Eddy Jones will not however work with “Wu Tang Clan”.

Thu, Sep 19,1996 19:53:16

The Pseudo Online Network hosts the launch of “Quake”, with -“Quake-Cast”! Live from New York City, Mike Wilson and Jay Wilbur of id software, formally unleash the newest 3-D addiction to an excited audience of thousands and thousands of clan members, rubber-neckers, and old/new players. Featured conversations with: American McGee, John Romero, and clan leaders from around the world. Questions, Comments, Suggestions….Email us! quakecast@pseudo.com


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