Mr. Grapple Rants: Letter to I.D. Software

Mr. Grapple Rants: Letter to I.D. Software

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What’s the big idea? [ Updated 4/26/99 10:00 AM ]
Dear id Software,

It has recently come to my attention that the inital release of the Quake 3 Arena test will be available for the Mac OS only. While I can inderstand and even advocate the concept of a controlled test, I must ask “WHAT THE FUCK!?!?”
Hundreds of thousands of people have patiently waited for the test with the expectation that it, like all other releases, would be released for the Wintel platform first, then *ix, then MAC. We’ve all purchased our new video cards, upgraded processors, added memory, and then sat patiently. Honestly… how much revenue has the Mac platform provided in the past? You guys OWE it to us Windows users to whet our appetites with a test release. Please?
How about if we promise to provide constructive feedback in a controlled manner? I’ll even volunteer to adminsiter the bug database and filter out the dupes. How about if I promise not to come to your house and KICK YOUR ASS?!
Sorry… letting my frustrations get the best of me.
Think of it this way; id Software is driving a larger wedge between the Windows and Mac user communities through this action. You’ll find the Windows constituents banning Macs from their servers and doing all kinds of nasty things to them. Right now all I can do is delete the e-mail messages from my in-box because they’re all entitled “Neener neener. I have a Mac and Q3Test!”
I’ll cut my letter off at this point because I need to finish coding my Mac client detection algorythm for my forthcoming Q3A server. This program will become freely available on the Internet and will effectively “seek and destroy” all Mac Q3A clients.

Mr. Grapple


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