Sujoy’s Quake Pages: Quake 2 to have Box!

Sujoy’s Quake Pages: Quake 2 to have Box!

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Quake 2 to have Box!

ID SOFTWARE’S HQ AND STRIPJOINT – Today, a press release from id reported a big change with the release of Quake 2. According to the release, Quake 2 will include….a box!

“Since we made oh….about $53 million dollars on Quake….” Explained id guy American McGee “We figured we’d swing for a box on Quake 2”. The original Quake came in a cheap package\CD case glossed with pig innards. Quake 2 will include a box, the first Quake game to include such a feature.

“We might even have a manual” The press release stated “But what would we put in it that we couldn’t squeze onto the CD insert?” Well he has a point there, but this reporter needed a microscope to read the 0.2 font used on Quake’s “manual”

A box is a protective covering that surrounds the game, kind of like a coat, only it doesn’t keep you warm. But bums live in boxes, well, really big boxes so maybe they know something we don’t, hmmmm? “Get the f*ck out of here” replied a stinkin’ bum named Charlie when asked about boxes “I got war wounds that turn about stew forth, Laos! Laos!” So apparently, bums will not live in Quake 2’s reported “box”.

Insiders report that the box might include the name of the game (Quake 2) and possibly the price, system requirements, or some sort of information about the game. “We might have a picture” giggled a visibly excited McGee, chirping like a squirrel while looking thru a cheapass $2 CD of clip art.

Apparently, you will need to open the box to get to the game, requiring extra effort on the part of the purchaser. “That sucks man,” said local Quake fan Nate Ophart. “That shrink wrap is hard enough to get thru, now shrink wrap and a BOX? What’s next, a jewel case?”

Well, even tho slackers everywhere are sulking because of the extra work to get to their game, I think the “box” will be a nice addition to Quake 2.

I will hug this box, nay, I will KISS this box, nay, I will <CENSORED> this box until it rips. Mail id supporting this box idea today!


Fragmaster’s Game Page

(Ed: Box? I got a box, and a manual. Sounds like you got ripped off on your side of the world. Oh, and please don’t mail id about it)

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