NetwOrkGod: Skillz to pay the Billz and an Ode to Rocket Arena (poem)

Skillz to pay the Billz by NetwOrkGod

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When reading this article be forewarned that you may piss your pants, because no punches will be pulled. This article is intended to show that Rocket Arena2 (RA2) requires more skillz than lithium Deathmatch.

First a little background on myself so that you don’t think I am some newbie chode jumping on the scene to cause some ruckus. I have been playing Quake2 since May of 1999. Since then I have played one mod or another of this game an average of 4-6 hours a day, excluding vacations. I am also the clan leader of a kickass RA2 clan known as Subliminal Khaos. So when I talk about RA2 rest assured I am not speaking from my hairy orifice.

Lithium Deathmatch is a mod that allows players to run around a map picking up weapons so they may inflict damage on some unsuspecting soul. While searching for the most lethal of weapons the player can also pickup up backpacks of ammo, runes; each of which will grant the player special qualities, mega-healths, quad damage, and even invincibility. These special items are where the problems lie. Granted it takes some skill to get all the weapons and armor on a map, so that you can inflict damage. But where is the skill when you are armed to the teeth, sporting the rocket launcher (r/l) with Quad-damage, and come upon a freshly spawned (regeneration after death) player that has only the blaster to defend himself? To make things worse runes add to the unevenness one can achieve by collecting them. A rune is an item that grants special qualities given here:

  • Blue = ½ damage received if hit
  • Yellow = Allows for faster rates of fire
  • Red = Amplifies damage you inflict
  • Green = regenerates health for the player

Not to mention the Quad-damage that does just what the name implies, amplifies any damage a player inflicts onto another player 4 fold.

So in a nutshell Deathmatch isn’t more about skill per say as it is about whom has the biggest gun when they encounter someone. But it takes skill to get the weapons and runes etc., right? Wrong. The player may have gotten a lucky spawn or ran behind a poor chump who just got waxed. In this mod you become more of a scavenger than a hunter.

Now RA2 allows the player to become a hunter instead of a scavenger. When a player starts a map in RA2 he starts with all weapons, limited amounts of ammo, and is not concerned about picking up items. The player’s main concern it to introduce the opposing team to the business end of a rocket. This mod gives everyone a sporting chance and this is where the skills come from. Give your enemy the same weapons that you possess and see who can outshoot the other. Not kill your enemy just because your gun was bigger than his was. An example of a killer combination for inflicting a quick death in RA2 is; rail to rocket to chaingun. Truly a master of all the weapons quake2 affords and not just perforating someone with the machinegun because that’s all you had.

Another difference RA2 has over Deathmatch is that splash damage from your own rockets doesn’t affect your health AKA a rocketjump. This is truly ingenious. For example you are strafing around in an open arena and your opponent goes to switch a weapon which means a second of freedom in which you aim your r/l at the ground and if he is close enough will splatter him into a fine mist. You safely land from your flight victorious and looking for your next kill.

Rocket jumps are also useful for accessing high ledges that prove impossible to reach by just jumping. Just point that r/l towards the ground, fire, and jump. Now you are airborne and able to reach ledges never before reached. There is one other thing rocket jumps can provide and to me, is the Holy Grail of RA2. Air rails. I have seen some players rocket jump amazing heights do a 360 turn and put a rail through the fleshy melon of his enemy. A true sign of skill mastery.

In closing RA2 and Lithium DM mods are both fun for fragging your friends. But as a true measure of skill RA2 is by far the best mod to play. When you wax an enemy in RA2 you truly accomplished something. Not just happened to be lucky enough to carry a r/l when he only had a blaster. Time to change your underwear.




An Ode to Rocket Arena 3 by NetwOrkGod

Quake2 Quake2 how may I count the ways
You provide me with the fun of fraggin chodes
If a calendar I could make certainly more hours to the days
More hours so that I may rid the world of llama hordes

God I love to frag, any time, any mod, anywhere
But my true love lies in a mod that has owned me since day one
When I rail a chode in rocket arena 2 people always seem to stare
It’s not that easy; especially a 4 on 1 and you find yourself all alone

So many hours spent practicing
My girlfriend, my apartment, my job all suffer for my love of another
Come don’t be lame come with me and we have another fraggin session
One could say I love to frag almost as much as my own mother

Oh my quake3 has entered my life
The graphics and gameplay have an equal of no other
Dammit id why must you bless my mind with more strife
Quake3 in all it of its glory the decision is easy to say no to my lover

There is one thing missing in my life of many frags
A mod to supercede my first love
Where oh where is rocket arena 3? Another project? Bah
Yes another project is what I was told the reason why I must wait

Please heed my call for it is not asking too much
Let me release my angst in a beautiful arena with quake3 graphics
Damn I can’t wait to rail rocket a chode into a bloody mush
Free me you rocket arena 3 developers so that I may truly live

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