Hellchick: QuakeJam 2002

Hellchick: QuakeJam 2002

Screen shot 2017-12-01 at 1.39.21 PM

Those of us who are musicians who were also attending QuakeCon 2002 decided to get together and jam. QuakeJam was the result. BobdaNailer took these pics — be sure and catch his band The Tequila Snortin’ Llamas in Texas!

EXIF/JPEG image with thumb

Me! Don’t I look like a total dork when I play?



EXIF/JPEG image with thumb

Sal “Sluggo” Accardo on the right, while I play bass. I think we were playing something from the Quake 2 soundtrack.

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Ellis, me, and Jimix

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From left to right: Broken, Ellis, Travelyan (from Team Sportscast Network), and Kenji on drums

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Tempest, Jimix, and LightningCrash

EXIF/JPEG image with thumb

Broken, Ellis, Kenji, Tempest, Jimix, and me

EXIF/JPEG image with thumb

Ellis, Broken, and Travelyan


Group photo by Bradley William Herzing, who was shooting for a documentary about gaming at QuakeCon. On floor, left to right: Ellis, Broken, DaFragsta; standing left to right – The Krow, BobDaNailer, LightningCrash, Kenji, Sluggo, Tempest, Hellchick (me)



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