Sujoy’s Quake Pages: Quakey, Breaky Heart

Sujoy’s Quake Pages: Quakey, Breaky Heart

NASHVILLE, TN – Broken, Dirty stinking has-been Billy Ray Cyrus is trying to jumpstart his career with the release of a new single: Quakey, Breaky Heart.

“I hope…all the country Quake fans like it” stammered Billy Ray at a Press conference “I put my heart into this song, you could say, my Achey Breaky heart, but I just don’t think you understand. Cause if you break..”

at this point he was interupted with the obvious question by Reporter John Swapco “Isn’t it just a balant rip-off of your only so called hit, Achey Breaky Heart?” “Well….” Billy Ray sobbed “No, because the lyrics are different”

For your viewing pleasure (Yeah right) here are the lyrics:

You can tell my Duck,
That I don’t give a f*ck,
You can tell my mom to screw her cake,
‘Cause i’m readin’ my Blue’s News
and drinkin’ lots of boose,
and on the ‘net losin’ bad at Quake.

And you can sh*t your cheese,
do anything you please,
I don’t really give a sh*t no more,
This is loads of fun,
Kickin’ sh*t with my lightin’ gun,
I just fragged that damn camper by the door.

But don’t tell my Heart,
my Achey Quakey Heart,
I just hafta hafta hafta hafta frag
I’ll play on any server,
even one with perverts,
Even with 10 hours of that lag

My body starts to shake,
I’m drinkin’ a MilkQuake,
I haven’t bathed in over 16 weeks,
I smell like rotten cabbage,
oh sh*t I got Quad Damage!
And I think Duke3D like really REEKS!

Don’t tell my Heart,
My Achey Quakey Heart,
Shootin’ people up inta little giblets,
Fraggin’ up a storm,
Visitin’ Scary’s house of p0rn,
Jeezus christ who ganked up all my Riblets?

At this point, Cyrus was medicated heavily by nearby thrapists and is currently locked up in a nice padded room…friendly, NICE padded room…


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