Wabut’s Instant Lunch World: How to Beat Me, [SiB]Wabut

Wabut’s Instant Lunch World: How to Beat Me, [SiB]Wabut

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Beating me is simple. Just point your rocket launcher at my head and shoot. Anyway… This isn’t here so that people will have a chance at beating me. I can already get my ass kicked by thousands of players around the world. This is here instead so that I can list my own weaknesses and improve upon them. heheh. I’m funny when I’m trying to be serious.

  • I jump too much: Simply put, whenever I see an opponent, I tend to jump. I think its about 90% of the time that I jump. So, if you’re playing against me, aim a little higher. You can blow me out of the air.
  • I run in circles: No, I do not run in a little circle like a little kid. What I mean is that on most maps, I will follow a single route around the entire map, with little or no variation.
  • Ping: As of lately, I’ve been experiencing horrible lag. I think its due to connecting at V.90 to my ISp. Now that my st00pid ISP has upgraded all their modems to V.90, my v.90 has been connecting to theirs at amazing speeds. This may sound good, but it truly does suck. My ping will fluctuate like crazy. from 200 to 10000 to 300 to 4000 back to 200. This really sucks. So, just run around the corner and when you see the guy jogging in place, frag him and save him the misery.
    More to come. I can’t think right now.

    Wabut Quake 2 Rant

  • Lag issue
    ARgh. Those who think that begin a LPB doesn’t make a difference in game play should be shot. Playing with a half second delay is much different and takes some getting use to. Just think about it. you pull the trigger and the rocket doesn’t come out until a second later. This means you actually have to aim to hit somebody. Its harder to play as a HPB. Trust me.
    Screw you to : terror_5.

    My tips for the fellow Quake 2 Player

  • Ducking: Don’t do it. Its that easy. Get you ass off the floor. When you duck you make yourself slower and less agile. Meaning I can jump over your head and plau you with my super shotgun twice before you even turn around.Ducking every once in a while is ok, but don’t sit on the floor and “play asteroids.” Its worthless and definetley should be avoided.


Knocked back into reality
There’s nothing like getting knocked back into reality. For about 3 days I was magically ranked #60 among all the Quake2 players(800+) onLiga.net. A good time it was. But earlier today I got spanked by an opponent 17-1. If it wasn’t for the ping difference (250-350 him, 325-450 me) I doubt I would’ve been ass wooped that badly. Now I’m miserably ranked in the top 200 only. Oh darn. heh. Note to self : Don’t play on east Coast Servers. Not good for me. Also, do not play on your opponents clans server. Not good either. heh.

Anyone else feel like ranting?… oh just me…
[SiB]Wabut talks about a lamer…(no not myself…)
Today, on the always favorite Diamond Multimedia Rocket Arena Server, a stupid guy showed up. And then after me, someone else did. Going by the name “TasteT”, his first comment to me was,”Go easy on me.” “This is my first day playing.” So i did… But i still won. He repeatedly slammed his rocket-jump macro button (some people actually use a macro… how sad) and flew around like an idiot. It was obvious that this game was not his first.[SiB]Wabut: First game, eh?… sure…. At this point nothing was wrong. He just wanted me to go easy on him and came up with a half decent excuse as to why. Nothing wrong with that.

But then… I can’t remember why, but he then went on to say he was the 2nd best Quake player in the world. eh. Slash, who I once partnered with and tore up an entire arena, kicked his ass. And then I did. and then slash did. and so on.. yet he still kept saying it. The timelimit was hit, so everyone moved on to the new map.

Now instead of the 1 on 1 arena, we played the pick-up game, which consists of 2 teams kicking each others ass. I chose the team opposite of Tastet and said sarcastically , “Beware everyone! You are playing against the 2nd best player in the world! Tastet!” He started saying stuff like, “Yeah. bitch.” and stuff like that. He died repeatedly.. his excuse? “I’m good at quake. not quake2.” Since he was dead, he got many chances to talk about how good he was. claims : “I lost to Thresh because i started cussing and the ref kicked me out.” Funny man.. uFace and me started the insults. When I asked him if he could point me to a web site where I could validate it he gave me this address.


I didn’t try this address, but (no shit) it’s a fake. He started to insult me while he sat in the dead chamber and I was still playing. Eventually I got pissed, ran to a corner, and started typing back. His first comment was along the lines of ” took you long enough to insult me back.”.. this pissses me off. I’m trying to play a damn game where I’m kicking much ass and this lamer insults me because I’m playing and can’t type back. at this point… Slash 30+ frags. uFace 28. Wabut 26. (um..some other people in between) . Tastet 4. Yup. the 2nd best quake player in the world (No. not reptile) has made such a hard transition to quake2 that he can only get 4 frags. um.. thresh played quake2 for Pcgamer and still wooped much ass. along the lines of 100 frags. Also worth noting. the 2nd best quake player in the world has a 300+ ping. wow. He must really be good. He disconnected after everyone got on his ass.

Notes : 1st day playing quake2 and he decides to download the 15 meg rocket arena mod. yeah. sure. One thing that is worse than this would be if he was using a bot. But he obviously wasn’t. He had worse aim than a drunk hick. Thats enough ranting. I’m developing carpal tunnel syndrome now. There’s still more to this story, but i’m getting tired. Anyone who made it throught this deserves a pat on the back. Barney!



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