Quilted Thought Organ (‘QTHOTH’) by Julian Oliver

Quilted Thought Organ (‘QTHOTH’) by Julian Oliver

Game based performance environment, 1998/1999

Development of The Quilted Thought Organ, or ‘QTHOTH’, began at the close of 1998. There were several iterations of the project, continuing on until 2001. It was first publically performed in 2000. QTHOTH sought to explore the possibilities that first person shooter engines offered live experimental music performance. Its primary engine was Half Life 1, though the project initially involved exploration of the Quake II engine.

Exhibition History

Pony bar, Melbourne, Australia 2000 WaveForm Conference, Sydney, Australia, 2001 Impermanent Audio, Sydney, Australia, 2001 Synaesthesia Label World Tour, EU, US, Japan 2003 re:Con, Zagreb, Croatia, 2001 Plaything, dLux, Sydney, Australia, 2003 Loading, Siracusa, Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea Montevergini Italy, 2003 Alt Digital Media, American Museum of the Moving Image, New York, America, 2003 Digital Showcase 37, Austin Museum of Digital Art, Texas, America, 2006

All copyright belongs to the artist, Julian Oliver. For more information please visit: https://julianoliver.com/output/qthoth

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