The Voodoo Shack: Sketches, Drawings, Quake 2 Skins, Artwork

The Voodoo Shack: Sketches, Drawings, Quake 2 Skins, Artwork


Hey, long time no-update, sorry i am very busy and havent had time to update, and all i did with this update is put in the stupid message and fix the skin zip file. so all who are interested can download my skins now. sorry people who i owe links, i will get them up eventually. Expect a massive sketch update soon, a drawings update maybe too. see ya!


Hey, I added my female skin. It’s not very good. school and junk will do that to you……… I’ll try harder next time. I’m just curious, did anyone come to my site to see the pictures? If you had, or enjoyed them, drop me a line either via e-mail or geustbook. Maybe everyone is just here for the skins.


hey, guess what? The skin is not here yet, i am beat. got home a little late and will be passing out soon. sorry.


Hey everyone. been saying this for a while, but the female skin i am making will be put on the page day after tomorrow. I’ll be updating the sketches section either 4 or 8 times this school year, I’ve been doing an awful lot of doodling in class this year. I dont need to be bogged down scanning them all at once mind you.

If you are around the northern part of PA, I am looking for a decent VW Bug! If you have one you wish to sell, I’m offering around $800 for it. Mail me if you’ve got one, or know where i can find one. Thanks


At my new site, its good stuff. now, am having some trouble updating some things, so the “main” button doesn’t work(didnt work very well anyway). My female skin is nearing completion, and i think I’ll re-design some areas of the site. I’ll figure it out.

9/12/98 1:20 am

hmm. going to be moving to amazon 3d deal. was going to tonight, but something happened. I being ftp ignorant have no clue where to go from where i am now. updates and exact new adress when i sort some stuff out.


If you hadn’t noticed, there’s a button bar now, no image map cause I expand my site so opten. now all i have to do it figure out how to set my timer again…..I’ll add a buttom to main and a links button when i have a chance


hey, the new logo is up! i decided to put some people on it. kinda looks like they’re dancing. my quake skin is getting there, need to think up some legs for it. still drawing too, soon you’ll see some pen and ink drawings, when i do some. i’m tired of plain old pencil. yeah, i’ll start dating my updates now too, still need to learn how to partician my website so i can make a button bar……….Yeah and take a look at the JAG guy’s site, there’s a ton of stuff on it.

WOOHOO 1000+ HITS! I set small goals. I’ll make the new logo in the next few days, and maybe i’ll try to figure out how to divide the site screen and make a row of buttons(like all the others). If anyone can tell me how to do that, please e-mail me w instructions. The skin I’m working on is a little further, silver armor(i like silver armor so you’ll see a lot of it.

working on another quake skin………a female one this time.

Hey added an art section, so you should check it out. Don’t have the pen and ink section yet, but i will when i have some more pen and ink pictures. to celebrate the 1,000th hit i’m planning to create a new logo, if that time ever comes.

Some artwork and some quake skins i have done. Take a stroll around the site and take in the visuals. During the course of these last few years i have been honing my skills of drawing(anatomy lately) and just recently have been doing some quake2 skins(don’t play quake much though) on my spare time. I intend to pursue a career in art, there isn’t too much demand for it, but i’m sure i’ll find a niche. well, have fun touring the site, I’ll update it as i get new stuff and as i learn how to design webpages better. If you like/disliked the site, drop me a line in the guestbook please, i’d appreciate it. have fun!

 The Skins

 The Sketches

These are some scribblings i did during class, just a show of the complete boredom brought about by school. these were all done in class, then scanned, and finally pasted and converted to grayscale(to conserve space) into the form you see them now.

they are here! expect more when next years school starts up…..until then I’ll work on scanning in the pictures section. Sorry about the cheap discriptions of some of the pics, i didnt have the energy to describe some of them after scanning them in. there’s many more that i just cant seem to find the energy to scan as of now.

 The Drawings

Just some of the pictures i’ve drawn and scanned in.

 The Artwork

Pictures and paintings and things I’ve done mostly in art class. Some of the quality has been taken away by the scanner. 

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