_max_Thrashers Q2 Map Page

_max_Thrashers Q2 Map Page 

Do you have Thrash’s collection of DM Maps? Due to a naming issue, they are not in our collection. Please email dondeq2 at gmail.com we would love to play them.

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bio1.bsp Biomedmans And Rinns Q2 Bash Thrash
bio2.bsp On Solid Ground Thrash
bio3.bsp Bioemedman’s Lithium Arena Thrash
bio4.bsp Bio’s Killing Field Thrash
bio5.bsp Biomedmans Lithium Arena Thrash
bio6.bsp Bio’s Temple Thrash
cl3xc3s1.bsp 3XC3SSIVE FORCE Series 1 Thrash
cldi1.bsp DI Rail Arena Thrash
cldm23.bsp PHAT’S ARENA #2 Thrasher[PHAT]
cldm24.bsp Thrash Zone Thrasher[PHAT]
cldm25.bsp Necroshine Thrasher[PHAT]
cldm26.bsp Pain Killers Thrasher[PHAT]
cldm27.bsp The Keepers Palace Thrasher[PHAT]
cldm28.bsp Land Of Goshen Thrasher[PHAT]
cldm29.bsp Bitter Peace Thrasher[PHAT]
cldm30.bsp Bourne Again Thrasher[PHAT]
cldm31.bsp Chasing Fear Thrasher[PHAT]
cldm32.bsp Death Of A Clan Thrasher
cldm33.bsp _max_imum death Thrasher
cldm34.bsp Drunken Wisdom Thrash
cldm35.bsp GR A Way of Death Thrash
cldm36.bsp the Ruins Thrash
cldm37.bsp Echos of Death Thrash
cldm39.bsp Front & Center Thrash
cldm40.bsp Painless Death Thrash
cldm41.bsp Shades Of Grey Thrash
cldm42.bsp _Max_s Ice House Thrash
cldm43.bsp Spill The Blood Thrash
cldm44.bsp The Castle Thrash
cldm45.bsp Asterix Thrash
cldm46.bsp Evocation Thrash
cldm47.bsp The _max_ Ancient City Thrash
cldm48.bsp Impressive Cli_max_ _max_Thrasher
cldm49.bsp the Hardest Hit _max_Thrasher
clec1.bsp Demise\’s Intro Thrash and Evil Creamator
clec2.bsp The Base Thrash and Evil Creamator
clflp.bsp {FLP} Lithium Arena Thrash
clflp2.bsp Dedicated to LadyBlade{FLP} {F}eel {L}ucky {P Thrash
clflp3.bsp {FLP} Clan Lithium Map Thrash
clflp4.bsp The {FLP} Trip Thrash
clfuz1.bsp Fuzzy Rail Thrash
clhb1.bsp Happy Bangers Blood Haven Thrash
clhb2.bsp Happy Bangers Tenple Thrash
clnLx.bsp nLx Rail Arena Thrash
clr.bsp IROQ_Rail – Dedicated to IROQ_Sweets Thrash
clr41l.bsp R41L Arena Thrash
clrail3.bsp The Rail Room Thrash
clrail4.bsp The Better Side Thrash
clrail5.bsp Operation RAIL Thrash
clrail6.bsp The Hit Parade Thrash
cltqa1.bsp TQA Rail Arena Thrash
id2.bsp ID Rail Arena Thrash
iroq1.bsp IROQs HeadQuarters Thrash
thrash1.bsp The Cove Thrash
thrash2.bsp BubbleWrap For H0p3 & Brat Thrash
thrash3.bsp IROQ_Madhouse Thrash


Screen shot 2017-10-30 at 5.07.27 PM

Update Page
New Rocket and rail map done today. Clhb2.bsp. This map is a good 2-8 player R&R map. I used mainly older Mr.Clean textures. Flows good and has some nice looks to it.

A page of thumbnails was started today. Heres the link                          


Starting a new map today will be using U8POO Textures in this map. His textures are very good. He has given me the ok to use them, Thanks POO.                     


Cldm43 is finished and the U8POO textures rock in this map!!! Download the map from wonswap and the textures and sounds from the main page.  

Screen shot 2017-10-30 at 5.40.56 PM


Clec2 was started today. The Clec series is a “team” effort by myself and Evil_Cremator. The map is passed back and forth each person adding a room or other additions. Sometime before Thanksgiving as a release date.                             


Clec2 is still not done. In the meantime  awaiting Cremator to finish his part, I’ve made a dm map for the IROQ clan.IROQ1.bsp
Check this map out, it flows rather well.                         


Ive added two maps to Wonswap today…Cldm44 and Clrail8..
Download them and enjoy.                              


Just added cldm45 to wonswap. Work on 46 has started and should be done by end of the month.                 


Cldm46 is done. Will be added to wonswap soon.
Ive added a map list page, this link can be found on the main page                          


The following maps were added to wonswap
Clec2,cldm47,clr41l,clfuz1,clnlx, and cl3xc3s1.
Cl3xc3s1 is a series map and will have a few more maps following it.                          


Four maps added to wonswap. These are 4 clan maps clflp1-4.
cl3xc3s2 has begun .                             


Joined _max_ clan today heres a link to the _max_ clan site.                       

Screen shot 2017-10-30 at 5.50.29 PM


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