Guide to Quake 2 CTF Weapons, by [I]PeeWee

Guide to Quake 2 CTF Weapons, by [I]PeeWee

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For all of you newbies out there, here is the run down on the Quake 2 CTF Weapons from my point of view :

Rocket Launcher

Shot Placement: Accuracy is not as important as it is with other weapons. This is a definite advantage on the Internet, as game lag and frame-rate (at least for most of us 28.8’s) often don’t allow for many dead-on shots. Especially when you’re up against a couple of LPB’s. Try always to fire at the floor beneath the feet of your opponent. In hallways, the walls or ceiling work as well. Normally, a well placed floor shot will take them out or knock them around enough that you can get another round off before they get their bearings. Each game on the net will be a little (sometimes a lot) different in lag time. Lead your opponent accordingly. If they’re movin’, don’t fire “at” them, fire where they will most likely be when your weapon finally discharges. Nuff said.

Grenade Launcher

Shot Placement: I think the grenade launcher has the potential of being one of the very best weapons in the game, and I have seen players use it to spectacular effect. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite got the hang of it. While I often take out my target, I have this tendency to go with him. Direct hits on a moving target are difficult. However, there are many circumstances in which one can make effective use of this somewhat tricky weapon, such as: when you find yourself high above one of those “mosh pit” areas, (usually in the vicinity of the RL respawn) where a pineapple shower can silence the five to ten guys doing the shotgun/axe dogfight below. You can also root out even the best campers/snipers with a few well placed bank shots (just like playin’ pool). Another handy use is for layin’ down a “popcorn trail” of pineapples while running. Almost always takes care of that guy pluggin’ you in the back while you’re running toward bigger and better things

The Big F*cking Gun

Shot Placement: The BFG (Big F*cking Gun) is not technically an explosive weapon, but the amount of damage that it can do to you, as well as your enemy, is staggering. The BFG takes a long time to warm up, and an even longer time to reload, but the energy ball it fires will kill most things in its path. The energy can be dissipated in large areas, so try to fire it into small rooms. Be careful, though, because the BFG will also fry you into crispy bits if you stay in the room.

Hyper Blaster

Shot Placement: The rapid rate of fire makes shot placement fairly unimportant with the Hyper Blaster. You can be pretty successful just using it like a garden hose. Keep in mind that the corollary of the rate of fire is that you will use a lot energy if you aren’t careful. The Hyper Blaster is best for short bursts at close range; try getting in their face, dropping to a crouch, and pumping them full of energy. Often the split-second of confusion crouching will cause is long enough to kill them.

RailGun *the best gun*

Shot Placement: The Rail Gun can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It fires a slug of uranium that will go through almost anything in its path. The difficulty is making sure that your enemy is in the path of the Rail Gun, because the slow rate of fire means that you may only have one chance to fire. In addition, the extremely small size of the projectile means that you will have to be very precise.

Chain Gun

Shot Placement: The Chain Gun has an extremely high rate of fire, with a short warm-up period where it fires more slowly and a cool-down period when you stop firing. If you can keep your shots focused on your target, you can peel him like a grape in no time. If staying exactly on target is not possible, you can also get excellent results by simply hosing down the area. This weapon is an excellent choice for medium to close range combat.

Machine Gun

Shot Placement: This weapon can be used to hose down an area, but you’re unlikely to kill anybody that way unless you are very patient and your enemy is very stupid. It can be effective if targeted on a single foe, but it will almost never be the weapon of choice unless you have very little else.


Shot Placement: This weapon has instant muzzle velocity, so no target lead is required. Highly effective at close range, but stopping power fizzles out rapidly with distance. The spread is huge at a distance, so while it won’t take them down quick, it can damage several enemies at once.


Shot Placement: This weapon has instant muzzle velocity as well — no target lead is required.


Shot Placement: Dont use this weapon!! Doh!!!!

Grappling Hook

Shot Placement: Run! This weapon is used to RUN! It is also very helpful in getting to those places up high!

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