Quake 2 Skinworld by Kevin ‘Rorshach’ Johnstone

Quake 2 Skinworld by Kevin ‘Rorshach’ Johnstone

rorshachs journal quake 2 kevin johnstone skin map designAll skins and artworks are copyright of Rorshach: http://www.kevinjohnstone.com

….>>>>CLOWN SPOTTING<<<<….

Well instantly you’ll all be able to see how varied and different these lot are to the standard fare of skins that have thus far populated Quake2. Bascially everyones been quite happy so far to say, ‘ach its a shit model u can only do armoured soldiers’ well thats bull, u can always go a little further than the models restrictions seemingly allow if u spend a little time trying to be original…

And I do try to do this, cos its more rewarding for a start. Anyway , enough of my self indulgent pish for now :) (well after this one!) Tell you wot, if I was in acme I couldnt keep myself from shouting things like ‘bring out the clowns, bring out the clowns, your gonna die laughing’. Thing is the way i play now they would!

MY favourite skin here is the Roadrunner, although it was asked that they ALL keep the same grin from the old skin i did for them in QW I couldnt help but push past that a little to give thema little more individual character that stretched further than differing coloured clothing etc. I would have given scrappy a dogs face also but i couldnt find a pic of him.

Oh well, xenas skin soon then i can wash my hands off them, unless roady recrutis and starts feeling generous again, surprisingly i founf that he bought this lot himself as a treat for the clan, nice. And its also a nice feeling for me knowing that when someone wants to treat their clan they come to me, good feeling to be able to do that for peeps, more rewrding often than the skin.

Finally done xenas skins (sorry for the delay xena!), so now I CAN wash my hands of them a beam a little with pride to myself as i stare at the group pic that is now my windows backdrop, in case your wondering i put every new webpic of my latest skin on my windows backdrop. I keep them there until i have a newer , better one to put up…..


Assassin (31/3/98)

Hurm…. You know, I cannae mind sod all about this skin, thast a bad sign that is cos I only completed it in the last couple weeks, jesus but I have a memory like a sieve! At least tho I remembered to make the skin look good :)

Oh wait its starting to come back to me now, I was asked for a skin along the lines of the Lurker but looking more like an assassin!

Feel better now?  I sure do!


It just so happens that this is the FIRST TIME that I’ve been asked to go back and redesigna skin I did before, instantly I thought ‘great a chance to guage effectively how much improvement I’ve made!’
And looking now at the old version beside the new one I feel quite validated that working myself as hard as I do is certainly worth the cost to my social life. Perhaps you disagree but I think the new version blows big chunks all over the old one, it may have only been 5months ago but it looks very amatuerish now. Best thing about all this is the new skin took half the time to do that the old one did , so I’m getting there, still have a ways to go before I catch Kenneth tho….

Hence my saying ‘A Mans reach SHOULD exceed his grasp or whats a heaven for?’

BABES of London

added 31/3/98

Another skin that was ordered from the Wireplay site, seems to me there a lot of Clans there that I’ve never heard of so I’m gla i have a site there:) The Babes were looking for somethign similar to the Barbwire character but done as simplistic as possible so it could be used as a base skin for them to customize etc.

BDP Males

Another camset by the Ror, erm whit else can I say aboot them other than ‘here they are, remember to check out their sister skins in the Female section!’ Not time for words today…

Another Clanset by the Ror, erm whit else can I say aboot them other than ‘here they are, remember to check out their brother skins in the Female section!’ Not time for words today…


One of the Coders in Steam that I’m working on at Reflections is a GIANT Newcastle United supporter, he did me a favour so I spruced up the Toongirl skin hed made for him as a thank you. Its not really being used much so I thought I might as well give it away on the web for any women out there in need of a good strong pair of fitba boots!

enjoy, ad remember to chant ToonArmy now and then if you like crap fitba anthems! 

The CORE (29/1/98)

My second Quake2 male skin (for those of you that are counting!). Usually I dont go for ‘deals’ when it comes to people offering to pay me in ways other than cash, but the amount offered me in Advertising from Download.net made me consider that it might be worth my while in the long run if enough Quake playing types see my link and the skin itself should speak for itself :)

The Core guys thought that Download nets green and purple colours might look a bit pussified but I kinda like the colours on this skin, they stand out well and I’m betting that with all those bland grey/brown army types already filling up Quake2 they will be able to spot each other a lot easier ingame, and thats a BIG factor for clans so I think I’ve made a usefull skin for them….

Oh incidently this is the first of my Q2 skins that uses the base I made , the base took about 12hours plus.

Empire Of Azeroth (23/1/98)

My first Quake2 Male skin done at last. heh, and I thought the Male model couldnt be as messed up to skin as the female skin! Oh well just goes to show even I can be wrong sometimes eh ? ( yes u are allowed to laugh at that comment!).

I’m semi happy with this skin, I was happier an hour ago with it when I’d just finished it tho ;) I Think EA will like it , its got the same attitude as the pictures they sent of what they wanted, the problem being that their wants would not fit the model I simply asked lionheart if it was ok to take liberties. He was happy enough to let me requesting only that I put some glow on it, gee am I typecast now or what? Any there it is….

EoA (21/3/98)

I was given free reign on this one, my only brief was to make sure it was different and looked like energy or power was running thru it, brighness no problem i was told as the clan wasnt keen on hiding in dark corners :)

Kind of icey gelatanous look, just a little body armour to contrast and thus set off the lighter blue skin tone, have to say this ranks as one of my favourites so far, along with the Lurker,acme and Shadowhunter skins I rate this one equal. So there u go again, when I;m given artistic control over a skin i tend to do a little better (hmm or is that simply in my OWN mind? <G>)

Ach who cares, long as I get paid who needs satisfaction eh!? hahah

 Leann added 31/12/97

My first Quake2 skin! To be perfectly blunt it was a complete cunt to do, new models are always awkward the first time but this really took the biscuit with major trouble spots being the arse, feet, face and baps (tits to you lot). But I’ve learned how to take advantage of all this now and that leaves only the male model to figure out now (which looks far easier!) as I begin my clanset for the Doppelgangersas I await orders for skins :)

Mandalore (6/98)

Damn but I cannae even mind whit the name of this skin was meant to be I hope the owner aint too pissed off, if he is then in time i will get it sorted. I was given about 2 pages worth of skin description for this one btw, so I had to be a bit more carefull than usual tho still managed to get some of my own ideas in there.


Remember the Lurker Skin? Ach of course ye do, hell it was one of my most popular skins afterall and these skins were commisioned by Matt Beniston the bloke who owns the Lurker. These were done for his clan so they could modify them to their hearts desire!

An Elecrical theme was required and I was to keep the skin fairly simple and bold, which I think to some degree I have done…


Ministry Of Death (31/3/98)

Ministry Of Death Genocide (21/6/98)

Ministry Of Death Genocide (21/6/98)

Ministry Of Death Flame (21/6/98)

Ministry Of Death Angelbrain

Ministry Of Death Speed

I was told to keep this one simplistic as what the MoD had in mind was to have a cool base skin that would be very easy for them to customise and create individual version from on their own. Of course having said that I still had to make it detailed enough that they wouldnt feel conned! BTW, check out the shape of the Skull on the Flat texture and then compare it with the SHape of the skull on teh group pic on the right. Q2 models, such CRAZY stretching!!

21st June : Well MoD have been buying more skins (again!), so I’ve updated them along with a new group shot…

Been usuing a new method to make my skin pics, whaddaya think? Better or worse now that I’m showing the weapons on the skin? Have always held back on showing the weapon as I didnt skin it, but it does show what the skin will look like more accuratly when its being used this way..

Goddamit, now speed and angelbrain have gone and made my group pic redundant.. I just know that as soon as I do a new one one of their other memebers will order a skin! Dont they knwo these pics take a whilke to do!!! bawl…

The Blitzzz

These are the second couple of skin commisioned by Blitzzz ( oh the smarter ones amoungst you already guessed that huh? ). The idea behind these skins is that they are the operators of the huge Terminator Armour, they slot inside and merge with the Armours and go about kicking arse till the hop out of them when destroyed I assume then kick some more ass. Aye, they like to kick some arse, so I guess Quake2 is the right game for them…


Natural Born Gibber (31/3/98)

Unfortunatly, my head haas been up my arse recently. Far enough up there that I did a Quak2 skin for someone that had asked for a Quake2 skin….oops! But Now I’m left with this skin , so im gonna test the water and see if someone would liek to buy this one for £15 rather than teh standard £20 if having it custom made. Hey if this way proves popular I could make skins and have a skin gallery where people could ‘check out my wares <G>’ and see if I already hve somethign to suit u before ordering a custom design.

What u think ? good idea / bad idea? Or are u just staring at the rapidly decreasing amount of words in front of u? ;)


Opal Manta

Latest skins, I quite like the shades in the dark one rather than the yellow one (or varient1 if you want me to be posh about it!). Hmm i bet of a lot of my pages have the comment, ‘heres the latest skins’ all over them, silly thing to say in an updatee really i suppose!). Oh well…


Paladin (8/9/98)

Well this might shock you but I quite like this skin. I liek the dragonesque face-like enamelled shape on his chest. I tried to do a different style of shading , wanted to make the armour complicated and ornate as thats what knights would have worn if they had the clout. And the client in this case asked only for a classic knight in shining armour (and he is very shiny!).

This is the type of skin that happens when I’m given very sparse directions, I enjoy it much more this way as when not tied down to specifics I can change my mind midway thru and improve some aspect of the skin without straying from the brief I was given.

Anyway thats enough words! Oh btw, Paladin emailed me after Id done all the webpics etc that hes changed his name to Cavalier, oops! too late for the webpic title like cant change that without redoing the damn thing from scratch!


Was asked for a remake of the Lurker skin.

The lurker despite having been one of my more rushed skins and also badly shaded still managed somehow ( I think because of the colour choice) to be one of my most popular skins. So it was rewarding if nothing else to improve the design of it , or try at least.

Soldiers Of Demise Set (17/2/98)

Undead futuristic, cyborg implant having soldiers in greys,greens,browns,whites,reds with numbers on their backs! That was the request and these skins were my answer! Too tired to write more …

ShadowHunter (21/3/98)

Kind of Partycrasher esque this one, if for no more reason other than a) he hasnt got a real face nd b) theres steel piping on him! Yeah well I have actualyl tried to avoid using piping simply because i didnt want people to think im ripping his style but it just so happened that thats exactly the type of style that was required for this skin!

Generally a much smoother shading style on these skins, I like the read one better for that comic book look, tho I had to agree with Richard (the owner) that the greeny one’s details stand out more clearly. This is my favourite groupshot to date btw..

Essentially nothign more than teh female counterpart of the ShadowHunters Skins in teh Quake2 Male section. But I like this one cos of its many fullbrites touches and generally partycrasheresque shading style / subject matter again :)

Quite a few good female cyborg style skins out there now, seen 666’s Morrigun yet? ;)

Smashed! (5/2/98)

If your one of the many users of the UK Quake / Quake2 servers then the name smashed should seem familiar to you, perhaps you have played on Smashed Painkeep, Smashed Quakeworld etc? Well Anthony pitt the skins owner is the guy responsible for running these servers as well as a new Quake2 one for PC GAming World he told me.

Anyway, he wanted a skin that looked tough, dark blue with a smashed up bloodied theme. I think I’ve managed to bring this theme across easily enough as I’ve done a lot of similar skins. Battered skins are a lot of fun to do like, you can pretty much choose how little or much detail you want to do to start with and then boost it with blood and scarring effects. I think this always makes a nice contrast between the clothing and blood colours as they blend where they meet it give your skin a feeling of having been war torn or at least used. And this style does look at home in quake….

Steel Maelstrom (20/2/98)

A dark blue/ grey based swat type with heavy duty kevlar styled armoured vests was what was asked for this time, so i translated that as a bog standard army guy request cos that IS the most popular style of skin out there im afraid! But I did at least soup him up a little abnd give him a more futuristic edge.


One of my better skins of late, I like the contrast between the murky weathered browns and the pale white skin tones, plus the head worked well. Other than that theres not much to this one i have to admit…

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All skins and artworks are copyright of Rorshach: http://www.kevinjohnstone.com

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