Buzzkill’s Used Quake 2 Config Lot


These are interesting Quake2 configs that have been sent to me by various users. Feel free to cut and paste them into your own custom config.
(Quake2 config file Cut and Paste instructions)
If you have an interesting Quake2-based config, e-mail it to me!

Misc. CFGs

Center the shots from your weapons!

This allows you all the advantages of playing with the “center” weapon position active (better crosshair accuracy, no weapon in the way during firefights blocking visibility, faster frames-per-second because it doesn’t draw the weapon onscreen when firing), but lets you see your weapon normally when not firing (no deciphering the little postage-stamp weapon icon).
Here’s the ’98 Stinger:
//Stinger’s center-aim config
alias +fire “hand 2;+attack”
alias -fire “hand 3;-attack”
bind MOUSE1 +fire

Now you see ’em … now you don’t
This config takes away particles (while you have mouse1 pressed).  This will increase your FPS (Frames Per Second).
Here’s my “Half-Fast” (say it quickly) config
//Buzzkill’s Half-Fast Particle config :)
//particles seen only when mouse1 is pressed
//ultra-fast is no particles — half-fast is some particles
set cl_particles 0
alias +fire “cl_particles 1;+attack;”
alias -fire “-attack;cl_particles 0”
bind MOUSE1 +fire

Where there’s smoke….
Speed up your video during rocket duels
Here’s a ’98 Brett Jacobs:
//3 Fingers Bind to turn particles off when using the RL and Grenade launcher
bind “MOUSE3” “+hook;wait;cl_particles 1”
alias +hook “use grapple;wait;+attack”
alias -hook “-attack”
bind “\” “use Rocket Launcher;wait;cl_particles 0”
bind “PGDN” “use Railgun;use BFG10K;wait;cl_particles 1”
bind “END”  “use Grenade Launcher;wait;cl_particles 0”
bind “DEL”  “cl_particles 1;wait;use Blaster;use Shotgun;use Super Shotgun;use Machinegun;use Chaingun;use HyperBlaster”
Look!  Up in the sky!  It’s a <boom!>
Look Up and Down with the Wheel Doohicky!
Here’s a  ’98 JakFrost  (he doesn’t play this way — did it by request).
alias lup “+lookup;wait;wait;-lookup”
alias ldown “+lookdown;wait;wait;-lookdown”
bind mwheeldown lup
bind mwheelup ldown
For people who want to  crouch when they fire (don’t ask me why…)
Hide and shoot with this one, but don’t expect to run away.
Here’s a ’98 M. Taylor
alias +ac “+attack;+movedown”
alias -ac “-attack;-movedown”
bind mouse1 “+ac”

Lamers only please!  Yes… We have your config!
//The author of this config wishes to remain anonymous (wonder why?)
bind q “say CHEATER”
bind e “say CAMPER”
bind r “say BFG = NO SKILL”
bind i “say how do you fly around like that?”

“Red Light……..Green Light…….”
Campers Beware!
Here’s a ’98 Razrez
//Razrez’ Run macro:
alias +run “cl_run 0”
alias -run “cl_run 1”
set cl_run 1
bind END “+run”

“No running by the lava-pool please…”
Author Unknown
// Run/Walk toggle
bind X moveswitch
alias walk “set cl_run 0; alias moveswitch run; echo Walk Mode”
alias run “set cl_run 1; alias moveswitch walk; echo Run Mode”

As Seen On TV!  It slices, it dices, it switches weapons much faster!
No more scrolling through items to get to the guns…this config gets the job done quickly!
Here’s a ’98 cRaCKer
//cRaCKer’s Weapon Switch
bind mouse3 “tj_mouse3”
bind mwheelup “tj_mwheelup”
bind mwheeldown “tj_mwheeldown”
alias tj_mouse3 “weaplast”
alias tj_mwheelup “invprevw; alias tj_mouse3 tj_mouse3new”
alias tj_mwheeldown “invnextw; alias tj_mouse3 tj_mouse3new”
alias tj_mouse3new “invuse; alias tj_mouse3 weaplast”

For all of your netgraphing needs…
//Hell Hound’s netgraph toggle
alias hh_ngraph “hh_ngraph_on”
alias hh_ngraph_on “netgraph 1; alias hh_ngraph hh_ngraph_off”
alias hh_ngraph_off “netgraph 0; alias hh_ngraph hh_ngraph_on”
bind to hh_ngraph


Zoom CFGs

The ’98 B. Real Quake2 Sniper Zoom W/ Center Fire
bind “MWHEELUP” “weapprev”
bind “MWHEELDOWN” “use Railgun”
bind mouse3 “fov_on”
alias fov_on “fov 20;bind mouse3 fov_off;set sensitivity 2”
alias fov_off “fov 90;bind mouse3 fov_on;set sensitivity 5”
alias +fire “hand 2;+attack”
alias -fire “hand 3;-attack”
bind MOUSE1 +fire

Bind…. James Bind…
This config is great for a quick zoom in and out:
Here’s a ’97 Brian Hook GoldenEye:
Bind mouse2 +bond
alias +bond “fov 45; +mlook; crosshair 1”
alias -bond “fov 90; -mlook; crosshair 0”

This is a 3-way FOV toggle: Zoom, Wide Angle, Normal
You can watch both ways at once with wide angle.
Be sure to change the sensitivity settings for your personal prefrences.
Here’s a ’98 Exxtreme
alias sniper “fov 15;sensitivity 3;echo sniper;bind mouse2 wav”
alias wav “fov 130;sensitivity 12;echo wideangle;bind mouse2 normview”
alias normview “fov 90;echo normal view;bind mouse2 sniper”
bind mouse2 sniper

Extreeeeeme Close-up!
This config is takes zooming to the extreme:
Here’s a ’98 Vhold:
alias fov160 “fov 160;bind MWHEELUP fov150;bind MWHEELDOWN fov160”
alias fov150 “fov 150;bind MWHEELUP fov140;bind MWHEELDOWN fov160”
alias fov140 “fov 140;bind MWHEELUP fov130;bind MWHEELDOWN fov150”
alias fov130 “fov 130;bind MWHEELUP fov120;bind MWHEELDOWN fov140”
alias fov120 “fov 120;bind MWHEELUP fov110;bind MWHEELDOWN fov130”
alias fov110 “fov 110;bind MWHEELUP fov100;bind MWHEELDOWN fov120”
alias fov100 “fov 100;bind MWHEELUP fov90;bind MWHEELDOWN fov110”
alias fov90 “fov 90;bind MWHEELUP fov80;bind MWHEELDOWN fov100”
alias fov80 “fov 80;bind MWHEELUP fov70;bind MWHEELDOWN fov90”
alias fov70 “fov 70;bind MWHEELUP fov60;bind MWHEELDOWN fov80”
alias fov60 “fov 60;bind MWHEELUP fov50;bind MWHEELDOWN fov70”
alias fov50 “fov 50;bind MWHEELUP fov40;bind MWHEELDOWN fov60”
alias fov40 “fov 40;bind MWHEELUP fov30;bind MWHEELDOWN fov50”
alias fov30 “fov 30;bind MWHEELUP fov20;bind MWHEELDOWN fov40”
alias fov20 “fov 20;bind MWHEELUP fov10;bind MWHEELDOWN fov30”
alias fov10 “fov 10;bind MWHEELUP fov5;bind MWHEELDOWN fov20”
alias fov5 “fov 5;bind MWHEELUP fov1;bind MWHEELDOWN fov10”
alias fov1 “fov 1;bind MWHEELUP fov1;bind MWHEELDOWN fov5”
bind MOUSE3 “fov90”


Best Weapon CFGs

Eenie Meenie…..Best Explosive / Non-Explosive weapon
Important safety tip:  You don’t want to use that Rocket Launcher when your victim is standing on your toe.
The ’98 Buzzkill:
bind mwheelup “use grenades;use grenade launcher;use rocket launcher;use bfg10k”
bind mwheeldown “use blaster;use Shotgun;use Super Shotgun;use Machinegun;use Chaingun;use
HyperBlaster;use Railgun”

[note:  In Capture the Flag, you can scroll up and down through each weapon in each category.  In the current release of Quake’s deathmatch (3.15) you will toggle between the best two in each category.]

All weapon Best Weapon Configs:
Sorry, the express lane is six weapons or less.
(2 models — both get past the 6-item limit):

The ’98 Dainjeur:
//  weapons aliases
alias mg “use Machinegun”
alias ss “use Super Shotgun”
alias rg “use Railgun”
alias cg “use Chaingun”
alias gl “use grenade launcher”
alias hb “use hyperblaster”
alias rl “use rocket launcher”
// select best weapon (won’t do more than 7)
alias best “mg;ss;rg;cg;gl;hb;rl”
bind mouse3 best

or the ’98 Roboray:
// Best Gun
alias g_best   “msg 3;g_b1;g_b2;msg 1;echo Best Weapon Selected”
alias g_b1   “use Blaster;use Shotgun;wait;use Machinegun;use Grenade Launcher;wait;use BFG10K”
alias g_b2   “use Super Shotgun;wait;use Railgun;use HyperBlaster;wait;use Rocket Launcher;use Chaingun”
bind mouse3 “g_best”


Rocket Jump CFGs

 Going Up….
You fly, but it costs 50 health with no armor.
Here’s a ’98 Blackened Quake2 Rocket Jump
bind mouse3 +rj
alias +rj “use rocket launcher;wait;wait;cl_pitchspeed 100000;+lookdown;wait;wait;+moveup;+attack;wait;wait;cl_pitchspeed 150;wait;-attack”
alias -rj “-lookdown;echo Rocket_Jump;centerview;-moveup”

Going Up….(different route)
AKA the LPB Q2 Rocket Jump
Here’s the shiny new ’98 Steveo Rocket Jump
// Rocket Jump
alias rocketjump “jm1;jm2;jm3”
alias jm1 “set rj_cl_pitchspeed $cl_pitchspeed;set cl_pitchspeed 99999;wait;+lookdown;wait”
alias jm2 “set rj_hand $hand;hand 2;+moveup;+attack;echo Steveo’s Rocket Jump!;wait”
alias jm3 “-attack;-moveup;set hand $rj_hand;-lookdown;centerview;set cl_pitchspeed $rj_cl_pitchspeed”


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