MACTF: Mercs Style Arena Capture The Flag

MACTF: Mercs Style Arena Capture The Flag

Many years ago the Dutch Quake2 clan Mercs wanted something different from the regular CTF they were used to playing. Perhaps due to lack of skill, perhaps out of boredom or perhaps just to try something different, they came up with a type of game called Mercs CTF (MCTF). Oma (ex-Mercs) once said the following about it:

This means no quaddamage, no powerups and no techs. This style of playing emerged from a group of people coming from different clans, experimenting with all sorts of settings in a CTF match they organized once every week. Some people say it’s more like Instagib-CTF, others feel it’s a kind of DM with flags on CTF maps, and there are those who believe that this is the way CTF was ment to be.

Quake2 Mercs Style Arena CTF is even more different. It’s a mixture of mods, inspired by the tiny CTF maps made by stecki, which are to be played 3on3. The small maps add a Rocket Arena (RA) feeling to the game while the Mercs settings accentuate the DM aspect of the game.

But why mess around with a perfectly good game like CTF? In short: because we couldn’t field 5 players on a regular basis anymore and were missing out on a lot of action. The ones still active didn’t want to give up CTF so 3on3 was a good alternative.

Our goal was to create a type of game which provided us with fast, fun and dynamic matches with few players. Matches wouldn’t take long so all delaying factors such as loading and item control had to go overboard. Without armor and techs the game would become more intense: it’s easier for a noob to frag someone and it’s harder for a pro to stay alive. The focus was shifted from boosting and quadcontrol to speed, pressure and endurance by means of CTF, DM and Arena skills.

Here are the official rules:

  • Matches are played 3on3. Showing up with less than 3 players is equivalent to a no show and therefore a forfeit loss.
  • Each clan selects a map from the map list to play. The challenging clan may pick the first map to be played and the opposing clan may pick the second map which isn’t played already. Both clans may choose color on their opponent’s maps.
  • A match is played on 2 or 3 maps. A map win results in 2 match points for the winner and 0 for the loser, a map tie results in 1 match point for both clans. The first clan to get 3 match points wins the match.
  • Only the first 2 maps may end in a tie. On the 3rd map sudden death overtime will apply if needed until one clan makes a cap. The clan that caps first wins the match.
  • If a 3rd map needs to be played, the selection goes as follows:
    • If both clans have the exact same number of caps after the first 2 maps, then the winner of the challenging clan’s map may choose the 3rd map.
    • However, if the first 2 maps are both played a tie (thus no winner on challenging clan’s map), the challenged clan may choose the 3rd map.
    • Otherwise the clan with the most caps on the first 2 maps may choose the 3rd map.

The 3rd map must be one that isn’t played already in the first 2 rounds. Again, the clan that didn’t get to choose the map may pick color on it.

A few examples: when you’ve lost 1 map en won 2, the result will be 4-2 in favour of your clan. When you’ve played a tie on the 1st map and lost the 2nd one, it will be 1-3 in favour of the opposing clan. Keep in mind that possible results can only be: 4-0, 4-2 and 3-1.

The available Quake2 MACTF maps are listed below. Please note that not all maps are supported during certain Cups, Leagues and Tournaments because some of them aren’t balanced enough and therefore not suitable for serious competition. We want the official scores and rankings to be as representative as possible.

You can download the maps by clicking on the map name. The 4 stecki maps all lead to the same archive file which includes all of them. Because the other maps require the textures in the stecki archive, you’ll need to download it. I’ve put the custom maps into one archive for easy downloadinghere. Just extract the archives into your /quake2/ctf/ folder and overwrite any existing files if necessary. It’s possible you’ll need textures from the full version of Quake2. In that case see if you can find a copy of it somewhere instead of using the demo.

And finally, the settings to play MACTF with:

  • No Quad, Invulnerability and Power Shield
  • Weapons Stay
  • No Armor
  • No Tech Powerups
  • Fast Weaponswitching
  • Timelimit 10

This gives us the following flags: dmflags 526342 and weaponflags 1. Note that the BFG is enabled, but currently no MACTF map supports one. To set these settings on a server (if they aren’t already correctly set) paste the following into your console with the appropriate admin rights: “mset timelimit 10; mset dmflags 526342; mset weaponflags 1”.

Clan PaarDeLul

You have come to the domain of clan PaarDeLul (PDL). Here you can find all information related to PDL.

PDL is a Dutch Quake2 clan founded in 1998. We have played a total of 634 matches against 186 unique opponents. You can browse the Match Database and Opponent Index which contain extensive data on our war history (also containing 811 screenshots!). For statistics take a look at the Statisticspage.

Although composed with great care, these pages are not 100% complete. Please contact us if you have any information we don’t have such as missing screenshots, clan names and nationalities. We’d appreciate it!

Everything about PDL’s own gametype can be found on the Official MACTF Page.

We reside in channel #pdl on QuakeNet (IRC). Drop by any time, but make sure you don’t annoy us with your stupid questions. Or stupid remarks. Or presence.

Clan PaarDeLul Members

If applicable, the person’s alternate alias is put between parantheses behind the regular nick.

PDL currently consists of the following members:

CvS, Emmer, Humi, Jhn (Immz), MarElo, Oma, Terence (Ice), tommyrot, Vvega, Zipp0

People who retired, got kicked or left out of their own (this list may not be 100% accurate):

ALcoHoLiC, AquaVirgo, Baal, Baboon, BamB, Black Eagle, Blits, BobZilla, Boskanon, CIM, Curses, Cyclopse, deadstar, defiant, Devestator, Dino (King Kong), Dizzie, Duckman, Egoist, El Quinto, G3N0C1D3, Guardi, Kahn (Kweek), Krisje (Murdock), Lemac, MaDmaN, Miffy, Mozin, Nealz, Orion, PoelieR, Rawchaos, RockMan, SpeedKip, Sticky, StInGy^, Weaz (shoottheweazel)

History of Clan PaarDeLul

Disclaimer: there were no horses injured or sexually assaulted during the process of making up a name for our clan.  We respect horses as well as other animals, both male and female.

Way back in the day, somewhere in the year 1998, Miffy and Guardi founded the well known Dutch Quake2 clan PaarDeLul (oldskool writing), or PDL if you like. The Internet back then was still in its prime and cannot be compared to what it is today. Most people could only connect to it by means of an analogue modem and even so, at very low speeds. Networked gaming at LAN parties eventually led to online gaming, which became more and more popular over time.

It didn’t take long for the growing amount of clans and players to form an online Quake2 scene. Arranging matches and keeping contact with your opponents wasn’t the easiest job (on the server and via ICQ) and this was where ClanBase came in. A site where people could sign up and challenge other clans, view info about players and matches, download demos, communicate through forums and more. ClanBase soon grew bigger and started to support more games besides Quake2. Later on, new features were introduced such as Leagues and Tournaments (Cups).

On the 8th of November 1998 PDL joined the Quake2 Capture the Flag (CTF) Ladder on ClanBase. One day later PDL joined the Quake2 Deathmatch (DM) Ladder. We had many matches ahead of us. We battled clans like DTF, DOL, Clan X, NuT5, DCB, SS, LORD, TSL, 666, TQA, SQA, PK and other oldies. Only very few of those clans still exist today. Although there were many mods available for Quake2, PDL sticked with the two most popular ones, namely DM and CTF.

The scene rapidly got flooded with clans and players. Better clans gained more status and therefore many players switched to these clans when they saw the opportunity. This clanhopping also affected PDL several times in the past, where some of our more skilled players left us. For instance, Emmer and Miffy teamed up with clan SS. Our bond with SS had always been strong but this event still was a great setback. Plans regarding a merge of both clans never made it and in the end, when SS got rather inactive, Emmer and Miffy returned (somewhere during March 2000).

The group of PDL members from the rather immature first year had already scattered into different directions. Some quit playing Quake2 altogether, others left in seek of fame and better results as explained earlier. Duckman, Curses and King Kong left to form their own clan: 187. Black Eagle quit playing, Lemac disappeared and so on. PDL had its ups and downs, quite many actually. But great leadership and true devotion of its core members is what kept us alive for all these years.

In September 1999 we started playing Quake3. About one year later, at the end of October 2000, we already stopped playing it. The game just wasn’t able to tickle our fancy as much as Quake2 did. During our little Quake3 escapade we got the help of almost every former SS member who joined our ranks to play it: Boskanon, CIM, BamB, CvS, … A nice lineup one would say, but it didn’t last very long. Most of them quit playing Quake after that. In the same year PDL gave up Quake2 DM too, which made place for Quake2 DM 2on2.

At the end of February 2000 Guardi, BobZilla, Emmer and Baboon won a trophy on a certain LAN for winning a Quake2 DM competition. Well done. In May we finished first in the second League of the ClanBase Quake2 CTF Cup, our second big achievement to date. I believe it was also in this year that shoottheweazel (Weaz nowadays) and MaDmaN left PDL and started playing for clan Retro. They rejoined us a year later or so, but different points of view made them leave again shortly.

On the 5th of November 2002 we started playing Quake2 Mercs Style Arena CTF (MACTF) on ClanBase. A refreshing new gametype on which you can find more information on the Official MACTF Page.

There are quite a few gaps in this short history outline, I covered only the biggest events. More detailed information can be obtained from the Match Database, the Opponent Index and other sections on this site.

Our main goal is having fun during a match, ultimately that’s what kept us going for so long. It is nice to win but a fair game without laming excites us more than a glorious victory.

Even Earlier History of Clan PaarDeLul

It all started many many hours, days, years ago. On the 8th of November 1998 we joined the Quake2 Capture The Flag ladder on ClanBase, a day later we joined the Deathmatch ladder. We fought clans like DTF, DOL, Clan X, NuT5, DCB, SS, LORD, TSL, 666, SQA and lots of other clans which were there from the very beginning. Some of those clans don’t excist anymore, some of them still do. Everything was great and warfare was pure, the scene brought a very special feeling with it.

Later on people started to come and go. Better clans gained more status and people wanted to switch to the clan with the biggest status. The scene got flooded with clans and players. Paardelul had its ups and downs but remained alive with the solid core of true members. Our band with SS has always been strong but the leave of some of Paardelul’s best players switching to SS still was a great setback. Plans regarding to merging both clans never made it and in the end, when SS got rather inactive, the players who left still came back.

On the 18th of May 1999 we left the Capture The Flag ladder, which we rejoined two months later. In September 1999 we started playing Quake3. After a year or so we stopped playing Quake3 and in the meantime we had given up Quake2 Deathmatch too which made place for Quake2 Deathmatch 2 vs 2. In short: a lot of changes over the years.

Currently we’re active in both DM 2 vs 2 and CTF ladders for Quake2 (Dutch). Our main goal is having fun during a clanwar. It’s nice to win but a fair game without laming (ie: bad attitude of some players or clans during the last two years or so) excites us more than a glorious victory.

Quake2 Capture The Flag CUP Spring 2000, first place in the Second League consisting of PDL, Retro, WOG, RiP and Nexus.

Clan PaarDeLul Matches

ClanBase: Quake 2 ladders in 2003

ClanBase: Quake 2 MACTF Cup 2004

MACTF Cup #2 has come to an end, by tommyrot

The fun is over again. I’d like to thank all admins for the effort they put into this cup. It was a messy cup, alot of clans dropped out and we had a co-sup who disappeared (did anyone even notice?). Here’s some input on the participating clans and their results:

Winner of the cup. Strong play and excellent teamplay, real mactf pros. Although DTF folded just before the finals, they managed to get things on the road again (with the help of Weaz from d4kj3) and won the well deserved gold.

Potential finalist in my opinion. Sadly they had to drop out before the playoffs because they couldn’t field a team anymore.

Third place winners. Good ctf players but very little experience with mactf. Still performed well, could have done better if they fielded their strongest team from the start of the cup.

Been there, done that. Made it to the playoffs this season (because of the many dropouts). Has the experience but lacks the win-factor.

The Russians were present again this cup. No real danger to any of the other clans here, but this is mainly because they don’t play mactf that often (never). Still glad they were in.

I expected more from the swedish teddybear clan TuR. Unfortunately they weren’t very interested in mactf anymore and didn’t even want to sign up in the first place. So i made them sign up. Always fun to play against although this time no real danger.

First time participants and played a very decent game. Practiced mactf on a lan if i’m correct. Even got the hangs of mactf05! Worthy opponent, however they didn’t make it to the finals.

Old revived clan to play mactf. Strong lineup with very good railers. This made them shine on mactf05. Gave up on the last map in the final against DTF. Still got silver, well deserved.

Another first time dutch clan. Didn’t win a single map but still had some fun!

Dropped out halfway during the cup. Disappointing event since they were definitely one of the better clans in the cup. Too bad.


New to mactf. Played all their matches in a smooth way, only win was versus TIC which was a very close game.

And that about sums it up. Again i would like to thank Vithar for letting us use XS4ALL and the guys from Ergo for the swedish server! Perhaps some day there will be another mactf cup, but i wouldn’t get my hopes up for that to happen ;)

GG & cya.

PS. CB doesn’t give out icons (awards) anymore to clans winning hosted cups. There won’t be any achievements listed on your info page either. Can’t help it.. policy.

ClanBase: Q2 MACTF Cup Summer 2003

We have reached the end of this summer’s most exciting tournament on ClanBase. Hopefully you all enjoyed it.

I’d like to thank all participating clans for giving MACTF a try and being real sports throughout the competition. Many thanks go out to the admins, PeteSpeed and Terence for covering alot of matches. And ofcourse Vithar for letting us use XS4ALL Match 2!

People have been asking me if there will be another MACTF cup in the future. Well, i don’t know yet. It depends on how many of you guys want to join in on the fun again, and how many ‘new’ clans are willing to play. So if you’re interested, let me know! If it turns out that there is enough interest in a second cup, there will perhaps be one this winter.

In the meanwhile, check out the Q2 CTF Cup Fall 2003.

TommyRot, co-creator of Mercs Arena Style CTF

[Note from Donde: The following link has working downloads for all of the MACTF maps! Thank you to TommyRot and everyone who contributed to this project for all the good work that continues to be fun today.]*/*

Oma, co-creator of Mercs Arena Style CTF

Mercenaries, Dutch Quake 2 clan, creator of Mercs CTF

Together, we form a CTF-squad, that plays to feel the thrill of ultimate teamplay and regain the fun of playing Capture The Flag. Basically, The Mercenaries is not about playing wars, but about playing good old plain CTF as it was meant to be..

Together, these knights form a CTF-squad, that plays to feel the thrill of ultimate teamplay and regain the fun of playing Capture The Flag.

Basically, The Mercenaries is not about playing wars, but about playing good old plain CTF as it was meant to be: fun & teamplay at a highly skilled level, without laming, newbies and BFG’s, and without unfair teams.

We play every monday-evening, and we had lots of fun. Will we ever play against others? We guess not! All we know for now is that we have 19 devine players to make fun with.


Stecki, creator of Arena CTF

Title                   : ARENA CTF (revised release)

Date			: 01.30.99  
Filename                : pak9.pak

Author                  : stecki

Email Address           :
Web Address		:		  

Description             : CTF level pak with a twist

Thanks to   		: Gudlyf - ctf sounds
			  Team Hostile
			  Meanstryke of Ramshackle
			  The Great Quake Jihad
			  Clan Bloodrose
			  all others who helped to evaluate this project.

FROM THE ORIGINAL READ ME (an addendum to this follows):

This pak of maps is meant to be small and have a more arena styled gameplay of fast frag and flag.  These don't play as your standard ctf levels and should not be compared to standard ctf maps.  You can run to the enemy base and back in as little as 7 seconds on one map.  I made these in consideration of smaller player numbers.  I recommend 3 vs 3 for all maps and no more than 6 vs 6 is supported (although this is definitely overcrowding except on stecki04.  Please keep in mind the arena theme when playing.  I have enjoyed many matches with these maps as it is more like a standard deathmatch map since protecting your base is a lot harder (due to the multiple entrances to flag rooms).

How to use it:

Basically just unzip this into your ctf directory, and rename the pak file if needed to the next highest number.  For example, if you have pak0.pak through pak3.pak in your ctf directory, then rename this pak to pak4.pak.  if you place another pak with menu graphics, it will overwrite the ones in here, since it prioritizes backwards from the highest pak number.  you can just name this pak9.pak if you wish...  

If you want the textures/gfx/sounds you will need a pak extractor.  please go to an editing site to learn how to do this if you don't already...

the maps:
stecki01 : ARENA1 CTF

	This was the one that started it all.  This one is the purest in form of the arena concept.  If it wasn't for r_speed problems, the top would've been completely open.  
stecki02 : Pivotal Arena

	I wanted to do base defenses that were non user controlled, and felt more integrated into the environment.  This gave birth to the rotating plates that can sometimes hinder the flag carrier or support personnel.  I also wanted to make two large volumes interconnected by tight corridors.  The goal was to have a focused area of attack possibilities, yet still remain random and non-defined
stecki03 : RGB Arena

	This is the result of wanting to do a pillared room (the central fighting area) as a battlground for some wicked firefights.  This also has player controlled defenses, but be warned, you could get stuck in them, and unless a team mate is there to help out, you are dead meat.
stecki04 : 1984

	This one is nothing like how I started out, and never what i expected.  the only thing that stuck was the oppressiveness of the level, inspired from the book "1984"  It used to have video monitors of "big brother" spouting  his philosophy for you to hear and be brainwashed, but this got annoying.  And im not into novelties.

notes on the HUD and menus:

	One thing that dissapointed me in the ctf release was the lack of a ctf'd out menu system and HUD (it felt incomplete), so I made one.  Please note that the new weapons icons and the digital display is free for use in your mod.  as long as you give id and me credit of course.  please don't email me asking how i did it.  all the info you need to know is on the various websites that deal with editing.  i have experimented through trial and error to break it down and rebuild.  I've made many happy mistakes doing this.

This pak can be distributed freely as long as the credit is given to me for my work, and id for theirs.  The new textures/sounds are free to use in anyway you see fit, as well as the HUD and maps themselves.  These may not be used for any commercial product without contacting me first.

Final Stuff

Special thanks to Gudlyf for getting me the cool arena styled sounds (email:

Check out the Great Quake Jihad (where i hang out for testing stuff) at:
	these guys run lotsa servers, so give it a look.

Thanks again to all who helped and gave comment and critiques during the development of this project.

frag on...


why did i do this?  well, i learned a lot over my 6 month vacation from q2.  and when i reflected on the project, i know it could've been better, with my experience i gained.  So, i fixed everything i could.  here's a list if you wanna know:

HUD graphics.

certain HUD displays had the transparent index in them where there shouldn't have been any, causing background pixels to show through.  i went through and fixed these all.  also , i forgot to package the new spinning ctf icon on the main menu.  doh!


ARENA1: basically improved the r_speeds and added a rail gun + ammo and dropped in 2 super shotguns near spawn spots on the lower level.  you should notice a 50-100+ r_speed increase in the open areas.

PIVITOL ARENA: small improvements in r_speeds.  this one was actually very close to original intentions, and is still my favorite.

RGB ARENA: platforms added in each base, removed lights, added new base defense activation mechanism for improved r_speeds in the bases.  added catwalks to central pillar room for added routes to take with the flag and easier to grab weapons/power ups located their.  I feel it improves the game pretty well.

1984: reworked central room and added red armor and megahealth to upper catwalks, but you still need to hook or rocket jump to them.  changed some wall partitions in the flag area as well as adding some ramps to assist flag escape route confusion.  i think game flow is a lot better now as you can't exactly tell which route the flag carrier will take.  on the previous version, there really was only one route to take one the flag was taken.

the tech models have been replaced with my own models.  the techs act the same as q2ctf, i just changed the visual and the HUD readout on them.  other then that, they are the same damned techs.

there is a grapple gun model in the pak, but it's not active.  i wasn't satisfied with it, and have committed to other projects, so i don't see an opportunity to finish it in the near future, and didn't want to hold up release of this any longer.  but for you modellers or whatever, you can tinker around with it.

thats pretty much it.

i'd appreciate any comments you have please.

thanks for reading this far, 


stecki’s plan, 1999

here’s my stupid plan cause i’m lazy on the html. this won’t be an
explanation or anything, it’s mindless stuff i been thinking about
with my life and all. you may read this if you want, but i don’t
expect it. this is all opinion and i got a right to it… respect.

anyways, i been debating this site (as you loyal people may have
noticed) and what it’s future is to be. see i started it as an
editing site and was gonna have all these tuts and stuff. but i
just can’t compete with big sites. so i get into a why bother
routine. pointless. so i killed most editing content except the
areas that dealt with two things i got the feedback on and went
into an author mode. but im not an author. i prefer editing and
seeing what can be done. as soon as i figure it out i’m done with
that high and want to mess around with something else. i guess
that’s sorta why this sight became eclectic (im not spell checking)
as i moved from project to project. there’s like a little of
everything. im not not known as “the best quake modeller” or “the
best texturer” or the “guy who makes killer maps.” i dunno. i
guess i think to much on stuff. it’s a strange thing when you look
back and reflect on what you are and where you wanna be. and that’s
where i am, stuck on where i wanna be. it’s a personal thing, at a
personal measure, with personal goals and nothing anyone says would
matter. people could say im the best or the worst, but the goals
are internal.

i debate constantly with myself. somedays i think to just go into
web design and just start doing logos and quake sites and stuff.
sometimes i beat around with making a racing/dm mod as thats what
i really wanna mod q2/q3a to. other times its just spending my time
on one thing and trying to become the best. like a ppm a month or a
a level a month kinda guy. but i can’t do that. it’s not in the
blood. my brain is too eratic (not that that is better or worse than
those who specialize, none of this is meant offensively) for it. i
mean now in the wait for q3a im working on hirez non quake stuff for
fun. im loosely trying to throw it together in some assemblance of a
project (1984 – read it) just cause.

i’m lucky i got a job in the business, so all this is always done for
free and for fun. if people steal my stuff, while im upset with the
ethics, im ok in the long run cause it’s not going to affect me.
besides most you guys are smart and know the sources of things, and if
not, you are quick to point it out. when fuel got released a team
threw it in their mod. they asked permision, but man, i got a lot of
email asking if i knew and was forwarded links to the questionable
company. thanks. so i guess im saying im here only for the love of
it all, this quake community. nothing more. i don’t need money from
this, i dont need a name for myself, i dont need to schmooze anybody
to get in somewhere.

but love of a community is a strange thing. maybe the honeymoon is
over and now it’s a normal thing. something is different. is it me or
is it the community? is it where i hang out (excluding #terrafusion,
that seems the only safe place left sometimes for me) or the people
i get letters from or my attitude in life? prolly a combination. but
seems everything is personal. instead of comments being given the
benifit of the doubt online, they are taken negatively or as a slam,
when if you just look at it from another perspective, that is the
farthest thing from anyones mind. some people seem to attack for the
of getting people messed up. others don’t care because the internet
relinquishes your accountability. no one can kick your ass online.
it’s like no one steps back from themselves or what they are doing.
you have very vocal minorities creating false representations of the
masses (how do i know that?) and yet the masses don’t want to be just
that, the masses. i dunno.

so i debate what i’m doing. and again i’m thinking too much, but lemmie
try this. a metaphor i think they call them. i went to fry’s to buy
adobe premiere to tinker with movie editing. i had to pay by check
cause i only got an atm visa bank/check card. anyway, apparently fry’s
has a check checking process and it takes time. so be it, i can’t do
anything and nor can my sales attendant. yet at the next register this
couple is determined to take out this 5-10 minute process on the 18 year
teller. it’s taking 5 minutes to check out. that’s too long for them.
they threaten the attendant with threats of talking to the boss and
telling them how awful the kid is. and all i can think, while going
through this same process is “why?” what happened to this couple? are
they falling out of love with eachother? did their daughter run away
and looked like the attendant? or is it that 5 minutes is really to much
to spend at fry’s paying for a notebook computer? and i see this online
in chatrooms and messageboards and websites. and i think what happened
to these people? now then comes your reaction. is it thats no big deal?
is it that’s really too long to wait and the couple should have talked to
the attendant’s boss? or are they just angry? then answer which is the
correct response.

on the 1984 thing. it really is a nothing project. i like making
preview graphics and hype. sometimes i debate a career in ads. there
will be a movie, but nothing like star wars or bugs life. it’s more
stills and cerebral than robots walking around blowing stuff up. the
only weird thing is that a song from matrix is perfect for it but i fear
its such a big thing that people are sick of it and it reduces the impact
of it. i dunno. the future is strange.

last to end, try doing jedi mind tricks. when paying for something, wave
your hand like a jedi and say “you don’t need my money” or when buying
alcohol say “you don’t need to see my identification” in an obi wan voice.
it works great if you get people willing to laugh a bit. i got free
nachos at taco bell that way once.

i am done…

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