Getting Started in Quake II Multiplayer, by [I]PeeWee Getting Started in Quake II Multiplayer, by [I]PeeWee


By: [I]PeeWee

If you are a newbie at quake 2, I would suggest going to and downloading gamespy. Gamespy is my #1 choice for quake 2 and almost any other 3d game! What Gamespy does is, it downloads a huge list of servers, and gives you info on each one. You can find out how many people are on a server, what mod its running, and what your ping is.

This is great for finding multiplayer games to play on. Gamespy always gets close to your actual ping. If you don’t know what ping is here we go! Ping is the speed of the packets being sent back and forth from the server your connected to, and your computer. If you sometimes freeze or you see half your rocket or grenade explode, then you have a bad ping. When you have a bad ping the game may seem extremely laggy. Now back to gamespy. Since my year and a half of quaking has begun, I’ve tried many types of pinging. I have used pingtool and gamespy. I have found that gamespy is the best and it is the most accurate to your true ping.

My second choice in pinging places would be It’s pretty good for seeing the servers, but not too accurate for calculating your pings. If you’re a total newbie at quake 2 and you don’t want to have to download gamespy or pingtool, go to, where all the “new quakers” play. I personally don’t like to play on, because it’s mostly newbies. Most of the people at whine about every little thing that happens. The grappling hook at is really awkward if you are used to the Gamespy grapple. But it is a good place for newbies to become more familiar with playing Quake 2 multiplayer.

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