Countryside by David “WizardExt” Lundvall, new 2017 Action Quake 2 map

Countryside by David “WizardExt” Lundvall, new 2017 Action Quake 2 map

Title: countryside

Date: 25 November 2017

Tools: TrenchBroom, ArghRad, Adobe Photoshop, Wally




Jennika Cederholm Royce Tazii NRGizer Tim Wright A-TEAM Id Software

Located out on the countryside. Abandoned houses.

There are themes and landmark features in the map,  to help the player navigate and call out locations;  Barn, silos, antenna, garden, garage, graffiti.  Overall subtle colors in the map. Yellow color coding  on the landmark objects, to make them pop.  It’s a small map with the intention to be fun for all  player types and weapons. Well suited for intense  public games, clan matches and also smaller events; 2on2/1on1.

It took me about 4 months to create Countryside. All new textures.  A long period of playtesting and careful tweaking. Big thanks to  Royce for his help and valuable feedback. Appreciate it! :) This is my first map release using the Trenchbroom level editor.  I warmly recommend it! If you like level editing, or want to try  it out, give Trenchbroom a spin! For all my other previous released  maps I used Worldcraft 1.6 and Gtk-/NetRadiant level editors.  Have fun! :)

– David “WizardExt” Lundvall

Download countryside.bsp and check out all of WizardExt’s awesome map creations for Quake 2:

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