Arsonists: A Quake 2 Clan

Arsonists: A Quake 2 Clan*/

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Arsonists Humor

Top 10 excuses for HPB’s who wore out the excuse “I WAS LAGGED!!” by Nacho [AR] “I would like to thank all the whiney lagged people.”

10. Hey, I was typing.
9. Huh? It was the servers fault.
8. I was lagged!!
7. I’m just having a bad day.
6. It was the maps fault.
5. My computer locked up for a min.
4. My mouse won’t aim.
3. When Animals Attack XV just came on & I was distracted.
2.He’s only good cause he was on a 33.6.
1. I was lagged!!!

What People Think About While Ducking by Nacho [AR] & Riptide [AR]


  1. I’m invincible, but I’m getting killed quickly.
  2. Hey, I’m moving really really slowly.
  3. I’m getting killed, but my view is lower than the standard view.
  4. I can’t jump or run. I have a better chance of getting hit in the head by a rocket!
  5. Mabe they can’t shoot me while I slowly inch along the ground.
  6. Cool, I just let that guy jump on my head & rocket jump off of it.
  7. Doing great, my frag count is at 2 & still rising by 1 every five minutes.
  8. How do those people hit me, I’m……INVISIBLE!!!!!!!
  9. What’s up with those hopping people whom I can’t seem to shoot?
  10. I would stand, but my finger is stuck to the crouch button.
  11. I like people standing on my head.
  12. I like to look at Quake engine crotches.
  13. Hey, I swim like a rock in water.
  14. I just wanna squirm away from that BFG.

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