Hellchick: “Sapporoooooo!” – Fargo’s 29th Birthday

Hellchick: “Sapporoooooo!” – Fargo’s 29th Birthday


“Sapporoooooo!”  – Fargo’s 29th Birthday

For Fargo’s 29th birthday, 16 of us trekked up to North Hollywood to go to Tokyo Delve’s, a sushi bar that has to be experienced to be believed. Great fun and sushi were had by all!

Screen shot 2017-12-01 at 12.20.55 PM



Sing it with me! “Stayin’ alive…stayin’ alive…ah, ah, ah, ah…”


The sushi bar had everyone get up and do the Chicken Dance.

aafMore chicken dancing…


…and even more chicken dancing!


Inside Tokyo Delve’s


Len and his Halloween plate. Note the cool sushi witch.


Len after eating the witch and realizing that the whole thing was filled with wasabi.


Seconds before the waiter pounds the table once to make the sake fall into the beer…

aapSake bomb! Sake bomb!


Fargo and Crystal outside the sushi bar after the night’s festivities.

aakKindrak and I. Once again, a pic where I look either drunk or too excited. I swear I only had 2 beers!

aaaLen and I outside the sushi place. Awww.


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