Expert Base and Caco by Publius and Myrkul

Expert Base and Caco by Publius and Myrkul

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Cacophony as2m7.bsp for Quake 2 CTF

Rich “Publius” Tollerton and Charles “Myrkul” Kendrick, two of the outstanding level designers from Team Expert, return to Allstar2 with the great “Cacophony.”

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Expert Base expctf2.bsp for Quake CTF

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Title              : Expert Base
Date               : 11-30-97
Filename           : expctf2.bsp
Map Authors        : Charles "Myrkul" Kendrick -
                     Rich "Publius" Tollerton  -

Description        : This is a CTF conversion of Base32, intended for
                     12-24 players. It has been completely redesigned for
                     CTF play. This map is much smaller, has a completely
                     redesigned layout, and includes some new rooms.
                     All weapons, health, and ammo are balanced with
                     respect to base location. DM starts are kept away
                     from bases.

                     The map is _not_ vis'd for transparent water, but a
                     vispatch is included (expctf2.vis expctf2.dat).  To
                     learn what a vispatch is and how to use it, go to

		     All weapons except the Lightning Gun are available.
                     The Lighting Gun is omitted because of discharging,
                     and because of the large relative advantage a player
                     with a low ping has with the weapon, as compared to
                     weapons that require anticipation, such as the Rocket
                     Launcher.  There are cells on the map, since some
                     mods use cells for other things.

                     No powerups (Quad, PoP, Ring) are available.  Only
                     skill will let a player take a flag from a competent

                     For a fuller explanation of any of these design
                     decisions, see the Expert Quake design document:

		     An Expert Quake specific entity set is available for
                     this map.  Since EQ has less powerful powerups in 
                     place of the Quad, PoP, and Ring, we will include 
                     those items in the entmap.

Expert Homepage    :
Additional Credits : Christian "Disruptor" Antkow - providing Base32b
                     John Romero - originally designing these maps.

* Play Information *
Single Player/Coop : No
Deathmatch:        : No (is possible, but requires entmap changes)
CTF                : Yes
Number of Players  : 12-24 recommended

* Construction *
Base               : Base32b, written by Christian Antkow, which is in
                     turn derived from The Slipgate Complex (e1m1),
                     The Installation (e2m1), and Termination Central
                     (e3m1), all of which were written by John Romero.

Editors used       : Stoneless 1.01, Worldcraft 1.5[b], MS-DOS Editor,
                     homebrew Perl script.

Utilities Used     : wqbsp v1.65, arghlight v1/v2, rvis v1, fastvis v1.
                     MipDip v1.55/qART used for mipmap manipulation.
                     newwad v1.4/v1.5 used for mipmap creation.
                     Photoshop v4 used for texture creation/modification.
                     ReMipDLX used for mipmap enhancements.

Custom Textures    : Several custom flag textures and red/blue boxes.
Build Time         : Around 3 months.

Known, uh, features: None.

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